Horst Mahler: Randbemerkung zur Finanzkrise

Horst Mahler's Observations on the Financial Crisis


By Horst Mahler


Translated by J M Damon

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76-year-old Horst Mahler wrote this article in his prison cell in Brandenburg Prison, where he is serving a 12-year sentence for expressing dissenting views on the "Holocaust" story. Only by resorting to brutality and contempt for human rights can the German regime avoid being swept away in a flood of truth.



From: Horst Mahler

Brandenburg Prison


I recently read in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that 172 professors have called for protests of Germany's support of the Euro. Predictably, Merkel and Schäuble are "beleidigte Leberwürste" (deeply offended.) In reality the protesting professors are guilty of prevarication, since they knowingly misrepresent the dilemma in which German national policy is mired. They are lying while partially telling the truth, since a half-truth is often worse than a lie. The professors are not telling the people what they know to be true! They do not really ask the question of what would happen if the collective debt sureties EU, USA, China and Japan did not bail out private funds, banks, insurance companies, investment trusts, etc. They pretend to ask the question in order to answer it with a bald-faced lie. To tell the truth would immediately wipe out the global system of usury capitalism and bury the politicians beneath it. "German national policy" of course means the politicians who are responsible for the present disaster. They are dangerously exposed because they are being made into scapegoats for the dumbed-down masses. They are going to be annihilated.


The dishonest answer to the question of what would happen if governments did not bail out speculators is that the private banks etc. would go into bankruptcy and take their greedy "investors" down with them, and this would be justice. This is a half-truth. The real truth is that private usury capital and State budgets have got each other by the throat and their chokeholds are growing tighter on both sides. The outcome is certain to be fatal, with each side butchering the cow it should be milking.


The State (here I refer to all countries as "State" and all banks as "Bank") is indebted to the Bank for payment of State debt plus interest. On a dollar basis, we are talking about hundreds of trillions; and the only national budgets that are not members of this exalted Debtors' Club are those of China and Singapore. Total debt is so immense that accelerating interest and principal payments can no longer be covered by State income, which is primarily taxes. The debt has to be financed through Neuverschuldung [new state debt] which has no limitations on debt and interest.


If the Bank declares bankruptcy, State debt as well as that of individual debtors cannot again be restructured or "rolled over." The State will have to repay the loans from its own means. However, for decades the State has been a "fauler Schuldner" [debtor who no longer has means to repay the loan.] The state is obliged to repay its loans with Falschgeld, "phony money" that it creates out of pure air. As soon as it is known that the State is printing excessive amounts of money, Investors react by fleeing the devalued currency into repositories of real value. "Creeping" inflation then becomes "galloping" inflation, which is comparable to a collapse of circulation in a living organism.


The reason why the global economy has reached such a pass lies in the very nature of usury capital. Through the satanic mechanism of compound interest, an immense mountain of money and monetized debt comes into existence that is concentrated in ever fewer hands. It is in fact private political power. There is no counterpart to our present situation in all history: the private power of usury capital has overwhelmed the power of the State. This private power of usury maintains and amplifies itself by garnering interest in various ways. However, it requires debtors with excellent credit, that is, a perfect or near perfect history of payment of principal with interest.


The requirement of excellent creditworthiness has become the bottleneck in the system of usury capitalism. The system has run out of qualified borrowers, which means that it is threatened by a kind of "fiscal unemployment" or non-utilization. In this situation usury capital compels the State to become its greatest debtor by applying economic force until the State collapses under its burden of debt. This is the crisis we are presently experiencing. Once we understand this, everything becomes clear. We are not dealing here with a mere aberration or consequence of a "mistaken" policy. There is no simple "error" that can be corrected. The finite nature of usury capitalism is now revealed. After reaching a definite and determinable point, healthy development becomes impossible, and it causes the demise of the Commonwealth just as a malignant tumor causes the death of an organism.


