Rede anläßlich der Leipziger Montagsdemo
Speech Given at Leipzig Demonstration

By Klaus Weichhaus

Translated by J M Damon
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Weichhaus delivered this speech several years ago, and the points he makes have assumed new urgency with the global financial meltdown.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Klaus Weichhaus.
I am a journalist born in Ketzin, Brandenburg in 1948.
Today I would like to discuss some long overlooked truths with you.
These are truths that, although unknown to the general public, have been uttered by many courageous Germans, of whom thousands have been incarcerated and continue to be incarcerated.

In the past few weeks I have often thought of the old folk saying,
“Nur die allerdümmsten Kälber wählen ihre Schlächter selber“ (Only really stupid calves vote for their own butchers.)
One reason I have thought of it so often is because it was a political slogan in the recent elections – no doubt you saw the ad too.
It is a sad commentary on our times that in these elections, most Germans again voted for their own butchers.
This has been going on for many years now.
Regardless of which party we vote for, we always meet the same fate!
However, this is not because we, the German Volk, are stupid.
It is because we have been wounded in the head.
Our mental injuries were deliberately inflicted through elaborate manipulations of our minds that were begun over a hundred years ago, by a small group of unscrupulous money- and power mongers.
These plutocrats are supported by journalists and reporters in all the media, and the media are controlled through opaque companies embedded in corporations that are owned by the same plutocrats.

Today I would like to speak to you about a very ominous situation, about truths that have been uttered by many courageous Germans who are mostly unknown to the public.
Many thousands of these courageous Germans have been incarcerated or are presently incarcerated.
I should mention that my topic makes it necessary for the powers-that-be to gather evidence of what I am saying, and this explains the tape recorders being used by several brave protectors of our so-called constitution, to whom I extend cordial greetings.
You too, ladies and gentlemen – and not just the government snoops – are certain to learn some interesting facts this evening.
For the sake of exactness I shall stick close to the written speech I have prepared.
As Klaus Bednarz, editor and moderator of the political TV magazine MONITOR recently remarked on the Johannes Kerner show: “...and all this is merely the tip of the iceberg!
The public does not realize what a pestiferous swamp our government and political caste have become.
This is my conviction after more than thirty years’ experience as a journalist.”

History clearly shows that the victorious Allies created this “political caste” to which Bednarz refers following the total devastation of Germany during World War II.
It consisted of German collaborators who facilitated the Allied plundering of our country during the postwar period, in violation of all international law.
These German collaborators helped our enemies steal 108,000 square kilometers of our territory east of the Oder/Neisse Line, and they also helped create and administer a notorious occupation “TREUHANDANSTALT”  (trust agency), likewise in violation of international law.
These are just two examples of the countless crimes they have committed against Germany.

In 1949 these collaborationist politicians, who swore to selflessly serve the interest of their fellow Germans, were commissioned to govern what was left of the Reich.
Needless to say, they served their own interests instead.
In order to facilitate the brainwashing or “re-education” of us Germans, which the Allies had begun as soon as the War began, they dictated the following exclusion in Article 139 of the new GRUNDGESETZ (Basic Law):
“The laws and regulations formulated for Germany’s liberation from militarism and National Socialism are not affected by any provisions of the Basic Law.”
This exempted them from having to observe whatever restrictions and safeguards were associated with the laws they pretended to be passing for our benefit.
Although it is unnoticed by most Germans, Article 139 is one of the principal measures by which the Allies turned our one-time “Nation of Thinkers and Poets” into the complex-ridden and identity-less society of Fatherland deniers that we know today.
Most of us are completely ignorant of what has happened to us.

Article 139 provides real insight into the fact that the Federal Republic is a provisional occupation government created by our enemies.
It is an exploitative political entity in which we carry out certain empty rituals but in which it is impossible for us to really live and exist politically.
By “living,” my friends, I mean something very different from what we are presently experiencing.
The Federal Republic is not Germany, not our Fatherland!
To overthrow this sham government is neither unconstitutional nor a threat to the State, but rather our responsibility as patriotic Germans, even under the Basic Law!

