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An Interview with Captain Eric May

23 January 2008

Fredrick Töben:  Eric May, you call yourself Captain. You came upon the international email scene in 2003 with the then outlandish claim that a nuclear weapon was used by the US when in March it and its coalition of the willing invaded Iraq. Who are you and what right have you to call yourself a captain?

Eric May: I began my career as a US soldier as a 17-year-old private in 1977, and was commissioned a lieutenant in 1983. I was promoted to captain in 1990, and served at that rank for the next eight years.  Using the title now is hardly a novelty for me!  My areas of expertise as a captain were military intelligence and public affairs.  I was multilingual, and had focused my Russian skills on the old Soviet Union.  My background made me quite aware of the possibility that a government could gain control over its national media, and afterwards announce that two plus two equals five.

I put the captain’s rank back on, so to speak, as part of a "mission of conscience" against the Bush administration's criminal Middle East war and criminal conduct supporting the war.  As you noted, the invasion of Iraq was the turning point for me.  The American media and military colluded to distract the American people with a bogus story about Private Jessica Lynch, when the real story was strenuously avoided – four days of bloody fighting in the Battle of Baghdad, April 5-9, 2003, which began at the Baghdad airport and was initially briefly reported.  At the time all I knew was that the executive branch was controlling the so-called Free Press, and coverups were the order of the day.  Calling attention to my military/media expertise by using the nom de guerre/nom de plume of "Captain May" invested me with credibility when I contradicted the official propaganda used to prop up our ongoing world war abroad and our expanding police state at home.

As for the US use of a neutron warhead to counter overwhelming Iraqi resistance at Baghdad airport, there were hints of that in early news reports.  I didn't ascertain my suspicions, though, until I met both Arab media and US Iraq war veterans at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas, where Cindy Sheehan and most of the effective antiwar was collected in the summer of 2005.  Both Arabs and Americans confirmed the use of a nuke, and that explained the reason for the big cover-up of the Battle of Baghdad.  On the four year anniversary of the Battle of Baghdad, Iraqi General al-Rawi, who commanded Republican Guard forces at Baghdad airport, confirmed my report in his interview with Al Jazeera.

FT: You refused the invitation to address the planned – failed - Sacramento Revisionist Conference for April 2004. Why?

EM: April, 2004, marked one year for my mission of conscience, and by then I had good cause to be a bit paranoid about meeting anyone anywhere. I had just spent six of the last 12 months in hiding after being tipped off by intelligence contacts that I was in danger of assassination.  The first time I ducked out of sight, incidentally, was only a few hours before the assassination of Dr. David Kelly in the UK, on July 17, 2003.  There were several assassinations in mid-July, and I was supposed to be one of them, I think.

In March, 2003, just before you and I corresponded for the first time, and you invited me to the conference, I had made many official enemies in the Houston area, where I live. Houston, Texas is the capital city for the Bush family, and before the Iraq war in 2003 I published military analysis for the Houston Chronicle arguing that Houston was the most likely target for the next Al Qaeda attack.  By March, 2004, I was aware of the real nature of 9/11 as a terroristic pretext for global war by the Bush administration.  Further, I was convinced that Houston would indeed be the target for the next 9/11 attack -- although the attack would be carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Al CIA-duh.

Working with an Internet group, named Ghost Troop in honor of the covered up US dead from the Battle of Baghdad, I began to lead an intense Internet public affairs campaign to alert the Houston area about the possibility of an attack. Based on the information I was receiving constantly, I made a prediction date of March 31, 2004 against the Houston area petrochemical target.  There was a major Houston area explosion on March 30, 2004 -- 24 hours away from my prediction.  Afterwards the Houston FBI began threatening me against issuing warnings.  At the point that you contacted me I believed I was in imminent danger.  So there is no way I was going to risk flying to Sacramento for your revisionist conference.

FT: OK. Having established your credentials and your expertise in analysing significant military operations, could you briefly detail what resistance you had to overcome to get your message across, that is, how did your Ghost Troop enterprise get off the ground and, again, what hurdles did you have to overcome in order to continue with your mission?

EM: Just forming Ghost Troop took a good deal of work. I cobbled the unit together with help of various activist and veteran groups, but it took me a while to implement the military model of command.  It's not just that the Internet is an anarchic medium, it's also that the people who use the Internet to research and refute official propaganda are anarchic as well!  There was dissension in the ranks in the early days, and we later found out that some of the people stirring it up were working for the FBI as infiltrators of groups like ours.

