Hanson bows out of neo-Nazi conference

Yoni Bashan, AJN, March 9, 2007


A conference of Holocaust deniers, neo-Nazis and climate-change sceptics will take place in country NSW next week - without One Nation founder Pauline Hanson.


About six hours north-west of Sydney, the Inverell Forum has a longstanding association with extreme social reform and far-right political ideology.


Last year, controversial former Macquarie University professor Andrew Fraser told the conference: "HSC results point to a rising ruling class of Asians.".


About 200 people are expected to attend the three-day conference, with accommodation in the town reportedly selling out fast.


The event received widespread publicity in the Australian newspaper after a journalist offered a scathing assessment. According to the forum's website, the Inverell Forum "has emerged as one of the premier events on the Australian Freedom Movement calendar".


The negative coverage prompted climate-change sceptic Bob Carter to junk his plans to speak at the forum.


Holocaust-denier Richard Krege is still scheduled to give his address on Zionist propaganda and his visit to Tehran for December's Iranian Holocaust-denier conference.


Krege, an electronics engineer with AirServices Australia in Canberra, has played down the number of Jews who were gassed at the Treblinka concentration camp in Poland after surveying its grounds in 1999.


The event, in its 19th year, runs over the March 16-19 weekend.




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