If any of the politicians, functionaries, officials, public servants and media representatives wants to protect himself against the charge of being an enemy of the German Nation, he must openly admit that he is impotent to act.
He has to admit this so that our country can finally understand what has happened to it, and so that these privileged agents of a corrupt regime do not make themselves personally guilty of treachery against the Fatherland, with appropriate consequences.

Here is my advice to the flunkeys of this regime and my argument for creating a valid constitution as well as my appeal to everyone who still wants to be German: create a fait accomplis!
Take an active part in this history-changing initiative!
Help us convene a national convention to create a real constitution that is written and approved by the German people and based on the Constitution of the German Reich!

Here is what the politicians promised us in Article 146 of Basic Law in 1949:
"This Basic Law, which will apply to the entire German nation after attainment of unity and freedom throughout Germany, will become invalid as soon as a genuine constitution goes into effect, a constitution that has been written and approved by the German nation in a free plebiscite."
We must repeat clearly and plainly here, there and everywhere, over and over again:
We are the people!
We are the legitimate rulers!
You must do as we say!
After more than 60 years, we demand a constitution of our own choosing!

The United Nations has acknowledged the right of self-determination as the foundation of international law.
The UN Charter names self-determination as its “goal” In Article 1 Section 2, and in Article 55 it refers to self-determination as its basis.
Since 19 December 1966, Article 1 Section 1 of the UN pact on civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights has provided that every nation has the right to self-determination.
This right guarantees that each nation shall freely decide its own political status and determine its own economic, social and cultural development.
The same guarantee is found in the Declaration of the UN General Assembly dated 24 Oct 1970 concerning international law, as well as United Nations General Assembly  Resolution 2625 (XXV).

In its opinion of 3 January 1975 concerning Western Sahara, the International Court emphasized that the "wishes of the people concerned“ and "freely expressed will of peoples" must be taken into consideration.
(See International Court of Justice, Reports 1975, pp. 3- as well as the Declaration of UN General Assembly of 24 Oct 1970 concerning the principles of International Law, UN-GA Res. 2625 XXV).

The sad reality is that all the protectors of vested interests who are trying to make us believe they are concerned about our welfare are themselves puppets of the moneyed power mongers.
They are lying when they refer to the “sovereignty” of the Federal Republic, as they well know.
They are willing collaborators with the enemy in a war that still has not ended.

It is significant and consequential that the Basic Law was not written and adopted by the German people in May 1949, but rather by a so-called Parlamentarischer Rat (parliamentary committee.)  
This committee had a gravely undemocratic flaw, however: it had nothing to do with the German people, since it was not written in constitutional convention and not approved by the citizenry.
Its fifty members comprised a group of intimidated and personally ambitious functionaries commissioned by the American occupation power to act in the name of the German people.
They delivered what was expected of them: a Basic Law dictated by the victors FOR the people but not OF or BY the people of Germany.
{It should be pointed out that Carlo Schmid, the expert on international law who chaired the committee, carefully explained that the Basic Law was not a constitution.
He called it an “Ordnungsform einer Modalität der Fremdherrschung” (Organizational Form of a Modality of Foreign Rule), which is a diplomatic formulation for “puppet regime.”
It is very clear that since the defeat of Germany in 1945 and inception of the “Basic Law” in 1949, Germany has not been a sovereign state.

The Federal Republic

As we have seen, the so-called Federal Republic of Germany is not a sovereign State.
It remains what its architects, the victors of World War II, intended it to be: a provisional occupation government.
Now my friends, it is time for us to begin to recover from the brain injuries we incurred in that terrible war.
It will not be easy!
As Laozi observed so long ago: “What is beautiful is not true and what is true is not beautiful.”

Let us rummage a bit in our real but not-so-politically-correct history.
We’ll begin with our Basic Law – what is “Basic Law” actually?
Article 43 of the Hague Convention on Land Warfare defines it as follows: “Basic Law is law created to establish law and order in an occupied country.”
Occupied Country!?

