News Release 4 August 2011:
Concerning My Alleged Collaboration with the Stasi

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Translated by J M Damon

On My Alleged Collaboration

At no time did I ever work for the MFS [“STASI” OR MINISTERIUM FÜR STAATSSICHERHEIT, the ministry of state security of the DEUTSCHE DEMOKRATISCHE REPUBLIK = former Democratic Republic of Germany.]
The allegation [in the BERLINER ZEITUNG] that I “confessed” to collaborating with the STASI is a bald faced lie, a pure invention that is going to have legal consequences for its originator.
I am not aware that the MFS ever tried to persuade me to collaborate with them.
The CIA did make such an attempt and they were unsuccessful.
Perhaps the INNENSENATOR  [Minister of the Interior] of Berlin would be so kind as to document this for us?

Following the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, I agitated intensively within a circle of politically motivated friends to develop West Berlin into a hub of popular East - West dialog.
Walter Barthel, one of those involved  in developing this concept, was my closest political associate.
In the 1960s he achieved extraordinary results for the AUßERPARLAMENTARISCHE OPPOSITION [Extraparliamentary Opposition] in West Berlin.
After the collapse of the DDR it was revealed that Barthel had been a double agent for the MfS and BND [BUNDESNACHRICHTENDIENST = the secret intelligence agency of the Federal Republic], according to DER SPIEGEL.
I had no knowledge of my friend’s activities in the secret services.

During the above-mentioned time I set myself the task of openly (not secretly) engaging the SEW [SOZIALISTISCHE EINHEITSPARTEI WEST BERLINS] as a dialog partner in West Berlin’s decision-making process.
These efforts involved numerous and diverse contacts with journalists and party functionaries on the “other side.”
I was more or less regularly involved in discussions with representatives of the Soviet news agency TASS and NOVOSTY who were accredited in West Berlin.

My association with Gerd Danelius, the chairman of the SEW, came about during the tense and agitated Easter holidays of 1968, following the assassination attempt on Rudi Dutschke.
The association was congenial, well nigh friendly.
Danelius informed me which reports of my political activities had landed on Honnecker’s desk.
At the height of the 1968 disorders, Danelius assigned a member of the SEW party leadership (a Mr.Teske?) as my “personal secretary.”
He had responsibility for coordinating my appointments.

At this time and against the background, the media greatly intensified its harassment of me, which prompted the “crown jurist” of the DDR, Friedrich Kaul, to offer me a lectureship at Humboldt University in order to provide security for my family and me.
After consulting with my wife, I declined this offer.

It is certainly no co-incidence that at the present moment the alleged “Stasi suspicions” are being so loudly and emphatically trumpeted.

Obviously the accusations are intended to counteract the sympathetic impressions created by Birgit Schulz’s documentary “DIE ANWÄLTE” that was recently broadcast on ARD Television.
The documentary has enjoyed wide circulation and won several awards.
[For a review of “DIE ANWÄLTE” visit this website:

Once again it is significant [and the documentary emphasizes] that the length of my combined prison sentences (originally 12 years, subsequently reduced to 10 years and two months through recompilation according to sentencing guidelines) as well as the underlying “criminal acts” on which the sentence was based, are concerned exclusively with the “crimes” of expressing proscribed opinions that were hidden from public view.

In order to counter the media intrigue, the public should insist that the attorney general of Berlin district court make public the entire record of my interrogation concerned with the re-opening of the Kurras investigation.
[Karl-Heinz Kurras is the policeman who shot Benno Ohnesorg in a courtyard in 1967: <>]
My interrogation lasted more than five hours.

In conclusion I wish to point out that the index cards that form the basis for allegations that I was an IM for the STASI [INOFFIZIELLER MITARBEITER], have been known to press circles for years.
[The Stasi kept files on almost everyone - they do not suggest that Mahler was an agent.]

Horst Mahler
Anton-Saefkow-Allee 22c
14772 Brandenburg
4 August 2011



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