Dagmar Brenne 10 August 2008


Behold a thing beneath the sun,

That should not be and never done,

A thing so vile, that God forbid,

The fruit of which cannot be hid.

White woman loosed from band and tether,

Oh white man, hold your house together!


For it is women, blond and fair,

That seek in Kenya lovers there.

A dusky love-boy to engage,

He doesn't mind her middle-age.

A Negro stud, no if or whether,

Oh white man hold your house together!


And could it be, the tryst bears fruit,

Gives her belated motherhood.

A hasty marriage, just in name,

A milk-brown child, there is no shame,

In multi-culture's panorama-

Could head for fame, just like Obama!


Does white man care, show his dismay?

Oh, scarcely so, he led the way!

He beat the track to Asia's town,

To foreign ways accustomed grown,

He chose no white spouse for his life,

He took himself an Asian wife.


For yes, a thing beneath the sun,

White man's decline had longer run.

When white man wed outside his race,

A slap into white woman's face.

A trickle turned into a flood,

when men took wives of Asian blood.


White woman lost her way, her path,

The white race turmoil's aftermath.

The fusion of confusing lives,

With dusky babes and Asian wives.

A shiftless, restless merchants' brood,

They have no land, they have no root.


Does not the ANTHEM sing her grace?

White woman's song, so fair of face!

And white man, who is faithful and true

And drinking songs for me and you!

A healthful land, no if or whether,

When White Men held their house together!  


                              THE HANDKERCHIEF OF BENESCH


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