Both the media and the government have, for the most part, tried to ignore us. From time to time, though, we have been targeted by police agencies, mainstream media, alternative media and a large number of government operatives who pose as Internet activists.  It has been strenuous to say the least, and as a result Ghost Troop has experienced turnover both in the ranks and at the leadership level.

What has saved us from being dismissed as irrelevant is the enduring quality of the analysis we have done. In 2003, I was one of the rare mainstream media writers who openly predicted a quicksand war in Iraq -- and the possibility of a world war in the near future.  Today it's obvious that Iraq is quicksand, and it's also obvious that the Globalist/Zionist cabal behind 9/11 and the Middle East war is aiming to expand that war to Iran.  Ghost Troop maintained for years that there had been a Battle of Baghdad cover-up, even though media worldwide participated in that cover-up until Al Jazeera let the cat out of the bag less than a year ago.  It's been that way, in one area of analysis after another: Ghost Troop has dared to utter the unutterable truths while other information sources kept their heads down and their mouths shut.

More than anything, we’ve been helped along by our ability to anticipate events in advance. Prediction is the highest skill for a military intelligence officer, and it's the one that I've used most successfully in the last four years.  By following military events and staying tuned to media patterns -- which we read correctly as propaganda patterns -- Ghost Troop has compiled an amazing record of predicting petrochemical refinery explosions that have consistently created world record profit levels.  We've done it as a continuation of my belief, going back to 2003 with my military analysis for the Houston Chronicle, that the petrochemical sector was the most likely target for the next 9/11, which we call "911-2B."

FT: From The Bagdad cover-up you moved to 9/11, to Cindy Crawford’s cause, and the world media saw you doing push-ups outside Bush’s ranch – I think? Why would you feel strongly enough to go there and support her cause?

EM: In July, 2005, we were once again conducting a public affairs mission to the Houston area. We warned of a likely 7/27 petrochemical 911-2B.  We were off by one day, since there was a major explosion at the BP refinery in nearby Texas City on 7/28 a day after our prediction.  At the time we were working to protect the nation against another 9/11 we were being opposed by the FBI, Secret Service and various military commands.  Much of the gutless mainstream media believed that we had averted a "strike, but they weren't" going to take a chance by investigating or telling the real story.

A couple of weeks later, in August, 2005, Cindy Sheehan set up Camp Casey, just outside Bush's "Western White House," his property in Crawford, Texas. Since that seemed to be the only place in America were genuine radicals were assembling against Bush, it was an irresistible objective for me to follow –  I joined the camp.  There were a few dozen people there on any given day, increasing to a few hundred on weekends.  On one weekend, when celebrities like Joan Baez and Martin Sheen paid a visit, there were a few thousand.  It was my earnest wish that there would have been tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, that Camp Casey would become the beginning of a popular revolt against a criminal Bush regime.

FT:  By this time we were already in email contact and I unreservedly addressed you as MY CAPTAIN because I sensed you were on to something that exposed a deep-seated flaw within US foreign policy. The suggestion was made that within the US establishment, especially within the military establishment, there is a raging civil war going on that is all about US foreign policy in the Middle East. Any comment on that?

EM: It's hardly novel to point out that the US is largely under Zionist control, and that what has come to be called the Israel Lobby is a fifth column that considers non-Jewish citizens as cannon fodder for anti-Arab and anti-Muslim wars.  Of course, consumers of the mainstream US media would never imagine that such could be the case.  They have gradually absorbed a worldview that makes them eager to discuss something as nonsensical as "Islamo-fascism," but just as eager to avoid discussing something as commonsensical as the "Zio-nazism."  To put it simply, the American mass media has effectively brainwashed the American masses.

I think you're right that there is an internal struggle in the US establishment now, which has been brought on by the failure of our military adventures in the Middle East and the victories at home of the Internet, which conducts real analysis and distributes real information, thereby penetrating the media knowledge blockade.  I think the majority of our top leaders knew very well that 9/11 was an inside job intended to carry us into a world war for oil and Israel, but they went along with it, thinking that finishing a global fight would be as easy as starting one.

Now these leaders, our treasonous establishment, face the disturbing realities abroad of an unsubdued Iraq, an unsubdued Afghanistan, a defiant Iran backed up by an exasperated Russia, and Islam that has been so provoked as to indeed become "radical."  At home, they are confronted by a 9/11 truth movement they tried to label -- with less and less effectiveness -- as a lunatic conspiracy theory fringe.  Dr. Ron Paul, a populist political candidate for the 2008 presidency, has cobbled together a political movement calling itself "The Ron Paul Revolution," and he is dedicated to dismantling of the Global War apparatus and the Homeland Security state.  In recent months the stock market has plunged, and students of history will remember that the most radical periods have been during periods of economic decline, whether we're talking about Depression-era communism, or French Revolution Jacobinism.

