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It is the contention of this site, that the Holocaust does not exist in reality. It does exist as a reality in the minds of those who believe in it.  The "gas chambers of Auschwitz" and the "extermination of the Jews" began as wartime propaganda, for the reasons of 'proving' to the world how evil the German National Socialist system of government was, and to deflect from the real war crimes of WW2, including the mass firebombing of German cities, whose targets were defenseless women and children. As an example, between 300,000 and 500,000 innocent people were roasted alive in one night by allied firebombing of Dresden, at a time when the war was for all practical purposes over for Germany.

For the past sixty plus years, we have been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of films, TV docudramas, books etc, on the subject, on an almost daily basis. A good proportion of these emanate from Jewish influenced sources. It is thus understandable how most people believe wholeheartedly in the dogma of the 6 million.

We, therefore, aim this site not at those for whom the Holocaust has taken on a sacred or religious meaning. It is aimed at those who seek to find the truth about what really did happen and the consequences of it, which deeply affect our world today.

We substantiate any claims that we make with research articles, news pieces, and other historical works. Any academic debate on the subjects that we canvas is welcome. We have no malice towards Jews, and we wish them well, in their struggle to escape their own enslavement.

“Not until the war propaganda of the victors has found its way into the history books of the vanquished and is believed by subsequent generations can German re-education be considered as really successful.”

-American Jew Walter Lippmann (1889 – 1974), a well known journalist with close ties to powerful politicians:



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