Lebenslauf des Gerd Honsik:
Gerd Honsik’s Life History

As related in an interview with WPMP3

Translated from the German by J M Damon
The original is posted at <www.gerd-honsik.net/html/body_biographie.html>

Someone requested I translate the following after reading the account of Herr Honsik’s July trial <http://globalfire.tv/nj/10en/persecution/honsik_trial.htm>.
This interview helps us understand why the forces of Zionism and Globalism are so intent on silencing him!

WPMP3: Comrade Gerd, I would like to begin by thanking you for this interview in a virtual medium.
Since some nationalists might not be familiar with you, especially the younger ones, please give us a brief autobiographical sketch of yourself.

GH: I was born on 10 October 1941 in Vienna, the son of Dr. of Jurisprudence Hans Honsik and his wife Irene Honsik.
I have 23 convictions and have been incarcerated 5 1/2 years on account of my political crimes, most of which were media-related.
I have been employed as a laborer for 25 years and self-employed as a writer since 1988.
I have lived in exile the last 13 years, in Spain.

WPMP3: Gerd, you are familiar to us as an author and poet, but you have also been a political activist since the 1960s.
In which role do you prefer to see yourself - poet or politician?
Tell us a little about your artistic and political activities.

GH: For the first 23 years of my involvement I saw myself exclusively as an activist in the cause for German liberation.
I considered political meetings, megaphones, pamphlets, glue-bucket and placards more important than the media or other activities.
I first set out on the political path in 1958, in the small Austrian town of Waidhofen on the Thaya River.
It created a considerable local commotion when I dropped out of the Austrian-Catholic student organization RUGIA, which
I had joined the year earlier in the belief that it would always support the German Volk.
Under the very eyes of the school director and the alumni association, to which most of the instructors belonged, almost all the student members of the association left with me to found the Waidhofen chapter of the PENNALE DEUTSCHE BURSCHENSCHAFT MARKOMANNIA (German Student Association “Markomannia.”)
With a rousing founding ceremony attended by some 250 participants, we hoped for a splendid future for our association.
However, after just one year of philosophical and ideological activities, during which on weekends the whole town would be decorated with our German colors of black-red-gold and we would have spirited lectures and parties, “the Empire struck back.”
This was just three years after the Soviet occupation troops had withdrawn, and officials in this border region were fearful that German nationalism would not be tolerated.
I was expelled from prep school under false pretenses and continued to feel the long arm of my persecutors even after I returned to Vienna.

Although I never wanted to be considered a politician, hardly a week has gone by in my life - except for the years in prison and exile - in which I did not participate in at least one political event.
The principal motivation for my political convictions is the last letter from my father to my mother, written in March of 1944.
He charged her: “If I am killed, raise our children in my spirit!”
Early the next day he died a soldier’s death at the head of his unit while leading the attack on the Nettuno Beachhead.
I have the memory of my mother’s exemplary attitude and dedication to thank for my firmness of purpose, since she raised me as my father requested.
To her I also owe my dedication to HEIMAT, VOLK UND VATERLAND (Home, VOLK and Fatherland.)

Let me say also that the same German Humanism that formed my mother’s character has inspired me all my life.
She joined the Hitler movement in her youth and remained loyal to the end, which seems to conflict with the fact that after the Austrian ANSCHLUß (annexation) she hid her Jewish friend Martha Baath from the Gestapo in order to save her from internment.
She also helped her friend escape.

At the end of May 1945, while carrying a heavy milk can, she impulsively dashed into a long column of starving German prisoners that were being driven to the East.
Apparently she was overcome with the desire to relieve their suffering.
Before the eyes of her children, Soviet soldiers clubbed her to death with their rifle butts.
What an example my mother set!
What a legacy she left us!

I wrote my poetry almost exclusively in prison or in my years of exile.
After my first prison sentence I had to support my family as a construction worker, ironworker and factory shift worker.
In addition to this, my political exertions and 47 subsequent years of persecution left me very little time for the muses.
It was not until the 1981 publication of my first band of poetry, LÜGE, WO IST DEIN SIEG? (Lies, Where Is Thy Triumph?) (before 400 invited guests in the Vienna Hilton in 1981) that I recognized the significance of poetry as a political weapon.