The magic solution to all of these problems would be a 911-2B event to justify full military mobilization for the global war and full implementation of the Homeland state -- but the Internet community has become more and more adept at reading the signs that must precede another inside-job attack.  The 9/11 cabal is caught between a rock and a hard place -- and it serves the bastards right!

All this provides much-needed context for the 2007 US National Intelligence Estimate, released a couple of months ago, which debunked the Bush pretext for preemptive war against Iran by denying that there was an Iranian nuclear threat.  The 2007 NIE shows that the establishment "realists" have turned against the Israel-first Zionists, or "neocons" in current political terms.  The realists were always primarily interested in the oil, and the neocons were always primarily interested Israel.  To the realists the global war supposed to be an imperial war, and it is now undermining the American Empire; while to the neocons the global war was supposed to be an "existential" war, in which the US served as an Israeli proxy to subdue a Muslim world that is opposed to the Jewish world.

FT: About six to eight months ago some fellow from an alleged white supremacist group called Tim White sent an email around accusing you of faking your debilitating condition something, if true, would have destroyed your credibility and your whole expose of the Bush machinations. Any comments?

EM: Alas, as you found when you visited me a few months ago, my condition is all too real.  I only wish I were faking it all!  In the US, what I'm suffering from is called Lou Gehrig's disease, a progressive neuromuscular condition named after a famous baseball player.  The medical name for it is "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis," or ALS. As for Tim White, he is an FBI infiltrator working against key American Internet writers and broadcasters.  There are dozens like him, who have from time to time attempted to undermine Ghost Troop and me.

FT: Where did you get that moral and intellectual strength to stay on the proverbial straight and narrow path of truth-telling without throwing in the towel?

EM: From the beginning I have relied on my military training in everything I have done.  To the U.S. Army's great credit, it taught me and every other officer that if there were on abuse or crime that we could not in good conscience tolerate, that it was our duty to oppose the abuse or crime no matter what the consequence.  This is called a "mission of conscience," and describes what I have been doing for the last five years very well.  If I were thinking and acting as Eric May, civilian writer, I wouldn't be willing to challenge treason and traitors; but I'm thinking and acting as Captain May, military officer.  Accordingly, I must live up to a high standard, regardless of the cost.  I've always maintained that if other officers had known what I knew when I knew it, then they would have done as I did.

FT: You, as a soldier, have accepted your fate that all of us sooner or later must embrace – death. Your condition is unusual in that other soldiers have also contracted it. Is this a mere coincidence?

EM: The odds of contracting ALS in any given year are around one in 50,000.  For former military men and women, the odds of contracting ALS are two in 50,000.  In other words, former military personnel are twice as likely as the remaining population to contract ALS. 

This could be the cause of the many injections given military personnel to vaccinate them against various illnesses.  It could be because of inadvertent exposure to neurotoxins in the course of our service.  It could be because of government experimentations on its military personnel, something that has become routine in modern times.  In my own case, I believe that my ALS has been brought about deliberately as a means of silencing me.

 FT: Do you fear death? Do you have any regrets?

EM: The closer I get to death, the less I fear it.  This seems to be the psyche's natural way of accepting an inevitability that it can't resist.  After being diagnosed with ALS in October, 2006, I greatly curtailed my activities as Ghost Troop commander.  Since then I have been active, though, in writing articles and giving interviews whenever I thought I could be effective.

As for regrets, I have many.  While I have lived an active and consequential life, I have not shared enough of it with those whom I have loved best.  I remember once reading that regret could be defined as the knowledge that there are things you should have done but didn't, and things you shouldn't have done but did.  Yes, I have many regrets. 

The one thing that I strangely find myself unable to regret, though, is the mission of conscience on which I have spent the last five years, in which I believe has cost me many years that I otherwise would have had ahead of me.  I did my duty, and could not honorably have done otherwise.

FT: When I visited you in October 2007 I was delighted and impressed to see you were attended to by so many ladies who all fussed over you with care, which is a good sign of a man of character, of moral and intellectual integrity. What message have you to those who are in need, to those who are hurting and to those who are dying?

EM: I have indeed been fortunate to have had so many women of quality come to me during my illness.  You met my two sisters, one of my nieces, and my daughter when you visited me in Texas.  They have been diligent and loving, and I must say that perhaps the best thing about declining health is it brings us closer to our loved ones.  Then of course there is Gretchen, my wife, who has stood by me throughout my mission of conscience.  I think it's fair to say that few of us will ever enjoy such devotion as she has given me.

