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Are Jews Smarter Than People of European Stock?

Mel Fowler

I have never been much impressed with the frequently encountered assertion that Jews are "smarter" than people of European stock. I prefer to look at what white people have done and what they have accomplished over the last eight thousand or so years.

Comparing what Jews have done in the long haul with that should give one a steadier view of the relative capacities of the two peoples. 

Jews have proven to be a danger to white societies, no doubt.  The intelligence of that strain of Jews with intelligence, it is true, gives their dangerousness an edge.  For three or four thousand years, Jews have been repeatedly destructive to white societies.  Also, they have been repeatedly ejected from the midst of white societies that have had enough of them. 

You are familiar with the enormous damage they have done in the twentieth century. In some respects, it appears, at this very moment, that they are on the verge of giving us Americans the coup de gras. 

We agonize over the appearance of our people as totally stunted and stunned into mindless immobility by our enemy's program for us.  We are not sure: We think the evil bastards may actually finish us off this time.

It is true, there is a handful of Jews who are very good at chess, just as there is a handful of negroes who are very good at basketball.  Why shouldn't they be. If you had spent the last twenty years at mastering chess, perhaps you would be good at it, too. There are far more Jews who are good at another game: using the  devices of deceit to parasitize upon white society. Are you thinking, perhaps, that because they are good at that, and you can't seem to figure out until it's too late what they are up to, that they are smarter than you are?  Forget it:  Its their game, not yours.  If you and your race had practiced the arts of deceit full time for the last three thousand years,  perhaps you would be good at it, too.  But that is not how white people deal with their enemies. That is not a characteristic of our race.  White people have a long history of defeating their enemies by force of arms. The white race throws itself upon its enemy and destroys it.  The white race is also characterized by generosity,
a propensity to trust, and a vulnerability to feelings of guilt.  This is one aspect of our vulnerability to Jewish parasitism.  Astonishingly, we tolerate these devils in our midst long after the harm they are doing to us should have become perfectly obvious.

I have a theory about the Jew's take-over program, present as well as past: They move by stealth and deception. Their subterranean ways bring them increasing wealth, power, position and control.  At the penultimate step in this process, their attainment of wealth, power, position and control having become so necessarily visible, they must take the last step across open terrain, as it were.  My theory is that this moment in the progress of
the Jews in their take-over program is the moment when the host of this parasite, having become fully aware of what the Jews are up to, should act decisively to rid itself of the parasite.

Need I tell you where we are in this year 2000 in respect to the Jew's take-over program?  If, in the past, it was hard to see what the Jews were up to, and one was repeatedly gulled, that should not be a problem now because it is all right there before our eyes, is it not?



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