In 1961, when the liberation struggle in South Tyrol began, my comrades and I decided that we too should become activists.
However, my political brochures went beyond the situation and events in South Tyrol.
By describing the Austrian government as a puppet regime imposed by the Allies, and by identifying myself as a supporter of the Reich, I unintentionally damaged the Tyrolean cause.
In addition to this my friends and I opened fire on the facade of the Austrian Parliament in order to demonstrate our determination.
To be sure, we took great precautions to avoid injuring anyone.
We held up street traffic and remained in place until the danger was past, in contrast to the cowardly murderers from the shadowy circles of the Baader-Meinhof – Schilly - Joschka Fischer – Bendit organization.
Nevertheless, our action was a political mistake.
Like Baader-Meinhof or the putschists of 20 July, we were acting without the clear approval of the majority, which contrasted greatly with the actions of the Tyroleans, Spanish Guerillas or Robin Hood.
I would describe the attitude of the War Generation towards our actions in those days as “well-wishing repudiation.”
As we know, the revolutionary must be able to “swim in the population” like a fish swims in the water.
The prerequisite for victory in a democratic election is the same as the prerequisite for victory in an armed liberation struggle: the approval and support of the VOLK.
Woe to him who acts without this mandate!

Following my sentencing to four yours imprisonment in August 1961, the Austrian journalist Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote in the WEEKEND KURIER:
“He assumed all responsibility and insisted that a particularly incriminating sentence be placed in the court record...
That sentence was ‘Since my earliest youth, it has been my goal to overthrow the puppet regime of Austria.’”

Although I even then agreed with Horst Mahler’s present views regarding the origins and histories of our republics, that “incriminating sentence” was nevertheless a political mistake.
It is easily proven that the separation of Austria from Germany was accomplished with brute force and against the will of the people.
However, it is easily proven also that, after a time, the majority of the people accord a certain acceptance and legitimacy to imposed regimes.
This is true even if the regime is imposed by means of lies, treachery, and brute force.
This process of acceptance was accelerated with the beginning of the Cold War between the USA and USSR, when the occupation regimes in Austria and Germany were allowed to strive for an end to the starvation genocide that the Allies had imposed during the postwar period.
The occupation regimes also strove for the release of millions of German prisoners performing slave labor in both East and West.
The Will of the People must be obeyed, even when the people are making a mistake!
Since that time I have seen my task as changing the will of the majority through convincing them of our ideas, while complying with existing law as far as possible.
I have followed this course without having to change my objective historical view of the situation as I represented it to the Court.

Now at last, the Germans’ virtual recognition of the regime that was installed following the Second World War is coming to an end.
This is because the European national states have been demolished and national economies sacrificed to the interests of criminal “global investors” against the will of the people.
These bandits are justly called “locusts” because they buy up European jobs in order to destroy them.
Today the same demolition process is occurring in the nations that fought against the Reich as occurred in the nations that fought with us.
The abolition of national currencies also occurred against the will of the people, as did the disempowerment of European states through criminal “privatizations.”
In addition, the USA has attempted to force all Europe into invading Iraq against the will of the people.

Now our politicians, led by open and hard-boiled electoral fraudsters, have set out to conduct “ERGEBNISOFFEN” (“open-outcome”) negotiations for the acceptance of Turkey into the European Union.
Have they ever heard of “NICHTERGEBNISOFFEN”  (“not-open-outcome”) negotiations?
The Versailles Peace Dictate was most certainly not “open-outcome,” and neither will be the “negotiations” with Turkey.
Those politicians who initiate such negotiations against the will of 90% of the population are criminal violators against the peoples’ will.
For this worst of crimes they will some day be condemned to the severest punishments for “Crimes against Democracy and Humanity.” [TR: Honsik is apparently alluding to the Nuremberg Show Trials.] 
In no other government of the last two thousand years have the masses had less share in decision-making than today, as the tyrants in Brussels are threatening to make Kalergi’s plan into a fait accompli.
Soon, however, we will win back the majorities.
Once the enemy has been unmasked, he will never again win such elections.
This is because the media will no longer be manipulated by foreign powers and used as vehicles for the lies of our enemies.
Instead, they will be returned to the State – and we are the State! – and they will forever remain the Fourth Power of the State.