I can only wish that others who are afflicted might be surrounded by such angels as mine.  I can only advise that they invite them, welcome them and embrace them. 

In your case, Fredrick, you hardly qualify as an angel, but you are a most elegant and erudite devil, and I have embraced you as well.  We have lived in interesting times together, affecting them for the better when and where we could.  It has been an honor to have befriended you.

FT: My Captain, Eric, I personally derived great strength from your perceptive self-reflections on what ails the western democracies, in particular the USA, and for that I thank you.

# # #

To read more about Captain Eric H. May and Ghost Troop, refer to their home site:

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Captain Eric May Ghost Troup Commander doing knuckle-push-ups at Camp Casey, August 2005


Captain May as a martial artist - and at Ghost Troup HQ, Houston, Texas


Captain Eric May with wife Gretchen and Fredrick Töben October 2007


Surviving the horrors of Dr. Mengele

By Joseph  Huembs

With reference to the recently shown TV program on SBS and publications in some newspapers about 
Dr. Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death, I wonder how much of these stories in fact are true or only a horrible and shameful fabrications.

Two interesting stories surrounding Dr. Josef Mengele

1. Konrad Kwiet, Professor of German Study at Macquarie University, deputy director of the centre for Genocide Studies and a former chief historian of the Australian War Crime Commission wrote the following, as part of an article, published in The Australian on 24 January 1995: 

“Eva S. and her sister Marta were 13 and 10 when they arrived at Auschwitz. After many unbelievable incidents the Russians arrived. Eva and Marta fled from Auschwitz traveling by goods trains and trucks for 18 days and nights, begging for food, back to Czechoslovakia, where they re-united with their parents.

‘Just as we were approaching the gate of our house we saw my father and my brother walking home from the Synagogue. Mother, father, two sisters and brother - five people. Despite the horrors of Auschwitz death camp - five out of five survived - another miracle,’ Eva said.”


Joseph Huembs comments:   It is clear from the above that five out of five family members survived Auschwitz – a miracle.


2. Nine years later, on 17 April 17 2004 in the Herald Sun, another story involving Eva is written up by journalist Jacqueline Freegard.

Liberation Auschwitz

Joseph Huembs comments: In this interview, Eva made the absurd claim that in the above photograph she was the child with the white scarf around her head and her sister Marta closest to her. She further states that upon liberation, they were diagnosed with severe typhoid, dysentery and TB. They spent months attempting to make their way back to their family. In the photograph she certainly did not look like one of the crazy skeletons she mentioned in her story.  

Jacqueline Freegard:  “Eva S. looks like anyone’s grandmother. But the 72 year-old, with her sparkling blue eyes and glossy brown hair, has an amazing story to tell. Mrs. S. is a Holocaust survivor who spent two years under the control of the infamous Dr Mengele. Auschwitz’s so called ‘Angel of Death’.

[JH: less than one year really]

At 12, she was plucked from thousands of Czechoslovakian Jews condemmed to the camp’s gas chambers. 

Dr. Josef Mengele mistook Eva and her sister for twins and, in a twist fate, pulled them from the clutches of death.

The Nazi killer conducted genetic experiences on more than 1,500 sets of twins at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp between 1943 and 1945.

Of those who passed through his laboratories, it is believed only 200 survived the war. Despite Eva’s experiences, she will return to Auschwitz for the march of the living, a program which helps new generations of Jewish teenagers learning about their heritage and the Holocaust.

‘It is a big step to go back’, Eva says. ‘I want to tell the world so that this will never ever happen again.’

The most infamous of Hitler’s concentration camps was established in 1940 in occupied Poland as part of the .Final Solution’.    

The Nazis wanted to eliminate those who did not fit their mould – Jews, Gypsies and the mentally and physically handicapped.

Eva will return to Auschwitz for only the second time since the war. She was born in 1931 and grew up in a privileged Jewish household in the former Czechoslovakia

She was just nine when war came to her country.

‘I could understand from my parent’s body language how serious the situation was.’

Jacqueline Freegard:  Eva and her sister Marta were given false documents, aged nine and six years old, and went into hiding.

Despite numerous close calls, it was four years before the sisters were captured. Yet throughout their time in hiding, the sisters maintained the orthodox Jewish tradition, going to the synagogue every day and observing the strictures of their faith.

The sisters were eventually captured in 1944, but continued to maintain they were not Jewish. They were taken to the Auschwitz Dead Camp. 

As they were herded into the camp, Dr Mengele spotted the sisters and, thinking they were twins, motioned for them to move out of the line.

