MEDIA RELEASE  16 July 2009

Holocaust questioner Dr Fredrick Töben wishes to advise that he will be visiting Horsham on 20 July 2009 to attend the opening of the ‘The Courage to Care’ exhibition.

Although facing a 3-month jail sentence for contempt of court, Dr Töben is free to travel within Australia for July only.

The reason why Dr Töben has decided to travel to Horsham is to meet one of Australia’s leading Zionists, B’Nai B’rith lodge member and Holocaust-Shoah promoter, Dr Paul Gardiner, and Holocaust survivor, Mr Harry Better.

Dr Töben considers himself to be a concerned citizen and he rejects outright the principle of guilt by association “and this means engaging in civilized dialogue with anyone whose world view and opinions differ from my own because this is putting the democratic principle into action. This is what I have been doing through my life, literally walk into the enemy’s camp and find out what’s going on.”  

Although in a Wimmera Mail-Times article about this exhibition, 24 June 2009, mention is made of Germans having gassed Jews at Auschwitz, Dr Töben said he “will not be asking probing questions such as physical proof on this matter during my visit. This is because my barrister, Mr David Perkins, is currently overseas and cannot advise me as to how appropriately to respond to such provocative allegations levelled against Germans.”

Dr Töben said “any talk about matters Holocaust is an incitement to racial hatred against Germans. This is because a right-of-reply has been legally taken away from anyone who wishes to challenge matters Holocaust, which is a terrible allegation to level against any German.”

He said “proof of this is found in my own conviction in the Federal Court of Australia on 16 April 2009 and 13 May 2009 for contempt of court, which has now criminalized any open historical debate except that considered to be the orthodox version of events. Dissenting opinions on matters Holocaust-Shoah will from now on in Australia – and as is already the case in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel and other European countries – be a criminal matter, and that is very sad.”




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