In German speaking countries, early release such as is offered to common criminals is seldom offered to political prisoners.
On 29 December 1965, just 48 hours after I completed serving my entire sentence, I joined the National Democratic Party led by the South Tyrolean liberation fighter Dr. Norbert Burger.
In 1968, as a functionary of the NDP, I was the first German to demand that the question of foreign settlement be placed in the center of political struggles.
I had realized that the reasons given for bringing foreigners into the country to deal with labor shortage are false and misleading.
 “Labor Shortage” is actually an ideal situation, which should be the permanent goal of our economic policy.
Labor shortage means there is an overabundance of work.
It brings about optimal wages as well as happy employers whose order books for manufactured goods are filled!

The imperialists’ policies, by contrast, have encouraged the immigration of unskilled labor, which has brought us to the edge of economic collapse.
These immigration policies replaced the heavenly condition of a labor shortage with one of labor surplus.
With this labor surplus has come a surplus of unemployed, a surplus of factories leaving the country, surplus of “insolvencies” and surplus of desperate industries.
At the convention of the Austrian National Democratic Party Convention in Linz in 1971, I presented a memorandum calling for “the struggle against the illusion of a United Europe” and a return to the ideal of the national state.
In 1980, along with Herbert Schweiger and a large number of young activists, I left the National Democratic Party in protest of the pro-American course of the NDP, and we founded the NATIONALE FRONT PARTEI (National Front Party.)

Our first goal was to put a stop to the imposed settlement policy that had resulted from our low birth rate and constant immigration.
I felt that my most important task was not to treat the foreigners flooding our country as enemies, but rather to expose the real culprits in politics and to confront them and their financial backers.
“Foreign workers are both victims and instruments of ruthless capitalism” was our campaign slogan.

Today I would add that immigrants are victims and instruments of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan as well as the Morgenthau Plan.
They are unsuspecting tools of anti-German, anti-European racism.
Let me add that in the numerous confrontations that took place in those days, I never saw our young activists (along with the first Skinheads) assault a foreigner.
We used physical force only in self-defense.

WPMP3: Both your political and artistic accomplishments have brought you into conflict with the tyrannical laws of the Allied occupation regimes in the territories of the Reich.
Can you summarize these persecutions for us?

GH: Under pressure prom the Allies following the Second World War, the concept of “political prisoner” as it had existed during the Third Reich was abandoned.
“Political prisoner” had implied favorable treatment for political opponents of the regime as compared to criminal offenders.
(See Prof. G. Jagschitz’s interview with Austrian dictator Dr. Kurt Schuschnigg, < www.gerd-honsik.net/124.pdf>)
Since then, political dissidents have generally been more severely punished than criminal offenders and, where early release from prison is concerned, have been at a disadvantage.

Investigatory judges, trial judges and even police and judicial officials have sometimes alleviated this discrimination by lessening the punishment of political dissidents in inconspicuous ways, however.
For this reason, I disapprove of “preventatively” threatening them or categorically denying their legitimacy.
It is much better to confront these people calmly, firmly and politely, and try and convince them of the legitimacy of our position and.
There have been times when we were able to win over loyal servants of the state to our position.
The politeness I have just described should be the general rule, but this of course does not apply to beasts in human form that condemn innocent persons to deadening prison sentences.
I am speaking of innocent persons such as the SS-man Weise; persons who act out of conviction such as Gottfried Küssel; or historians such as Erhard Kemper, Udo Walendy or Günter Deckert.