The key to understanding our present impasse is to be found in an international agreement commonly called the “Two Plus Four Treaty” that accompanied the merging of the occupation governments of what were called “West Germany” and “East Germany” during the Cold War.
{It is posted on the Internet at <>}.
It specifies a long list of provisions of the Agreement of 1952 that are not affected by the Agreement of 12 September 1990, which provided for the merging of the so-called Federal and Democratic Republics of Germany.
{As our German cousins say, the BRD merged with the DDR to form the BRDDR.}
These unaffected provisions, which established the subordinate nature of occupied Germany to the victors of World War II, are the following:

Chapter One, Article 1 paragraphs 1, 3, 4 and 5;
Chapter Three, Articles 3, paragraph 5a of Annex as well
as Article 6 paragraph 3 of Annex;
Chapter Six, Article 3, paragraphs 1 and 3;
Chapter Seven, Articles 1 and 2;
Chapter Nine, Article 1; and
Chapter Ten, Article 4.

We are particularly concerned with Article 1 of Chapter Nine, which includes the phrase “Subject to the provisions for establishment of a peace settlement with Germany....”
Here it is in black and white, my friends - how plain does it have to be?
The German Chancellor knows perfectly well that Germany still has no peace treaty with the USA.
The German Chancellor understands perfectly well that the USA reserves the right to resume attacking Germany without bothering to declare war.
The present Chancellor understands perfectly that she, like all her predecessors, continues to be subject to the dictates of the USA.
She understands also that the US President, or more precisely the moneyed power mongers behind him, has the power over the German Chancellor.

The story gets even more interesting.
Article 2 of the above mentioned Exchange of Notes states that in German law, all rights and obligations based on legislative, judicial or executive measures of the occupation government remain in effect regardless of whether they are in accord with “other rights and obligations.”
It is clear that the laws and directives of the USA and its allies still override the laws and directives of the allegedly sovereign Federal Republic.
This international “Catch 22” brings to mind Zbiegniew Brzezinski’s book THE GRAND CHESSBOARD.
In that book Brzezinski categorically states that the Germans are “obligatory vassals of the USA.”
When in a speech in Vienna he applied this thesis to Austria as well, the Austrian foreign minister gently interrupted him, saying “But Mr. Brzezinski, we are supposed to be partners.”
Brzezinski responded, “All right then, you are PARTNERS who are obligated to pay tribute!”
As Laozi said, the truth is not beautiful.

Let us go even father back in history, to 1945.
In those days some particularly clever American Jews published the occupation guidebook WHAT TO DO WITH GERMANY. 1945. DISTRIBUTED BY SPECIAL SERVICE DIVISION, ARMY SERVICE FORCES, U.S. ARMY.
The directive was based on a book of the same title by Louis Nizer, which was published in 1944 and is posted on the Internet at <>
{Nizer, a wealthy Jewish lawyer from New York with close ties to the White House,  was a colleague of Theodore Kaufmann, author of GERMANY MUST PERISH, and of Henry Morgenthau, FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury and the author of the Morgenthau Plan.
In a version of “Hard Cop – Soft Cop” Nizer argued that instead of de-industrializing Germany and reducing its population through starvation and sterilization, the USA should benevolently lobotomize the Germans culturally, educationally and psychologically.}

Let me quote from the official DIRECTIVES FOR RE-EDUCATION of 1945:
“Re-education will be compulsory for young and old alike, and must not be restricted to the classroom.
We should employ the great power of conviction that goes with dramatic presentation in its service - movies can be used to greatest effect here.
We should employ the greatest authors, producers and stars under the auspices of an “International University” to dramatize the limitless evils of Nazism, and contrast these evils with the simple beauty of a Germany that is no longer obsessed with marching and shooting.
These movies will have the mission of creating an appealing picture of democracy.
In addition, radio broadcasts will be used to penetrate German homes with formal lectures and informal discussions.

German authors, dramatists and publishers should be subjected to constant examination through this “International University” as well, since they are all educators.
Undemocratic publications must of course be suppressed from the beginning.
Only after German thinking has been strengthened in the new democratic ideals should we allow opposing views, when we are confident that the Nazi virus has been eliminated.
This way, we will gain immunity for the future.
The re-education process must penetrate all of German society.
During their leisure time, the working classes should also receive simple lessons in democracy.
Summer outings and popular educational events can help accomplish this.

