Memo from Fredrick Töben, Adelaide, 5 March 2007

The pending action in the Federal Court of Australia -FCA- will be a costly matter. I am fortunate in that I am on a disability pension, which enables me to participate in this court action without having to pay for direct court costs, such as filing documents. Any government instrumentalities that charge fees will waive or discount such for pensioners. The mad rush into privatisation will, of course, put a stop to all this, and thereby will have a chilling effect on the individual without money to seek justice.

The truism of the following maxim is illustrated by this matter before the FCA: that there are two ways of killing a person: by direct killing or by taking someone through a court system – legal persecution – where an individual loses job, home, family because of the horrendous legal costs involved. The list of victims of this legal persecution is long and legendary. In other words history teaches us that it is nothing new. All >>battle of the wills<< issues throughout recorded history have, if not by direct murder, been settled through legal means where the result may then also have been judicial murder, as was the infamous 1945-46 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal’s findings against the Germans.

Mr John Bennett, president of the Australian Civil Liberties Union has, again, agreed to handle the financial side of this legal action.

Remember the driving dog from our previous legal challenge before the FCA in 2003? It is again collecting for the cause. Please, again, be generous in your contribution.


Please send your Cash or Cheque to:

 Australian Civil Liberties Union

P O Box 1137

Carlton - 3053



 Direct electronic transfer to:

Australian Civil Liberties Union

National Australia Bank

330 Collins Street

 Melbourne - 3000


Account Number: 083.004.01685.2304



In anticipation I thank the many supporters world-wide who, by contributing to this fund, will do their bit in upholding the principle of free expression. This Appeal in the FCA is a test-case that will define our free expression parameters, and by implication will signal how strong Jewish-Zionist influence is in Australia's judiciary where the current battle rages between Common Law and Talmudic Law.


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