Dagmar Brenne -  


12 August 2008


This is not a learned dissertation, of which we have many. Rather, this is an emotional eruption, the heart cry of a woman, who has ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart to feel the demise of her people. It is a mother's lament.  


I will not challenge your intellect, nor your academic reasoning. My challenge is far more basic: it is rather like a primal cry of a child for his mother.  



One of the most heart-wrenching statements I ever read was in the book: An Eye For An Eye by John Sack. The German men in the hellish death camps of Poland, in their greatest misery and despair cried for their mothers...who never came! Imagine the anguish of those tortured souls!  



When the German people were driven from their ancestral home in the Sudetenland, with great slaughter and cruelty, their tormentor Benesch instructed his force to take all from the Germans but their handkerchiefs, so they can cry into it.  


Remember, the one who does not use his eyes to see will use them to cry!  


What do I see?


I see my country Germany in its death throws! The Jewish media took hold of a theme that had been bandied around for more than a hundred years, before it settled upon the hapless German people. The cunning Jews of course knew the make-up of the German psyche, well observed by Napoleon and the French writer Madame Staël.


There is no-one in the world who shoulders blame as readily as the Germans do. No other people would have accepted the legend of Holocaust-Shoah as abjectly and teeth-gnashingly as the German nation. The war-time leaders of the Allies, Churchill, de Gaulle, Eisenhower, wrote nothing in their memoirs of any Holocaust of the Jews, though they should have known best.


But Germans genuflect to it, ever more so from year to year. Oh, the shameful grovel-show of the German chancellor Merkel before the Knesset, in front of that awful decadent scribble artists picture! It makes me blush!  


The Holocaust was not only Germany's lash and spur but became increasingly the white man's guilt-propelled nightmare for all evil that ever befell human kind, particularly the ever innocent Jews.


Never had a theme been so thoroughly exploited as the Holocaust. The books, films, songs, paintings, documentaries, exhibitions, the court cases and the surrealistic payments to the victim-nation fills the world with more gory, paralysing repetitions than any other topic.


Children, adults, sky and sea, beasts of the field and cosmos above have heard the tale of Jewish suffering. They are tired, fatigued, dumbed down, frazzled, catatonic with hearing of it. Even Jews have enough of surviving with wolves and other literary gems!


Here I need to speak to you of the incredible genocidal writings of Nathan Kaufmann: Germany must perish.  When it was published, to my knowledge there was no public outcry in America, with its strong German component, as would be nowadays if the holy cow called ''Israel'' were threatened. Rather it was debated quite soberly as a favoured  approach on part of the USA to deal with the situation in Europe. Germany was in no way threatening America, yet massacres, wholesale murders, slaughter and destruction of the cultural heart of Europe was viewed as a quite reasonable strategy to impose on my nation, that had been forced into a war it never intended to fight. The meeting of madmen to speak to other psychopaths is beyond my understanding and gives me nightmares on occasion.



But this was the way to the fabled  ''Holocaust''  that had been incubating  for some time to date.



I feel in my innermost being that it will end before long. The Holocaust has been around, even before the official ''Holocaust'', that is, more than one hundred years and it has served its objective. Perhaps beyond their wildest dream!


It was used as a lash and a goad to corral all people, in one way or another into the great big cattle yard of the One World Government. Soon they will no longer need to use subterfuge and give reasons why, for their actions. The Holocaust myth has famously facilitated the rounding up. It is no longer needed. With the help of the fifth column in our midst it was achieved easily.


And now a word to you, whom I consider the fifth column. And please don't be surprised.  

It is not only those who are knowingly working behind the scenes for the enemy. But also those who have lost faith, who have lost their way, who are imperceptibly working into the hands of the foe. It is also you! You, who have married out of your race. Foreign wives, Asian wives. The Multi-cultural people!


Oh, I know about the cry of loneliness and what it is like to have nobody! German women get lonely too! You once had a girlfriend/ wife who was compatible with you. One of your own kind.



Everyone, but everyone has had that chance in life. Have not you had it as well? If you are honest you know it to be so.


You, too, have helped that Germany will be one day only a location on the map, no longer a nation. To be a nation there need to be a people called ''Germans'' – or French, Russian, Spanish, English… .  Your children are not German, they never will be. In that I do not hold you guiltless!


Now it is almost that wanting to be a German who wants to be a German makes a person suspect of being a racist!


Before long the masters of the One World Government will show themselves openly, imposing their will with impunity, robbing, taking, enriching themselves and nobody will make a peep. No more a victim nation. It's not far off the way I read the signs.


May God have mercy on us and send us a Deliverer!


We may still take our handkerchiefs to wave to Him with joy! 



White Woman's anger!


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