Many German prisoners of war will remain in Russia after the war is over - not voluntarily, of course, but because Russia needs their labor.
This is completely legal and it lessens the danger that returning prisoners might form the nucleus of a new national movement.
Even if we do not wish to keep German prisoners after the War, we should send them to Russia.
The “International University” provides the best vehicle for monitoring and controlling the details of the German educational system, including schools, lesson plans, selection of teachers and textbooks - in short, all pedagogical institutions and materials.
In addition, we need a “High Command” for our re-education offensive.
Particularly gifted German students should be given opportunity to further their education in our schools; they should then return to Germany as teachers and found a new democratic tradition that combines a sense of international citizenship.
Whenever possible, their professors should be liberal and democratic.
The intervention of “foreigners” could have an agitating effect and it must be kept to a minimum, but should not cause us to lose control.
Every imaginable kind of democratic influence should be employed in the service of re-education.
This calls for the efforts of churches, movies, theatre and radio as well as the press and labor unions.
Re-education should take the place of military service.
Every German should be required to participate, just as they were formerly conscripted.

The task has fallen to us of protecting world peace and freedom.
This is the freedom that was born on Mount Sinai, lay in its cradle in Bethlehem, spent its early youth in England and whose stern schoolmaster was France.
It is the freedom that spent its early manhood in the United States, the freedom that is destined to spread all over the world – if we do our duty.”

The chief editor of the “New York World,” prominent Jewish journalist Walter Lippmann, was quoted in DIE WELT on 20 November 1982 as follows:
“A war can only be considered won when its territory is occupied by its enemy, its leaders convicted of war crimes trials by military tribunals and its people subjected to a program of re-education.
One obvious means to the end of re-education is planting the victor’s point of view and depiction of history and point of view in the brain of the vanquished.
In this regard, it is of decisive importance to implant the victor’s moral categories of war propaganda in the consciousness of the defeated nation.
Not until the victor’s propaganda has entered the history books of the vanquished and is believed by the next generation can we consider re-education as truly successful.”

If we dig deeper into the archives of hidden truth we discover that this strategy of re-education had already developed in 1940, early in the war between the British Empire and the German Reich.
At that time only Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt knew that this war would have to be expanded into another World War.
This fact is enough to convince the knowledgeable student of history that the Allies were already convinced of their inevitable total victory.

Just a few months after the War began, the US War Department began training large numbers of specialists for the lavishly funded German Re-education Program.
Camp Ritchie in the state of Maryland was designated as “Military Intelligence Training Center.”
The trainees had to speak German, be familiar with German history, and be willing to participate in rewriting German history.
Thus the Americans began their program of de-Nazification very early in the War.
Given our present knowledge, we can say that at this time Washington was preparing to convert postwar Germany into a self-service emporium for the moneyed power mongers in the United States.
The seeds of self-destruction were already planted so that in our time, Germans young and old would reflexively scream “Down with Germany!”

One of the numerous teaching methods used to prepare the Americans for re-educating Germany was that of role-playing,
Thus a student would assume the role of Himmler, for example, and conduct himself exactly as Himmler did.
Another student would then be given the task of interrogating the actor.
He would nail him down on the basis of his statements, thus providing grounds for conviction before a tribunal.

In the book by Helen Lombard, “While they Fought,” (1947), the showing of one such movie is described on page 313.
Lombard writes:
“Shortly after the occupation of Germany by American troops, the Information Branch of the US Army began producing indoctrination films for American soldiers in Germany.
Although they were not intended for distribution in the USA, one of these films was shown after a party in honor of an undersecretary in the War Department named Patterson and his wife.
The propaganda film presented the Germans as having started both the First and Second World Wars.
A man’s voice accompanied the film admonishing the troops to hate all Germans young and old and then stated:
‘Of course, the German people will have to be re-educated.
They will have to be taught how to live in a democracy.
But this will be done by one of our allies.’”
The film did not say who this ally was.