The political persecutions of those who commit “crimes” of conviction are usually not instigated directly by the Austrian or German judiciary, but rather by the CIA-directed “Western” press and semi-official perjurers whose loyalty is to the various so-called “institutes for modern history.”
Acting in consort, these institutions have developed a monstrous criminal energy that brings about the severe persecution of patriots, especially historians, through lies, slander and deception.
Here are just three examples of such persecutions that I have personally experienced:

1. THE FIRST EXAMPLE: In 1993 I wrote a book SCHELM UND SCHEUSAL (Fiend and Felon) in which I exposed Simon Wisenthal (real name Szymon Wizental) on account of his gloating over the letter bomb sent from Austria to the former SS-man Alois Brunner in Syria, which destroyed his eye and mangled both his hands.
[TR: “Fiend and Felon” is posted at http://radioislam.org/historia/honsik/honsik.htm]

Since Wisenthal had openly bragged about details of the bomb and victim, calling him his “most sought after Murderer of Jews,” I lodged a complaint with the District Attorney of Vienna.
He was obviously a suspect in a violent crime.
Several months after that, a series of mail bombings began that lasted for years, and the first bomb was mailed from very near my house.
From the very beginning, the press and TV depicted me as the mastermind of these murders.
When he returned to Austria my colleague and historical consultant, Franz Radl, was arrested and held for two years.
I had dictated the book into his computer and he had then traced down a large number of sources.
Then came a political show trial that lasted three months and included the testimony of 150 witnesses for the prosecution.
Not a single witness could provide any proof for his accusations, and Franz was exonerated.
One of the perpetrators was later apprehended when he lost
both hands in a bomb explosion.
While under arrest, he was “suicided” by hanging.
I was very gratified by the fact that, thanks to the fair and honest statement of Austria’s highest police official, Michael Sika, I won a trial against the pro-US periodical “News” while I was in exile.
That trial uncovered numerous press falsehoods and awarded me symbolic compensation.

2. SECOND EXAMPLE: I did not flee the country in the summer of 1992 on account of my book.
The fact is that I had already left in January of that year, after being falsely defamed by the head of the “Documentary Archives of the Austrian Resistance” Dr. W. Neugebauer.
He accused me of heading a planned military putsch whose “actors” were in custody.
Neugebauer, who was known throughout the country as an informer, made these charges on TV in the presence of the Minister of the Interior and a police official.
Several months later, the arrested persons were released without charges.
The weapons that had been falsely attributed to them were nothing but plastic props stolen by a band of criminals during a theatre robbery.
Only then did I return to Austria in order to attend trial over my book.

3. THIRD EXAMPLE: For years the media have falsely referred to me as the nephew of a Amon Göth, the commandant of a concentration camp, who is depicted as a sadistic murderer in the Hollywood movie “Schindler’s List”.
The media imply that the only reason I became a “revisionist” is to rehabilitate my dear “Uncle Amon.”
The truth is that this Amon Göth was never my uncle.
The State, the Church and the Pope annulled my aunt’s brief marriage on grounds of mental cruelty.
It was annulled three years before the ANSCHLUSS, six years before I was born!
The same criminal energy that has gone into falsifying German history (such as the massacre in Katyn Forest) is now being directed to persecuting historical revisionists.
I cordially invite all our opponents who in the past have believed these falsifications and half-truths, to take the path back to honesty and openness.

WPMP3: You recently fled to Spain, following another conviction.
Why Spain?
What is your relationship to the Spanish people and government?

GH: In 1949 a thousand severely undernourished Austrian children crossed the Spanish border in a special train, escaping the most extensive and best-documented genocide in history.
This worst of all atrocities was carried out against the German VOLK by an alliance of enemies led by the USA, using hunger as its principal murder weapon, at a time when American storehouses were bursting with food.
This postwar famine imposed by the US over the entire German realm caused the deaths of 5.7 million victims, and to these must be added the six million victims of postwar expulsions plus million and a half prisoners of war whom our “liberators” deliberately starved to death.

I was one of the children in this train crossing the Spanish border, and I received the first banana I ever ate at our first stop in Spain.
A nun handed it to me through the window.
 A Spanish family then took me in for a year and nursed me back to health.
Today, 56 years later, we are still bound by heartfelt friendship and affection; and my knowledge of Spanish dates to this time.
It is quite natural to seek refuge in a country that has offered refuge in the past. 
I have always had good relations with Spaniards, both on the Right and the Left.