Eva: ‘I remember all these crazy skeletons looking at us and I just prayed to god that I did not turn into one of those. We were taken to a chamber area and were given a towel and soap. They made absolutely certain to tell us the soap was human soap, made from previous inmates. The door was then sealed and Eva thought it was the end. Everyone was crying and holding on to each other –we thought we were going to die. And then the water came.’

Joseph Huembs comments: -because it was a real ordinarily bath with delousing facility!

Eva: ‘They opened the door and we had our heads dipped in petrol because it doesn’t dry – to keep us cold longer. The sisters stole extra clothing to keep warm. They were then taken to an area reserved for twins and oddities. Mengele liked twins with different colored eyes,’ Eva said.

‘He would sometimes have one behind a door while the other one was being tortured. He would observe one twin to see whether they could feel the pain inflicted on their siblings.’    

Over nearly a year, Mengele injected Eva and her sister with hormones and other substances.

‘I was then taken away to a hospital where they did medical experiments. Terrible experiments –one woman was impregnated and was infused with twin’s blood. He – Mengele - would take one twin and bleed them to death and transfuse their blood,’ Eva says.

Jacqueline Freegard: “It is believed Mengele thought putting the blood of twins into a pregnant women would produce twins.”

Joseph Huembs comments:  Who are the ones that believed such nonsense?

Jacqueline Freegard: “Eva recounts the night the women gave birth.

‘She had the baby and she only produced one,’ she says. ‘I watched her deliver the baby herself, leave the baby and run away. Dr Mengele cam in, took the child, stood on it and tore it in half and threw it to the other side of the room’.

“He then motioned to young Eva to come down from her bunk.”

‘He took my blood with not a word, nothing, just one bottle after another. I thought that was it,’ she says.

‘Then after four big bottles he stopped and just walked away. I was just left sitting there’.

Joseph Huembs comments: What sort of behavior is that from a man who is out to kill people? The story does not make any sense. 

Jacqueline Freegard:  

“Eva and her sister were liberated from Auschwitz by the Soviet Army in January 1945. But 180 members of her family perishing in the Holocaust, including her sister Judith, who was burned alive at Birkenau.”

I have decided not to feel any hatred. I have decided that to perpetuate is more important than to hate” she says. I am very, very lucky”.

Joseph Huembs comments: In her first interview 1995 Eva said ‘five out of five of her family survived’.  The burning of her sister never happened, because she did not exist. Judenseife - soap made from Jewish victims - was invented by the English in the First World War by General Brigadier Charteris of the British Army Intelligence and published by the London Times on the 17 of April 1917. It was more or less a joke by the General, but received worldwide attention.  He was looking at two pictures taken at the frontline. Fallen Germans were taken behind the line for burying and hors cadavers were taken to a cadaver processing factory-Verwertungs Anstalt - nearby to be used as raw material for the fabrication of soap.

The General just switched the pictures to demonstrate that Germans were in fact using human bodies to make soap.          

This story was then re-introduced after the Second World War and has since been proven to be a propaganda lie, like lamp shades from human skin, shrunken heads from victims and many other stories. Of one thing there can be no doubt: all politically-related information appearing in the mass media today is designed to serve a purpose.

Eva’s story is an example of propaganda. I find it difficult to understand that parents were sending their children, nine and six years of age, with false identification into hiding for 4 years. The little girls then left their hideout every day to visit the synagogue, which would have been the first place where the Germans would have looked, if they were after Jews.      

The vaunted independence of the communications media is little more than a soothing copybook platitude.

In passing, the ITS, international Tracing Service, in Germany at Arolsen is very helpful in tracing people who died or survived at Auschwitz. But make up your own mind aout the story Eva tells. 


Extracts in parts on what Dr. Miklos Nyiszli had to say about Dr. Mengele

I will now refer to his 1961 paperback edition of his book Auschwitz, which was published just prior to the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem with Eichmann’s Picture on the cover rather than that of the author’s.    

Dr. Nyiszli, a Hungarian Jewish Physician, imprisonment in Auschwitz since Mai 1944, worked closely with Dr. Mengele, who was his superior, has not confirmed any of the horror allegations against Mengele as claimed by other inmates. However, he described atrocities committed by others; but never mentioned Mengele in connection with any ill treatments of inmates. On the contrary, he praised Mengele for his research on medicine to fighting diseases in the camp and saving the lives of many inmates.

Within a brief time, Nyiszli was examined and selected by Dr. Mengele to work as a pathologist in Crematoria II, due to his expertise and experience in this field of medicine. In effect, Dr. Nyiszli, according to his own account, was selected to conduct autopsies on the deceased, both Germans and inmates alike. Contrary to what most of the literature says about the poor medical facilities available within the camp, Nyiszli writes on page 37 that his office in Crematoria II was of the “highest caliber.” He says: “In short, the exact replica of any large city's institute of pathology”.

