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Persecution begins anew - with alleged hurt feelings the cause







GPO Box 5218

Sydney 2001


3 October 2006 

                                                             Ref: BA/2017430R

Dear Delegate to the President


Further to your letter dated 21 August 2006, to my email of 20 September 2006, and to my telephone call to your office wherein I was advised that owing to my returning from an overseas trip a reply extension was granted until 6 October 2006.


Herewith my response to your letter detailing a complaint your office has received from Ms Gilli Atkinson, of Glenelg, Adelaide:


  1. If you consult the Directory of Australian Associations, , you will be able to obtain the details of what Adelaide Institute is all about.


  1. The complainant’s statements to HREOC are of such sweeping generalisation that I find it highly offensive for her to have made the statements she has made about Adelaide Institute.


  1. In the ONLINE COMPLAINTS FORM the complainant states she has “been discriminated against because of my race”, then states under “PART 5 – DESIRED OUTCOME/RESOLUTION?: I want this site shutdown permanently. I notice that this isn’t the first time this site and its founder have been subject to complaint.”


  1. On account of the complainant’s offensive racist Jewish supremacism, the above statements reveal an absolutist, authoritarian and dictatorial mindset that has foreclosed any kind of civilized form of conflict resolution.


  1. The written complaint also reveals an innate sense of racist malice and hatred towards anyone who has a differentiated world view to that held by the complainant, thereby offending against Australia’s basic democratic values of tolerance and pluralism.


  1. In her written text the complainant has also racially discriminated against Germans and anyone of German descent by making hurtful and hateful comments, and she deeply insults the memory of my father and other members of my family who served in the German army during World War Two.


Submitted for your consideration.


Dr Fredrick Töben




Adelaide Institute





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