It is true that the Spanish courts have denied my request for asylum, obviously from concern for its relations with Austria, but they have legalized my presence here.
The public prosecutor’s office has refused to extradite me to Austria: they have determined that my book FREISPRUCH FÜR HITLER?  (“Acquittal for Hitler?”), for which I am being prosecuted in Austria, does not violate Spanish law since it has no anti Semitic contents and does not incite hatred.
[TR: FREISPRUCH FÜR HITLER? is posted online at

WPMP3: In retrospect, how do you feel about your exile?
You are a long way from home and you will not be able to return in the foreseeable future.
By now you could have served your prison sentence and you could be living a “normal” life, like other people.
Are you homesick, and do you sometimes regret your flight into exile?

GH: Everyone who has to leave his native land experiences homesickness.
My return home is a certainty, it will occur some day.
My main concern is not the 18 months imposed by the 1992 verdict, but rather subsequent trials and sentences.
Under the National Socialist Prohibition Law more show trials are awaiting me, with additional sentences ranging from 10 to 20 years for each of the following:
a) On account of my ballad DER BLUMENKRIEG (The Flower War).
This investigation has going on for 20 years;

b) My expressing doubts about gassings of Jews at Mauthausen Concentration Camp.
This has been going on for 18 years;

c) The indictment for my book SCHELM UND SCHEUSAL. MEINEID, MACHT UND MORD AUF WIZENTHALS WEGEN (Fiend and Felon Wisenthal) has been in effect for eleven years. [TR: This book is posted at http://radioislam.org/historia/honsik/honsik.htm]

If the government applies “AUSSERORDENTLICHES MILDERUNGSRECHT”  (Article 266 of the Austrian Criminal Code, provides for extenuating circumstances and also overrides statutes of limitations), I could be sentenced to ten years imprisonment on each of these three charges.

WPMP3: Gerd, you are also well known for your work in the area of Historical Revisionism.
How do you evaluate the significance of Revisionism for the survival of our nation?

GH: Historical Revisionism is extremely significant.
However I advise against specific “Holocaust Revisionism,” for two reasons:
In the first place, there are already enough gallant Germans sitting in jail.
In the second place, there are indications that a change is coming.
In connection with the case of Colonel Gudenus, the President of Austria recently said that “doubts” concerning “Holocaust” are allowed.
This is the direction we should take.
Instead of absolute denial, we should eliminate the flood of contradictions that even “Establishment” writers such as SPIEGEL editor Fritjof Meyer and Jean-Claude Pressac have unleashed.
When the path is open but the destination is forbidden, the path itself becomes the destination.

On the other hand, the enemy’s lies about “liberation” must be revised immediately, without hesitation.
It is vitally important that Germany and the world learn that the US war aim from the beginning was to decimate the German population by at least twenty million - through starvation, expropriation and expulsion.
In addition, the German VOLK and the whole world must learn that the US-led alliance murdered over 13 million Germans following the Second World War.
How many people are aware that more Germans were killed after the war than during the war?
See my monograph DAS GEHEIMNIS DES WESTENS  (Secret of the West) that is posted at <www.nexusboard.net/sitemap/6365/das-geheimnis-des-westens-zur-strecke-zu-bringen-t296997/>
The Germans as well as the rest of the world must realize that the genocide of 1945–48 is the largest and best-documented genocide in human history.
The world must know that we Germans were the victims of history’s worst genocide and not perpetrators, as enemy propaganda continues to claim.

Only when we Germans realize this can we comprehend the complete depravity of the “institutes for modern history” which have completely ignored this most atrocious of all genocides.

WPMP3: Can we still purchase your publications?
Can we buy them directly from you?

GH: Out of concern for my readership, I am not marketing my historical-revisionist FREISPRUCH FÜR HITLER  (Acquittal for Hitler) in Austria or Germany.
This modest and low-keyed book violates no secular or moral law, and I will continue selling it on the day following a successful appeal of my verdict.
With 37,000 copies sold in spite of the ban, it is the most widely sold revisionist work.
I am told that used copies are selling for as much as a hundred Euros, and pirated copies in Spanish are offered for fifty dollars in Latin America.