Today we know that toward the end of the War an “Israeli Legion” officially fought on the side of the Allies and that many of the “education commissars” were Jews wearing American uniforms.
The dinner party watching this film, which consisted primarily of officials from the War Department, and other government agencies “applauded enthusiastically.”
That party is described in greater detail in my book DAS VERBREITEN FALSCHER REALITÄTEN ALS MACHTFAKTOR (Disseminating False Information as a Power Factor) which is available from <>

As part of the “de-Nazification” program, German prisoners of war were compelled to sign a sworn statement.
However, around a million of them who had been alive at the end of the War were unable to fill out these forms.
It was because they were dead.
They had been murdered by Allied soldiers after the War had ended.
On the orders of General Eisenhower and in violation of the Geneva Convention, which the Germans strictly observed in their treatment of captured Americans, these German POWs were interned during the cold wet summer of 1945 in open fields with no food or shelter.
They were allowed to starve as their bodies sank in the bottomless mud of the vast Rhine meadows such as Remagen, to name just one of Eisenhower’s notorious death camps.
You can read more about this in my polemic at <www.deutschlandlü>
{In his West Point yearbook, the 1915 HOWITZER, Eisenhower is described as “that terrible Swedish Jew.”}

In Summarization
The Basic Law of the Federal Republic that was adopted on 23 May 1949 was created as a temporary and provisional document.
In a ruling dated 12 October 1987, the BUNDESVERFASSUNGSGERICHT (“Federal Constitutional Court”) very specifically states this.
Document Az:2 BvR, page 8, reads:
“...The Parliamentary Committee did not intend for the Basic Law to serve as the basis of a new State.
Rather, it was intended as a document that would create order during a transitional period, until such time as ‘Unification, Self-determination and Freedom’ should be achieved in Germany.”
Thus reads the Preamble to the Basic Law.
Alas, that blessed state of “Unification, Self-determination and Freedom” has still not arrived in Germany.
Document Az:2 BvR goes on to explain:
“...It was not the intent of the Parliamentary Committee to create a new German state.
Rather, it conceived of the Basic Law as reorganization of a portion of the existing German State in its territory and citizenry.”
The Senate has repeatedly declared that the origins of Basic Law lie in the ethnic component that defines the State.

On 31 July 1973 the Bundesverfassungsgericht likewise determined in its Document Nr. 2 BvF 1/73/ that the German Reich continues to exist.
It reads:
“...1. The Court remains of the opinion (see Opinion BVerfG 1956-08-17, 1BvB 2/51, BVerGE 5, 85 <126>) that the German Reich survived the military collapse of 1945 and has never ceased to exist, either through capitulation or through the foreign exercise of power in Germany by the Allies or through any subsequent event.
Legally, the Reich continues to possess legitimacy even though it is incapable of carrying out its state functions.
Thus the Federal Republic cannot be considered a legitimate heir or successor to the Reich.”
This reaffirms precisely that we Germans do have a valid and legitimate Constitution, namely that of the German Reich in the version of 1919.

An article in the Constitution of the German Reich proves that the Middle Class, which comprises the entire spectrum of small and medium-sized enterprises, would not have been subjected to the problems that have brought us all together today, if our Reich were allowed to function.
Article 164, which is still legally valid and applicable to every German, reads as follows:
“The independent, self-reliant and self-sustaining Middle Classes in agriculture, crafts, industry and commerce shall be assisted and protected against overburdening and absorption.”

Our enemies’ manipulation of our minds, the reality of which I have tried to demonstrate to you, attempts to bully and intimidate the German nation and make Germans appear small and malicious before the entire world.
There is no reason why the Federal Republic should have so many debts - certainly not in such an immense sum as FOUR TRILLION Euros!

It is quite clear that all Germans who are German in the sense of Article 116 of the Basic Law that was forced upon us by our enemies, are not responsible for these monstrous debts, since we were born too late.
The Basic Law precisely identifies those responsible for the debts and reparations:
“In the sense of this Basic Law, the designation ‘German’ applies to anyone who possessed German citizenship, or was married to a German, or was a descendant of a citizen of the Reich residing in the territories of the Reich as of 31 December 1937.”

