28 February 2008 Hearing

Notice of Motion 

Written Submission for 28 February 2008 FCA Hearing






- Affidavit  filed 19 February 2008


Form 27

  (Order 19, rule 2)










On 19 February 2008 I, Fredrick Töben, of Wattle Park, in the State of South Australia, retired teacher, say on oath:


1. I am the above Respondent in these proceedings and have filed the Amended Notice of Motion, dated 19 February 2008, as well as the Notice of Motion, dated 2 January 2008, to be listed for directions on 28 February 2008.


2. On 18 February 2008, I received per email a letter from the Applicant’s solicitor wherein it is expressed that an Order for costs be made against me. I refer to Annexure “1” being a copy of this letter from solicitor for the Applicant, dated 18 February 2008.


3. The application to be made for costs at the 28 February 2008 hearing exemplifies my case against the Applicant that this matter before the court is a political matter, that it is persecution through legal prosecution and thereby an abuse of process. The problem that initially gave rise to the action in 1996 still exists and is thereby not resolved in any way. I refer to Annexure “2”  as being a copy of a letter Alan Goldberg, QC, now Justice Goldberg of the Federal Court of Australia, wrote to a former South Australian politician wherein the former Minister of Education, Mrs Joyce Steele, OBE, is threatened/blackmailed into Zionist Jewish submission. Needless to state that Mrs Steele did not bend to Jewish pressure.


4. That the Applicant has aimed to silence debate on contentious issues because it clashes with his Jewish Holocaust-Shoah world view is illustrated in the article where Jeremy Jones defames Mr John Bennett by alleging Mr Bennet dishonestly obtained endorsements for his book, Your Rights. I refer to Annexure “3” being a copy of the Jeremy Jones article.


5. The matter of the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah is globally being discussed in public on a daily basis. Despite draconian legal persecution of dissidents who refuse to accept the official Jewish Holocaust-Shoah narrative, in most so-called western democracies the attempt to retain an orthodox version of this historical event has failed. This was especially so since December 2006 when the Iranian President, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not bend to Jewish pressure, and the various Anglo-American-Zionist controlled world media expressed outrage, thereby highlighting the hypocrisy of the western democratic countries’ claims to being free and democratic.


6. Australia still has some semblance of freedom and democracy and still has not enshrined this historical event in legal concrete, thereby upholding intellectual values that form the foundation of our civilization, namely free expression and retaining the truth concept.


7. In March 2007 I was invited to address the Inverell Forum on the Teheran Holocaust Conference, among other things, and found it difficult because of the FCA gag order. It is with the aim of highlighting this difficulty that I am submitting a DVD of my talk. I refer to Annexure “4” being a copy of the DVD made of my talk given at the Inverell Forum in March 2007.


Sworn by Deponent

at Adelaide

on the 19th day of February 2007  


Deponent’s Signature 


Before me:…………………………



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