Actual death does not occur immediately. Instead, the Commonwealth, snake-like, sheds the usurious skin that it has outgrown.  Under the old skin a life-saving envelope develops that is larger and more elastic than the old skin. Thus the basic message of the disinformation campaign to which we are now subjected is that there is a "way out of the crisis" within the system of usury capitalism. Overpaid "experts" such as our protesting professors supply the politicians with arguments to deceive and stupefy the public. Like the politicians they criticize, these professors assume that a "change of policy" can save the System. They tell us that "the voter" or "Constitutional Court" should impose a "policy change." Alas, no such change exists.


The "global village" is the perfect theater of operations for denationalized capital belonging to private individuals who are "emancipated" from the Commonwealth. As Hegel points out, this is the truest personification of Satan.


The historical explication of the absolute individual (his freedom) is the necessary prerequisite for real freedom, which is the reality that corresponds to the concept of freedom. Today practically all mankind lives in the "global village" but very few are free, and these only relatively so. That is the heightening contradiction that drives history, since the desire to be free is the irresistible power of Spirit (God), which nothing can withstand. Individual freedom, however, is transmitted through money. The relationship of money to freedom is absolute. This relationship cannot be disregarded without "freedom" becoming a meaningless word.


In modern times the bondage of the masses results from growing inequality in access to money. Whoever has access to large amounts of money is able to purchase the will or volition of those who have little or no access. This acquisition of public volition creates great power in the person of the "Lord of Money." This aspect of money dehumanizes the drive to freedom, perverting it into individual greed that is an expression of the striving for power. The money lords are not heroes from a different planet, they are the same as us. The individual who has acquired money-power fears the Commonwealth and regards it as his enemy. He is driven to subordinate power to himself through money. Moses presents this struggle to the Jews as a divine promise (Deuteronomy 15,6; 28,1 and 12-14: "For the Lord your God will bless you and you will lend to many nations but borrow from none...") The prophet Isaiah combines this promise with Yahweh's vow to annihilate nations that resist servitude to the Jews (Isaiah 60,12: "The nation that will not serve you will perish...")


Money that has devolved into usury capital (the Bank) is the true form of Mosaic volition.

At the height of the Lehmann crash Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman of the board of Goldman Sachs, gave this excuse for his role in the disaster: "I am nothing but a banker doing God's work." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 10 Nov 2009, p. 11; Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne 4 Sep 2012.) Can the immutable mission of Judaism be more concisely stated?


The conflict between usury capital and the State has continued through the centuries. Capital won the decisive battle during the English Revolution when Parliament adopted the principle of taxation by the "Lords of Money." Since then the State has been bound by the chains of capital, except for the brief period when it liberated itself in the Third Reich during the brief national ascendancy of the German Volk. Gottfried Feder's Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft (Abolition of Interest Slavery) was and continues to be the signpost to the future that is now dawning: see <http://studimonetari.org/articoli/feder.html> and <groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!msg/total_truth_sciences/XFL8hO1Z3v8/O7KKbWmc-O8J> 


It is clear that the "experts" are nothing more than hit men for usury capitalism. They go to great lengths to hide the conflicts between productive capital (the real economy) and usury capital (the economy of deconstructive derivatives). In order for usury capital to maintain its monopoly position, it must be seen in public consciousness as private property and it must be protected as such (Article 14 of German GRUNDGESETZ or Basic Law.) This is a transparent conjuror's trick: private property in productive capital is the basis for economic development through the production of real goods and services; therefore it should be protected. However, private control of money does not produce real goods and services. Instead, it gives legal title to future payments accomplished through power of legal acquisition of goods that were created by others, not the owner of money. Charging interest is the appropriation of the property of others without reciprocal exchange on the part of the appropriator. It is legalized robbery.  It also promotes idleness and entails decadence, which destroy character.


It is perverse logic to define legal title to nonproductive income as property and allot it protected status. Today's global crisis proves the necessity of removing legal protection from usury capital. The capital of private moneylenders should no more be protected than should wagers and gambling debts.


We are charged with the task of changing this systemic paradigm.

We must lead the struggle to discontinue State protection of usury capitalism so that such a change can become historical reality.




The translator is a Germanist who makes noteworthy articles by German dissidents accessible to Germanophiles who do not read German.


Here's freedom to him who would speak,

Here's freedom to him who would write;

For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,

Save him whom the truth would indict!


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