We Germans have had it constantly hammered into our heads that we are a nation of murderers, criminals and outlaws!
For over 60 years our politicians have been telling us over and over again that we have a "notorious past."
They repeat this phrase like a prayer wheel whenever it is time to pay out more billions for alleged "crimes against humanity."
We awful Germans, who started the War and caused mankind so much misery and suffering!
Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, to whom the Jewish World Congress awarded an honorary degree from the University of Haifa, declared at the JWC banquet in New York on 11 September 2002:
“To this very day, it is incredibly difficult for us Germans to live with our country’s moral and historical guilt for Shoa.
This is true even for us of the younger generation, who have to accept our national heritage.”
The German politicians appointed to rule over us are obviously responsible for the present disorders.
It is very clear that they encourage chaos and the dissolution of our culture and traditional values.
For them, chaos means money.
It means money for the 20 percent of the population who are growing wealthier every day because 80 percent are growing poorer!

What can we do?
Is there a way out of our misery?
Can the middle class – indeed, mankind be saved?
We, the German Volk, have justice and the law on our side!
We have the Basic Law, International Law, the United Nations and the International Court on our side, yet we still hesitate.
As Jürgen Möllemann expressed it, “Some of us have their pants so full that they see nothing but brown, everywhere they look.”
Why have we Germans, the onetime “Nation of Thinkers and Poets,” allowed our enemies to do to us?
I often think of a witticism made by a German South African who remarked during my lecture in Port Elisabeth: “The sun is smiling upon South Africa but the whole world is laughing at Germany!”
Only the entire German nation as a whole can change the situation.
We must finally recognize that as long as the many individuals and groups do not stick together, we will always be a ball that is kicked about by the powerful few.
The countless citizen and activist organizations marching separately will never bring about change.

Despite all this, I am not advising you to do as Martin Luther advised more than 500 years ago when he said, “March on Rome and wade through the blood of the cardinals and bishops!”
I advise you to say loudly and clearly to these representatives of the federal nod state parliaments that were not elected by the people / as well as to all party bigwigs:
I urge you to accept the invitation to these demonstrations taking place in Leipzig every Monday.
See to it that our demands continue thundering from the throats of a hundred thousand of our countrymen!

The present time is propitious for our effort to take back our country.
Today, not even the most politically correct television news program is able to continue broadcasting rosy financial reports.
They no longer deny that the critical tax structure for financing the federal, state and local government is collapsing.
Our accumulated debts have reached the unpayable amount of over five trillion Euros, and they are increasing by over three thousand Euros PER SECOND.
In states like Brandenburg the interest on the debt is increasing by thirty percent every twelve months.
All in all, Germany is paying over a quarter of a billion Euros EVERY DAY, in interest alone.

Our falling tax receipts barely cover interest payments plus salaries of government workers.
Very soon these receipts will not even cover that, my friends, and then our hour will come.
The regime will no longer able to pay its debts – it will simply be bankrupt!
That time is obviously very near, and so it is now necessary to make plans for the period following the collapse.

When the collapse comes, all of yesterday’s lies will become today’s realty.
One of the principal lies of the politicians is that Germany is a sovereign state.

The truth obviously is that Germany is still occupied by its World War II enemy.
Therefore we demand a peace treaty between all combatants.
We also demand the convening of a national convention to write a constitution that shall be adopted by our people in a free plebiscite, as provided by in Article 146 of our Basic Law.  

Everyone must participate and help spread the news of our movement, since the moneyed power mongers who own the media do not support a peace treaty.
Keep in mind that at the beginning of every revolution,  even a peaceful revolution such as ours, only a few individuals were involved.
But these were always the best!
We must have the best because, in the stirring words of Pierre Bourdieu at the Gare de Lyon in 1995: “We can combat the international technocracy only by challenging them in those fields where they have the advantage.
In the field of scientific economics, we must oppose their deformed system with an economics that shows respect for human beings and human realities.”


Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason?
 For if it prosper, none dare call it treason!
 Sir John Harrington (1561-1612.)


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