He writes of their susceptibility to a rare disease called NOMA, the symptoms of which shocked and repulsed even hardened SS doctors:

"This terrible disease is exceptionally rare; in ordinary practice you scarcely ever come across it, but here in the Gypsy Camp it was fairly common among both children and adolescents. And so, because of its prevalence, research had been gradually facilitated and considerable progress made towards finding an effective method of treating it. According to established medical concepts, 'dry gangrened of the face' generally appears in conjunction with measles, scarlet fever and typhoid fever.

But these diseases, plus the camps deplorable sanitary conditions, seemed to be the factors which favored its development, since it also existed in the Czech, Polish and Jewish camps. But it was especially prevalent among Gypsy children, and from this it had been deduced that its presence must be directly related to hereditary syphilis, for the syphilis rate in the Gypsy camp was extremely high.

From these observations a new treatment, consisting of a combination of malaria injections and doses of a drug whose name is 'Novarsenobenozol,' had been developed with most promising results. Dr. Mengele paid daily visits to the experimental barracks and partici-pated actively in all phases of the research."

“...I sent...documents by mail, counter-signed by my superior, Dr. Mengele, to the Berlin-Dahlem address of the Institut fuer Rassenbiologische und Anthropologische Forschungen, one of the most qualified medical centers in the Third Reich. It should still be possible to find them today in the archives of this Research Institute."

Nyiszli`s wife and daughter were also sent to Auschwitz, separated from him and later transferred to Bergen Belsen where both survived the War

Joseph Huembs final comments: I wonder what purpose is to be served by the ever lasting promotion of ‘Nazi Atrocities’ in submitting false claims to the media. That sort of anti German Propaganda is very offensive to Australians with a German background and can only be seen as spreading lies and hatred amongst our communities. 

In my opinion the two full pages in the Herald Sun, published the week before Eva’s return to Auschwitz, with two members of her family, was sponsored and paid for in return for her so shameful  story.  The media has to take some of the blame for this sort of incitement against Germans which is being shown on a regularly basis. Another article about her suffering at the hands of Mengele was also published shortly before her first trip in 1995.     

The argument that we must spare the feelings of survivors of the Holocaust is essentially an appeal to compassion. But as Professor Norman Finkelstein, the son of Jewish Holocaust survivors made quite clear in his book The Holocaust Industry:

“The challenge today is to restore the Nazi Holocaust as a rational subject of inquiry. Articulating the key Holocaust dogmas, much of the literature on Hitler’s final solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of holocaust studies is replete with much nonsense, if not sheer fraud. Because Holocaust Survivors are now revered as secular saints, one doesn’t dare question them. Preposterous statements pass without comment.”

Today, German Jewish relations are dominated by the accounts of suffering between 1933 and 1945. These years seem to have irretrievably poisoned German – Jewish relations, which are marked by a pattern of never-ending accusations on the one side and equally never-ending penitence on the other. What falls by the wayside is any recollection of such events of our common history that have positive value and could serve as a model for future co-existence.

Michael Wolffson, Professor of history at the University of the German Bundeswehr in Munich, realized that the Jewish side in particular considers the constant remembrance of the holocaust to be the third main pillar of Jewish identity today, right next to the Jewish religion and Jewish nationalism. This attitude, however, can result in the Jewish side’s perpetual consideration of Germany and the German people as the enemy, which can only detract from the peaceful co-existence of the two people’s reconciliation between both people.

But reconciliation can progress only in a climate which fosters speaking from the heart and listening with an open mind and spirit; where opinions are expressed rather than choked back or even suppressed; where points of contention are discussed in a civilized  manner and not hidden by hushing-up, distractions, or violence.

It is a question of whether the tendency, pointed out by Prof. Wolffsohn, to remodel the holocaust into a new transcendental pillar of Jewish identity, might have contributed to exaggerations and hence distortions of the way in which the events in question are themselves portrayed. 


Georges Theil, France, denied the option of electronic tagging, has had his sentence of imprisonment confirmed.

