The Agreement On “Return Transfer”
Das Rücktransfer-Abkommen

By the authors of the National Journal

Translated by J M Damon

Demanding Asylum In the "LAND DER TÄTER" (Land of Murderers):
  All Part of Shoa Business.

Many a son of Abraham is now eager to return to the Land of Murderers for “security reasons.”
Such was the subject of a report on “Panorama” program of the ARD TV network on 25 June.
The “asylum seekers” seem to consider it a good joke.
But wait a minute  – don’t Jewish leaders such as Frau Charlotte Knobloch remind us every day that world Jewry is threatened by our Nation of Murderers?  
Just a few days ago she warned:  “This government’s sensitivity to crimes against Jews has lessened...
It is doing too little about growing anti Semitism.
They talk a great deal but do very little.” <, 27.12.2007>
Now we learn that all the Jews in Israel want to immigrate to our Land of Murderers.
Have they gone mad?

The answer is simple.
Once upon a time they had to flee from persecution in our Land of Murderers.
Now that their victims in the Middle East are threatening retribution for 60 years of Zionist atrocities, however, they consider our Land of Murderers a luxurious sanctuary.
Who in the BRDDR (the present German regime, a fusion of the former West German with East German puppet governments) would dare refuse their demands “after all that happened to the Jews?”



             Naturalization Specialist Assan exhibiting example a copy of 
                    naturalization papers issued by the “Land of Munderers.”

The official number of Jews speaking nothing but Hebrew and requesting asylum plus a German passport is given as 100,000.
Since this is an official number, we can assume that there are around five times this many.
In fact, all the Jews in Israel might join this latest migration, and the BRDDR might generously provide them with cash and household furnishings for their “transfer back.”
In Israel they have been promised that every Rück-Transfer-Jude (returning transfer Jew) will receive a “welcoming” award of 130,000 Euros plus a spacious luxurious apartment.
It won’t cost them a dime.
In addition, they can expect a more-than-generous monthly allowance.

In Berlin, where she dabbles in music, we meet Noah Chorin inspecting a fashionably furnished apartment.
She doesn’t have to work thanks to the money gushing out of her BRDDR money-pot.
Although she speaks nothing but Hebrew, she has a passport issued by the BRDDR.
A TV commentator explains that her Grandfather Friedel “had to flee” Germany in 1935.
A few scenes later however, the TV spinmasters change their story.
They tell us that naturalization depends on whether the applicant can present his parents’ or grandparents’ official emigration documents..
Proof of identity consists of old passports bearing a Jewish stamp and swastika.
The TV commentators tell us that for those requesting immigration permits, proof of identity consists of old passports containing Jewish stamps and swastika stamps.
It is true that these were the emigration passports used in the course of the transfer agreements.
In those days, emigration agreements were made with Jewish organizations.
However, the present program deals with the grandchildren of emigrants, and these grandchildren are referred to as “descendants of Holocaust Survivors!”



                             A passport and permit to emigrate from Hitler’s day 
                                         -- Not to Auschwitz but to Palestine
                                                  Ach du lieber “Holocaust!”

Dan Assan, an attorney who specializes in naturalization, is a master of the fine art of Chutzpa.
When asked why Jews want BRDDR passports, he replies “It’s a good thing to have proper papers in case of an emergency.”
Isn’t this surprising?!
Until recently, the Jews in the BRDDR were “sitting on packed suitcases” and afraid of neo-Nazis.
Now, however, the “Holocaust” story is recognized in the entire Near East as a lie and a swindle.
It no longer suffices as a pretext for continuing Israel’s crimes against the Palestinianss..
As Michel Friedman points out, the Jews in Germany put their suitcases back in the closet several years ago.
In the Frankfurter Rundschau for 6 March 2002 he is quoted as saying: “In Frankfurt, the generation of Holocaust survivors lived on packed suitcases, but my generation has put the suitcases back in the closet.”
The Third Reich had no extermination plan for Jews.
It had an emigration plan!

In Israel, the female recruit Rotem Pappe (grandchild of another immigrant “Holo Survivor”) likes the idea of fighting for the Israeli Army but finds the idea of living among neo Nazis in the Land of Murderers more attractive than living in Israel.
It offers greater security than life in the "Land of Insanity."
“This country (Israel) is crazy!
Life here is not normal.
I got this German passport because nobody knows what the future will bring.”
She advises the Nation of Murderers that they had better prepare to receive six million “survivors” for whom they must provide a comfortable existence.
Says she: “If they keep firing rockets at us, we are all going to leave some day.”
We Germans have three guesses as to where they will go.

Galit Juli, daughter of another emigrant “Holo Survivor”, has few inhibitions in front of the camera.
She describes with gusto how she boldly informed the Germans that she, a Jewess who speaks only Hebrew, is as German as any real German.
Says she: “I boldly told them I am not an Israeli, I am a German just like you, and that’s all there is to it.”
In front of the camera Juli smirks that her mention of the possible “return” of another magical six million Jews from Israel left even the Gutmenschen breathless: “They looked flabbergasted.”
She obviously recognizes the Gutmenschen for the hypocrites and pharisees they are.
She describes how her mother, another emigrant “survivor,” advised her:
“Listen Galit, the time has come for the family to get German passports.
We mustn’t take chances, we have to always keep an exit open for escape!”
Escape to the Land of Murderers, obviously.

When Noah Chorin, the grandchild of a German Jewish emigrant, was asked what she thought her grandfather would say if he knew she had returned to the Land of Murderers, she said “I think he would see it as a great triumph.”
She is right.
It really is a victory.
What other nation could match the feat of both leaving and returning to a Land of Murderers in order to ensure its survival?
Obviously, very large amounts of “shekels” are involved here.
First the Land of Murderers had to pay hundreds of billions of marks and euros for the construction of Israel as a refuge for its victims, now it has to pay even more for the deconstruction of Israel and the rehabilitation of another magical “six million.”

Since, as everyone knows, we Germans are already allowed to keep too much of our wages, the Gutmenschen in charge will gladly accept an additional 15 percent deduction for the latest Jew Tax.
Who can help admiring such Chutzpa?




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