Cover Letter for Charges Against Attorney Sylvia Stolz in

Munich Attorney’s Court


Translated by J. M. Damon



Attorney Court for Munich District, Chamber of Legal Attorney (Official Seal)

80097 Munich, 28 June 2007

Item # 1AnwG 25/07 X EV 77/06

(please give this reference in all correspondence)




Attorney Sylvia Stolz

Kriegersiedlung 11

85560 Ebersberg


Re: Suit Against You in Attorney’s Court, with 1 Attachment


Dear Attorney Stolz:


Attached hereto is a notarized copy of the complaint issued by the Office of the General State Attorney of Munich dated 20 June 2007. Within a period of two weeks, you are required to state whether you intend to submit evidence before the decision on the opening of the main proceedings, or whether you wish to present objections against it (Section 116, page 2 of BRAO (Bundesrechtsanwalts Ordnung: Federal Procedure for Legal Attorneys, 201 l StPO Strafprozessordnung: criminal procedure.)


The Court is prepared to provide a defense attorney for you according to Section 116 BRAO, 140, 141 StPO.


Within a period of two weeks, you have the opportunity to provide the Court with the name and address of a defense attorney, otherwise the Court itself will appoint a defense attorney for you.


The First Chamber will be composed as follows: 


Attorney Buntrock, presiding;

Attorneys Herzog and Struck-Sachenbacher, members.


Yours truly,    G. Viehweg



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