The decision of January 8, 2008 concerning the implementation of the 6-month prison sentence for Georges Theil (author of the book Heresy in 20th century France – A case of Insubmission) is typical of our holocaustic era, which anathematises and punishes those who do not believe the dogma in force. These extracts convey the ruling’s essential substance:

Whereas […] Mr Theil has openly challenged the validity of his conviction, which he considers the corollary of a “law of convenience”, and openly persists in analysing the charge of challenging the reality of crimes against humanity as an illegitimate infringement of his freedom of expression, opinion and intellectual inquiry; and whereas, in spite of his cultural capital and his scholastic and socio-professional background, Mr Theil appears, still today, not in the least ready to mend his ways; 

Whereas Mr Theil has, moreover, stated remaining (sic) keen on contemporary history, and going for that reason to Germany and Poland several times a year, and has produced a document drawn up by himself and entitled “Guerre et paix en Dauphiné – Réplique à Robert O. Paxton”, a document concerning which his counsel has desired that it not be added to the case file without his having been able to acquaint himself with it beforehand; and whereas he has, furthermore, indicated that he is working towards the publication of a work denouncing the “lies” of the second world war;

Whereas the Chief Public Prosecutor has called for the rejection of the request for placement under electronic surveillance submitted by Mr Theil;

Whereas Mr Theil appears clearly desirous not only of carrying on his research tending to substantiate his convictions but also especially of carrying on his work and of disseminating his interpretation of that historical period, the theme of the holocaust plainly featuring among his favourite subjects;

Whereas it is fitting to recall that the deeds which brought on Mr Theil’s conviction were committed  in such circumstances as to constitute repeat offence, Mr Theil having been convicted for identical deeds by the court of appeal of Grenoble on January 16, 2000;

Whereas the absence of feeling of guilt on the part of Mr Theil and the risks of a repeat of the acts for which he has been convicted do not permit of the granting of placement under electronic surveillance that he solicits;


REJECTS the request of placement under electronic surveillance submitted by THEIL Georges;

GIVES NOTICE that the present ruling is subject to appeal by either the Public Prosecutor or the person convicted […]

Judge for the Implementation of Sentences

Guillaume Girard


Note from G. Theil: The prosecutor who participated at the hearing in chambers, and to whose requests judge Girard acceded, is called Vincent AUGER, and is in fact a deputy chief prosecutor. His fuming hatred of revisionists is almost funny. In him we can see something of a little French Meinerzhagen, and he makes one think back to the prosecutor-prelates of the “Holy Inquisition”. 

This very day, January 14, 2008, I have lodged an appeal against the ruling, acting on the definite advice of my lawyer, barrister Eric Delcroix.


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World Jewish Congress Welcomes South African Court Ruling on Anti-Semitic Radio Broadcasts, Fri Dec 7, 2007

NEW YORK, Dec. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The World Jewish Congress today welcomed a ruling by South Africa's Constitutional Court upholding sanctions imposed by the country's broadcasting watchdog, BMCC, against a Muslim radio station that had repeatedly propagated the denial of the Holocaust and anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. The Islamic Unity Convention (IUC), the owner of Radio 786, suffered a major setback when the Constitutional Court dismissed on all counts its application to strike down certain provisions in law. The application was the latest attempt by the IUC to prevent the implementation of sanctions imposed by the BMCC against Radio 786 following a complaint by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBOD) against a station.

Mervyn Smith, who heads SAJBOD's legal team in the matter, said that the case was not about constitutional technicalities but about the refusal of Radio 786 to publicly acknowledge that the contents of the programme it had broadcast were  offensive to the Jewish community and to apologise accordingly. "What this is really all about is the refusal by Radio 786 to accept that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and that denial of the Holocaust is deeply offensive to Jews. Were this not the case, then what has prevented the radio station from simply apologizing to the Jewish community and acknowledging the truth?" Smith said.

The SAJBOD complaint dates back to May 1998, when Radio 786 broadcast an interview with the Islamic scholar Yakub Zaki who denied the Holocaust and blamed Jews for being behind some of the worst disasters in modern history. In 2006 the BMCC ruled in favour of the South African Jewish umbrella organization and ordered  Radio 786 to desist from the broadcasting of hate speech and in particular from "the advocacy of hatred against the Jewish people, including the impairment of their dignity". Radio 786 was further directed to publicize the ruling as well as its full judgment and sanction order through its news broadcasts, website and in-house news letter and magazine.

Michael Schneider, Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress, said the court ruling was an important victory for democracy and the rule of law in South Africa. "We welcome the decision by the Constitutional Court because it sends a clear signal to the media that it has to act responsibly and must not propagate hatred on air." Schneider praised the South African Jewish Board of Deputies for persisting in their legal struggle against the radio station.

The World Jewish Congress is the international organization representing Jewish communities in over 80 countries around the world. The WJC serves as the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people to world governments and international organizations. The South African Jewish Board of Deputies is an affiliate of the World Jewish Congress.