Here is a list of my books that are available from the “Bright-Rainbow” publishing house:

1. RASSISMUS legal? Der Plan Kalergi.  Vom Geheimnis des 20. Jahrhunderts" (Is Racism Legal? Kalergi’s Plan), Second Edition.

2. VON DEUTSCHLANDS KAMPF UND FALL (Germany’s Struggle and Defeat), Ballads.


4. EIN PROPHET ENTKAM (DIE WICHTIGSTEN AUFSÄTZE AUS DER KAMPFSCHRIFT "HALT") (A Prophet Escaped. The most important essays from the polemic “Halt.”)

(His Last Case. Attorney Dr. Schaller Defending Honsik Against Wiesenthal.)

Altogether, around 87,000 of my books have been sold outside the official channels.
Most of them have been banned or at least designated as “harmful to young readers.”

WPMP3: The opponents of Revisionism like to use the argument that they are eager for debate but the Revisionists refuse to debate them. They say that wherever they can (for example in the USA where they enjoy “freedom of speech”), Revisionists withdraw from discussion or fail miserably.
What is your response to these allegations?

GH: I would say that the Zionists’ fear of Ernst Zündel, who underwent years of arrest and solitary confinement pending deportation, proves the opposite.
The rulers of the USA and Canada were so terrified of Ernst Zündel that they violated their most venerated principles in order to deport this pacifist and philanthropist, who is married to a citizen of the United States.

I would favor conducting such a discussion through legitimate means.
I would avoid “Holocaust Denial” wherever possible.
Instead, I would emphasize the contradictions between acknowledged champions of the postwar “Establishment” such as Fritjof Meyer, Jean-Claude Pressac, Prof. Jagschitz and Prof. Yehuda on the one side, and Jean-Claude Pressac and Yehuda Bauer (some “champions” stand on both sides of the issue!) as well as Simon Wiesenthal on the other side.
I would then request resolution intolerable doubt and indecision.
Who could refuse such a request?
Although the skeptics and the defenders of official truth are following two different goals, the same path leads to both.
That is the path of scientific research.

WPMP3: We are living in the year 2005 and, whether we wanted or not we have been formed by postwar culture and “re-education” (or “de-education” as the case may be.)
What is your opinion of the newly evolved national political currents, the condition of the nationalist spectrum in general and the chances for survival of the German VOLK?

When I see young German “right wingers” on TV - how disciplined they oppose the violent / CIA-sponsored “Anarchos” in order to keep our German streets open for us - then I am profoundly impressed.
I am reminded of numerous brawls and meeting-hall hall melees I witnessed, as well as the first “Skinheads” who were already helping us in 1980 to make the way free in meeting halls and in the streets.
I am very proud that we were never the aggressors and never preached hate against our opponents.

But the work of all the others must also be acknowledged:
The work of everyone in the NPD (German National Party) and DVU (Union of the German VOLK) over a period of decades as well as the cultural, journalistic and public relations efforts – all these have been part of our long march.
Keep in mind that our salvation could come expectedly from an altogether different direction, such as a patriotic politician or an established party.
History gives us many example of this!
All efforts will someday be considered important, because it is helping today to prepare the ground.
Around seventy percent of Germans still belong to the German culture.
This is a large enough percentage that if Germany would wake up, our numbers would suffice to put an end to the alien settlement program and give voice and weight to the repatriation of foreig
The enemy must know that even if he succeeds in making our German VOLK a minority in our own land through his decades-long continuation of the Kalergi Plan, which is going on now, we will not give up our struggle for a German state.
It will still be possible for us to forge an “Indogermanic Alliance” with other European nations that are facing he same danger.

