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June 5, 2007

In Memoriam



If Dr. Robert John were remembered for nothing else, he would be forever remembered for his two volume history, The Palestine Diary.


In a world awash with Zionist propaganda it remains the classic reference work on the subject. Next to "The Holocaust" no subject has been more thoroughly distorted than the history of Zionism in Arab Palestine. The Palestine Diary remains the only complete history of the dispossession of the Palestinian Arabs.


In all the years since it was first published in 1970 it remains the most complete and objective study of the subject. Not surprisingly, The Palestine Diary encountered major publication problems. No university press would touch it, despite the endorsement of the world renowned English historian, Arnold Toynbee.


Dr. John himself was dismissed from numerous jobs with major U.S. corporations, all of them fearful of the well known lobby.


The eventual publisher of The Palestine Diary, New World Press in New York, had its presses burned to discourage reprints of the heretical work. The Palestine Diary has always been a difficult work to find. It is so clearly written, well organized and factually unimpeachable that its research is simply devastating to Zionist pretensions. Robert John had many accomplishments in his life besides The Palestine Diary.


But it was his magnum opus and the work which shall overshadow everything else he did. In many senses Robert John was the Jimmy Carter of his time. The Palestine Diary is a much greater work than Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid. The scholarship is on a much higher plane. Books like Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid come and go. But The Palestine Diary is the classic which shall remain. Robert John may rest in peace. His classic shall endure.


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June 5, 2007


Dear Friend,


I'm sorry to tell you all that Dr. Robert John is dead at 86 years old, he died last night at 7PM.


I talked with his daughter, Dane, on the phone just now, and she gave me the sad news.


He had worked tirelessly and selflessly for the cause all his life, and made important contributions, such as his book, Palestine Diary, which is based on original source material that is no longer available anywhere else.  I was really glad when he made a new edition available to the public, because the information it contains is important.


There will be some sort of service in New York City.  I will be in touch with his daughter, Dane, and I'll let you know.


Michael Santomauro

+1 - 212-787-7891




Editorial Reviews Book Description


The Palestine Diary is indispensable to understanding the 9/11 attacks on the USA, and Middle East terrorism. The Palestine Diary in two volumes - Britain's Involvement 1914-1945 and United States, United Nations Intervention 1945-1948 explains the origins of continuing Middle East wars and the war on terrorism, showing their origins in national and international politics and the two World Wars - with facsimile of the once-"Secret" British document promising independence for Palestine.


About the Author


Robert John was a diplomatic historian and public educator through writing, lecturing, and broadcasting. Elected an honorary life member of Yale U. Political Union, after his first lecture to service officers at the Army & Navy Club in Washington, he was presented with a citation from the Military Order of the World Wars: "For his courage and dedication to truth in giving the American public a great and scholarly analysis of the complex problems confronting our nation in its political relations with the nations of the Middle East." He was an elected official of the British conservative party.


Dr. John graduated from University of London King's College, then studied at the Middle Temple Inns of Court, where five signers of the Declaration of Independence also studied law. In the United States, he was invited to the Hoover Institution, working with the papers of Professor Westermann of Columbia University, advisor on Turkish affairs to the American delegation at the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference. He served as foreign affairs advisor to the Council on American Affairs in Washington from 1976 to 1986.


In 2004 the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics presented Dr John with the Garrett Hardin Award at a ceremony in Baden-Baden, Germany. The award is the highest honor after the Nobel Prize recommendations.


The citation states: for his significant contribution to the global education of people, for his leadership, inspiration and moral courage, for his accurate perception of the world and for his brilliant assessment of societal developments as reflected in his deeply insightful scholarly writings.


From the Royal Palace, Amman, Jordan, Prince El Hassan bin Talal wrote to him on 27th of May, 2004: "Reading through some files from the last couple of years, I came across your superb piece of March 2002 entitled `Who else remembers September 11?' . . ."




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