SOME SOLACE - the price of Free Expression in functioning democracy Australia on matters Holocaust-Shoah has been $60,000+, and that's cheap!


Fredrick Töben takes a king hit but is saved from bankruptcy by a small handful of long-time supporters.


The Executive Council of Australian Jewry failed in its bid to extract its pound of flesh and to kosher slaughter Töben.

Says Dr Töben: ‘Remember, one of the first laws enacted by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists was to ban kosher slaughter in Germany. In retribution the Holocaust-Shoah myth was created to deflect from National Socialist humanitarian policies, and to deflect from an in-depth analysis of the genocide perpetrated by the All-lies on the German people and their allies. Now we are again faced with the divide – the dialectic battle of win-lose – of NATIONALISM v INTERNATIONALISM.


Töben refuses blindly to believe in the Holocaust-Shoah myths and considers taking the battle into Federal Parliament.

Says Töben: ‘If newly elected Member for Kooyong, Josh Freudenberg, in his maiden speech really believes what he stated that “It’s an outrage” to question aspects of the 9:11 tragedy, then Australia’s political system faces great threats from those who fear embracing the truth concept. Freudenberg would block open enquiry on topics that threaten his world-view, for whatever reason. As to the 9:11 tragedy, let’s remember that any thinking person would want to know why a third building imploded, and why there were no plane parts scattered around the Pentagon when a huge plane hit that building.’


Töben says he ‘assumes that Freudenberg would also suppress an open discussion about matters Holocaust-Shoah, which has distorted our understanding of world history, especially in regards to the genocide happening in Palestine, and Israel’s obsession with Iran’s nuclear development. It is therefore high time to liberate Australian parliamentarians from mental bondage to a mindset that fears truth-seekers.’


‘Let me remind you how on 18 March 2003 Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard and two days later, on 20 March 2003, then Canada’s opposition leader Steven Harper, read almost identical speeches to their parliament wherein they justified the Iraqi invasion. What I want to know is who wrote that speech? This person was intimately involved in developing the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie!’


Töben says that he barely escaped being bankrupted, which would have prevented him from contemplating taking his fight for free expression to the heartland of Australian democracy – Federal Parliament House in Canberra.


Töben also scoffs at those who still defame him for his views, as Independent Senator from South Australia, Nick Xenophon, has already begun by stating Töben’s views are “vile”.  Says Töben: ‘Xenophon is rather infantile in his attitude because he thinks I worry about what he thinks of my views. He discredits himself by smearing and not addressing my expressed concerns.’


‘It does not surprise me to see those individuals who fear free expression labelling me a “hater”, Holocaust denier”, “anti-Semite”, “racist”, “Nazi” – such labels are used by those who have no arguments to refute my views. Such behaviour merely shows me how fearful some individuals are when confronted with challenging views that seek to find out the truth of a matter. It’s the lazy thinkers and manipulators who care not for truth and who then quickly use such words in an attempt to stop a debate from developing.’


‘ I grew up in Australia during the 1950s when there was a bit more sanity about robust public debates. At school teachers would advise us that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never hurt me.”


Fredrick Töben thanks all those who have since 1994 supported and helped him in this battle to retain free expression in Australia.






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