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Michael Mazur: That could have been wielded around as a club, it was so big, this one.


Co Host Pat: Exactly.


MM: Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was a sort of black hole in German History which I haven't been able to find anything out about very easily, and over the years nothing has really been said about it. And so, what I am talking about is the month of February of 1933 in Germany, and not all that much is known about it with respect to a particular matter, and that will become clear as I develop this, because as we know in January of 1933 Mr Hitler ascended to power, and what is far less known is that in March of 1933, ah, there was this banner headline in the Daily Express, which is a British newspaper, it said, JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY.

And so I’m thinking, now, what's the connection between Mr Hitler coming to power and this banner headline, JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY, and it must have been something that happened in February of 1933. And so I had to surmise what did happen, because whatever happened would be in bankers' records I would think, and that's private and stays private forever.

And, so I'm reminded of Chancellor Heinrich Bruning, who was one of the last Chancellors of the Weimar Republic, which of course existed between 1919 and 1933, and it ended in failure as we know, and he was in a position to know and he wrote a letter after World War Two to Winston Churchill, and the substance of it was that he said, ah, that the two largest contributors, regular contributors, to the Nazi Party were two, ah, two general managers of the two largest banks in Berlin and these general managers were of the Jewish faith. That's him saying this. And one of these gentlemen was the leading Zionist in Germany.

So, I think it's not too much of a stretch to say, that from October 1928 when these contributions commenced up until, and this is where Heinrich Bruning doesn't say, he doesn't say when they ended, i would say that they ended maybe in February 1933 because they would have arrived, these two gentlemen, in Mr Hitler's Chancellery, and would have discussions with him.


Host, Joe Toscano: … and would have realised what it was all about.


MM: What's that?


JT: - laughing - They would have realised what the Nazi program was all about.


MM: Yes, exactly, they would have been told very clearly what the situation was. They would have been thanked very much by Mr Hitler for their past support. But with… .


Pat: … too late, honey.


MM: That's right.


JT: Alright Michael.


MM: Hang on, Oi ! Just, just, if I could just say, if I could just say…


JT:  Well, alright.


MM: If I could just say. . . they would have told him what they would have wanted as banking policy in Germany, and he would have told them that banking policy from now on would be decided by me, as everything else in this country. And that's why we have this headline in the British Daily Express, JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY, in the following month.

Now there's a moral in this for Mr Costello, that if Mr Costello were to emulate the most admirable policy that Mr Hitler did have, and that was that his inflation was very very low, and Mr Costello would not be able to emulate it, but were he to, he would find out, ah, on the next day, he would pick up a newspaper, and it would say, JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON MR COSTELLO.


JT: - smiling -  Oh, what a long bow, Michael, what a long bow, I mean we have heard a lot of garbage from you in the past, but this is fanciful stuff. Tell me when the Martians arrive. Thank you very much Michael.


MM: Orright, bye.


JT: - laughing - Bye, bye.


Pat: laughing - Oh, no wonder he wanted to finish.


Joe: - laughing - No, no, if you are wondering what you are listening to, it is 3CR.


Pat: … Talk Back with Attitude.


Joe: You haven't tuned in to the 1933 Nazi Program.


- pause -


Pat: Margaret from Coburg. Good morning. Maybe she has something more interesting.



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