Mervyn Smith of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, +27 21 918 9000,; or Michael Schneider, Secretary-General of the World Jewish Congress, +1-212-755-5770,,



Poland Probes Book on Murdered Jews That May `Insult Nation'

By Katya Andrusz

Jan. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Poland's public prosecutor may this week begin legal action against a Princeton professor or his publishing company if an investigation finds his book ``insulted the nation'' for blaming the deaths of Jews after World War II on Poles' participation in Nazi war crimes. “If proceedings begin, we may summon the author for questioning,” Boguslawa Marcinkowska, a spokeswoman for the Krakow public prosecutor, said by phone today. “A decision will probably be made this week.”

The book by Jan Tomasz Gross, entitled Fear. Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz, stirred debate even before it hit Polish bookstores on Jan. 11, as academics, clerics and readers discussed one of the darkest chapters of the country's 20th- century history. An English edition was published in 2006. Gross, who left Poland in 1969 after anti-Jewish unrest the year before, says attacks on Polish Holocaust survivors were motivated by widespread anti-Semitism and a wish to avoid disputes over Jewish assets belonging to people who were presumed dead by their Catholic neighbors.

“The book's been selling so well, we ran out of copies only a day after the publication,” Monika Marianowicz, a spokeswoman for Empik Media & Fashion SA, which sells books in its 103 stores throughout Poland, said by phone. “I guess everyone wants to see what the fuss is about.”


Good Exposure

A spokesman for Gross's publisher, Znak, said the company won't take action until the public prosecutor decides on its next steps. It expects a statement “within the next few days. We have to be grateful to the prosecutor for taking this case up,” Tomasz Miedzik, a spokesman for Znak, said by phone. “Nothing else could have given the book such good exposure.”

Gross focuses on a pogrom in the southern Polish town of Kielce in 1946, a year after the end of World War II. He argues that Nazi race theories had strengthened already existing prejudices in Poland. Some leading Polish historians disagree.

Marek Chodakiewicz, a professor of history at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, said in an interview with the daily Rzeczpospolita published on Jan. 11 that Gross picked out facts to back up his theory and ignored others that might have led to a different interpretation.

It's unfair to depict Poland as deeply anti-Semitic, said Burt Schuman, the country's chief rabbi. He blamed the country's bad image on the fact that many Polish Jews who survived the Nazi occupation and emigrated to the U.S. took with them reports of Polish anti-Semitism and collaboration. What's happening now is harming our goal of reconciliation,” Schuman said by phone today. “It's good that the book has triggered a debate, but both sides have gone into lockdown currently rather than seeking dialog.”


Slander Law

The former government of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, twin brother of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, passed a law in 2006 that allows the charge of “slandering the Polish nation by accusing it of participating in communist or Nazi crimes.”

The public prosecutor in Krakow, where Gross's Polish publisher is based, decided to investigate “Fear” after reading press reports that ``suggested the book may have broken this law,'' Marcinkowska said. An estimated 3 million Polish Jews were killed during World War II, mostly in concentration camps set up by the country's Nazi occupiers.

To contact the reporter on this story: Katya Andrusz in Warsaw at


Cracks spread in Berlin Holocaust memorial: study, Mon Jan 21, 2008. By Sarah Roberts

BERLIN (Reuters) - The Holocaust memorial in Berlin is showing signs of serious wear and tear just three years after its completion, with cracks in more than half of its concrete blocks, according to a study published on Monday.

Structural engineer Joachim Schulz conducted a survey of the field of blocks located in Berlin's central Mitte district at the end of last year for Germany's Cicero magazine.

Almost fourteen hundred of the 2,711 blocks that make up the site are beginning to crack, he said in an interview published in the monthly magazine's latest edition.

"Sixty percent of the cracks are minor faults and not really visible but 40 percent are bigger than 0.2 millimeters and that's worrying," said Schulz.

Hindered by design and construction disagreements that attracted global media attention, the memorial was completed in May 2005 at a cost of 27 million euros ($39.1 million).

The most controversial issue surrounding its design was the role of Degussa -- the company that supplied the anti-graffiti paint for the blocks.

Construction was briefly halted in late 2003 after it emerged the firm's parent manufactured the poison gas used in Nazi death camps.

Structural damage to the Holocaust memorial, which covers 19,000 square meters (205,000 square feet), was first recorded in January 2006 when 400-450 blocks were showing cracks.

Holocaust memorial director Uwe Neumaerker told Reuters on Monday the damage was due to sunlight: "We plan to begin repairs as soon as the temperature rises and the weather dries up, probably at the end of March."

(Reporting by Sarah Roberts; Editing by Iain Rogers and Jon Boyle)

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