We must not allow the fact that millions of immigrants are currently flooding our social system to make us enemies of Islam or any other Semites.
This is particularly true of the Arabs.
To hell with Mr. Samuel P. Huntington’s national hatreds and invitation to a “Clash of Cultures!”
[TR: Honsik is referring to quotations such as:
“A world without U.S. primacy will be a world with more violence and disorder and less democracy and economic growth than a world where the United States continues to have more influence than any other country in shaping global affairs. The sustained international primacy of the United States is central to the welfare and security of Americans and to the future of freedom, democracy, open economies, and international order in the world. – ‘Why International Primacy Matters, International Security (Spring 1993):83.’”
Quoted in <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_P._Huntington>]

The enemy must know that, in order to preserve the German VOLK we are prepared to ally ourselves with every nation and every race - the black man, the yellow man and the red man.
We must work together to forge a new “National International” against the tyranny of money, against the plutocracy to which the American pseudo-democracy succumbed in 1913 (when the Federal Reserve Bank overthrew Democracy in the Christmas Putsch of 1913.)
Since that time, human repression and opposition to democracy and self-determination have emanated from the United States of America.

WPMP3: What is your opinion of Haider’s proposal for the possibility of a national policy for Austria?

GH: The undemocratic law banning National Socialist sentiment makes the founding of a nationalist party very difficult.
For decades this prohibition has been applied not only against Hitler sympathizers who are active outside the Austrian Peoples’ Party (around 400,000) and the Socialist Party (around 750,000), but against unwelcome historical revisionists as well.

After the exposure of Jörg Haider as a traitor to the voters, Democracy and the WEHRMACHT, I view the purged Austrian Peoples’ Party with renewed sympathy and hope:
It would be unrealistic to expect immediate accomplishments from it (such as withdrawal from the European Union in association with Germany, the Benelux States and France).
Also, we cannot expect an immediate return to a normal national State, or rejection of the fraudulent dollar reserve currency, or formation of a future axis Madrid– Paris– Berlin– Moscow– Teheran– Peking– Kabul– Calcutta–Tokyo und Brazil.

Most importantly, it must be a party committed to the German VOLK, a party that above all opposes the imperialistic–globalistic foreign settlement policy.
The fate of Haider and Heide will be an admonition and a warning to the party leadership.
We will be very observant, and the Austrian guardians of German culture are prepared to monitor developments very closely!

WPMP3: Thank you for this interview, Comrade Gerd.
In the name of comrades everywhere, I heartily wish you every success.
In closing, I invite you to summarize what you would like friend and foe alike to take with them from this interview.

GH: I would like to remind the resolute minority that when we gain the majority, we will immediately set about abolishing the laws that we despise and oppose, but we will abolish them without having broken them, if that is possible.

We must be “clever as the serpent,” because stupidity in the face of the enemy is not a virtue.

We have to accept the will of the majority - even if that majority is today worshipping false gods!

We must remember that the majority is never mistaken when it draws its wisdom from unpolluted sources.

Even after wandering in the wilderness for sixty years, it is still necessary for citizens of the REICH to keep our faith alive.
Remember that the reconquest of Spain took more than five hundred years!

It is absolutely necessary to win over the majority of the VOLK, because without them we are nothing.

We must not take up the mandate to actively struggle until and unless the majority have given their approval.
This of course does not apply to the spiritual mandate to win over German hearts and minds!

The reward that beckons to us at the end of the long struggle is a democracy freed of the political abscess of parties, the reward we shall have following the national awakening of Germany, after our wounds have healed.
It will be a democracy like that of the ancient Greeks, the shepherds of Somalia, the Afghan Loya Jirga and the Germanic THING.
After this awakening, the divisions of our people into “Right” versus “Left”, old vs. young, men vs. women, and insiders vs. outsiders that the enemy has created in order to control the world, can be overcome.
Our reward will also include a liberated national economy and media that are returned to their rightful owner, the national State.
At last, the majority will be on the side of the just, in a liberated fatherland!

I believe that Providence intends for the German VOLK, as victims of history’s greatest and genocide, to stand at the head of the nations and lead the nonviolent uprising of the world against the empire of the Pharisees, that is, the Zionist-American Empire.
Providence has chosen us to lead the world in resisting the Empire’s relentless hatred, endless lies and in throwing off the slave-yoke of its phony dollar.


This interview was conducted in October 2005.


The translator is a “Germanophilic Germanist” who tries to make noteworthy German articles about the plight of Germany accessible to those who do not read German.


Here's freedom to him who would speak,
Here's freedom to him who would write;
For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save him whom the truth would indict!
ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)




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