Jürgen Rieger’s Congratulatory Letter to Ahmadinejad

Translated from the German by J M Damon

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The National Democratic Party of Germany
Office of the Deputy Chairman
Speaker for Foreign Affairs
Hamburg Chapter
20th August 2009

To: The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Dr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad

Honorable President:

We have learned with great pleasure that you have been re-elected, your election has been confirmed, and the unfounded objections to your re-election have been rejected.
We can now rest assured that Iran will continue to follow an independent course free of influence by the USA and Israel.

Unfortunately, the protests in Teheran were greatly exaggerated in the Western media, which are strongly influenced by Jewish opinion.
We are familiar with the manner in which these protests are carried out: for example, the “Orange Revolution” in the Ukraine, where the oppositionists were paid by a foundation created and supported by the billionaire financial speculator George Soros, who provided their flyers and other propaganda.
In addition, the American secret service CIA often instigates such “spontaneous expressions of dissatisfaction.”
It has repeatedly been used to overthrow governments that do not comply with the wishes of international finance and obey the dictates of the USA.
We are delighted that such efforts to bring about an overthrow were unsuccessful in Iran!

I am expressing more than just my own personal gratification at your re-election: I am also conveying official congratulations as spokesperson for my party chairman and as the head of our Foreign Policy Department.
Unfortunately, our party is at present represented in only two state parliaments, but not in our Federal German Parliament.
However, we are confident that in our country as well as yours, the present financial crisis, which was brought about by banks such as Lehman Brothers and Goldman-Sachs, will open the peoples’ eyes about global nomadic predators.

I am also aware of the hostility of major media toward you because of your declaration that the question of a Jewish “Holocaust” should be investigated forensically, since there are valid scientific reasons for questioning it.
Such a scientific investigation is greatly feared by the Federal Republic of Germany, where forensic evidence is not permitted in “Holocaust” trials.
The Holocaust Conference in Teheran was a great breakthrough for truth in historiography because, for the first time, a nation state refused to acknowledge the “Holocaust” religion.
The “Holocaust” issue must be investigated like any other historical question!
You should also be aware that “official opinion” of the German government does not correspond to the opinion of the German people.
 You and the Iranian Republic have many more friends in Germany than our “official opinion” will admit.

I am convinced that Iran enjoys a great deal more freedom / than does the Federal Republic of Germany.
Along with another defense attorney, Attorney Sylvia Stolz, I defended, or attempted to defend the “Holocaust” researcher Ernst Zündel in Mannheim.
Attorney Stolz and I submitted evidentiary motions in which expert witnesses would have investigated the alleged homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz and Birkenau for residues of cyanic acid, which forms permanent chemical bonds when exposed to masonry.
For daring to submit these evidentiary motions, Attorney Stolz was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, where she is now incarcerated.
I myself have also been indicted, likewise on account of evidentiary motions I submitted, along with my pleading of “not guilty” and arguments for acquittal.
In all legal systems except despotic ones, the defendant is allowed to submit evidentiary motions to prove his or her innocence.
The only country in Europe in which this is not allowed is the Federal Republic of Germany.
For this reason it would be a very good thing if, when my trial begins, Iran would send an observer or a television crew to my trial in order to document and publicize the violations of human rights that are committed in this country.

I have no doubt that you were well aware you were “seizing hot iron” when you expressed doubts about “Holocaust.”
That required a great deal of courage, and I can only wish that we had a courageous president such as you in our own country – one that did not dance to the tune of the USA!

With greatest respect and admiration,

Jürgen Rieger „






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