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From: Ingrid
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 8:16 PM
Subject: Ernst Zundel is a "free" man!

To our Zundel friends around the world -

This morning at 2:45 EST I received a phone call from our British friend, Lady Michele Renouf, who told me:  "We have him in the car!  All is well!  Here he is..."  and I could exchange a few happy words with my husband.

Ernst assured me that his release went smoothly and that he would call me a bit later with additional details.

Half an hour later I received a fax from his lady attorney, Alexandra Rittershaus, who told me:

"Ernst is in freedom.  A few people were [at the prison gates], but everything went peacefully.  I did not have an opportunity to talk to him, but he looked happy."

Below is a photo taken just a few minutes ago, showing Ernst with his splendid Austrian defense attorney, Dr. Herbert Schaller who, at the young age of 87, fought like a lion for Ernst's release!


I will send a more detailed description later in the day, provided there won't be any Internet censorship or enemy interference, as has happened off and on these past few weeks.

Yours with many Tennessee greetings,

Ingrid Zündel



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