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Comments about Thomas Dalton's PhD book (Debating The Holocaust - A New Look at Both Sides) 

By David Brockschmidt

Dear Thomas,

Congratulations for breaking the thought crime taboo of the century. You are the first author who has presented the revisionist view of the Shoah, and compared it with the official traditional view of so=called Holocaust history. Unfortunately, you have failed to address the 'why' question, in order to tell your readers what the causes of holocausts and genocides really are.  Without answering the why question, we will never get to the bottom of it and History will continuously repeat itself. 

The readers do not know why genocides happen, that there is always cause and effect in actions committed by one group against another. Maybe you should write another book dealing with the causes of genocides, who financed them, and who profited from them.

On page 27, in Chapter one of your book, you divide the revisionists into two groups. The agitators and the academics. You include in the group of agitators, who are in your own words, "colorful characters who deserve a book on their own.", Dr Fredrick Toben, the ex-director of the Adelaide Institute. You say, they are more interested with publicity and promotion, than careful research, and for that reason you will pass over them. Do I spot some academic arrogance here in your writings? or do I just misunderstand the meaning of your words? Dr Toben is of course an agitator, but an academic researcher too. Everyone interested in History must be agitated, meaning fired-up by all the preposterous lies told by court Historians, politicians, and social engineers. They believe that the vast majority of people interested in History have an IQ below room temperature, swallow everything as long as it makes them feel good, and does not violate their comfort zone. 

Do you remember what the German Historian Ernst Nolte said regarding the Shoah, and cause and effect in History? Nolte said "was there not the Gulag before Auschwitz?" Nolte should have made an exclamation mark behind 'Auschwitz'. When Nolte talks about the Gulag, he means mainly the Judeo-Bolshevik Holocaust in Soviet Russia under the rule of the two mass-murderers Lenin and Stalin. Remember, Thomas, eight out of ten Soviet Gulag death camps in Soviet Russia, were designed and run by Bolshevik Jews. These Bolshevik Jews and their non-Jewish 'Soviet Brothers' killed not only approximately sixty-five million people between 1917 and 1953, when Stalin died, but also hundreds of thousands of non-Bolshevik Jews. Read Alexander Soltzenitsyn's book "Two hundred years together". In this book, he deals with the Russian-Jewish relationship of the last two hundred years. 

The question for any researcher or publisher today is - how do you get the message to the people? They suffer from the official disinformation overload, and living in a constant state of self-delusion and denial. You will change nothing for the better, Thomas, if you only write in a purely academic style which nobody except the converted wants to read. 

For sure if you agitated, you would provoke and agitate others in order to kick start their brains. You also open the gates of their self-made conceptual prisons. This simply means, you make them think again.

Remember what the German philosopher Nietzsche said, "When the innocent masses awake, then it's all over for the ruling classes". The rulers know that, that's why they are desperately trying to keep us sedated with bread and circuses twenty four hours a day, seven  days a week. Let's bring judgement day forward for them, like you attempt to do in your taboo-breaking book here. Truth must prevail.

Back to your book, there are a few more points that I would like to make here:

Firstly, I agree with you that the traditional Holocaust version stands on shaky grounds. That's why our rulers and judges order revisionist books burnt, defame them, imprison them and attempt to kill them. Nothing as changed since Giordano Bruno. The court Historians and their political masters have simply no answers to the questions asked by revisionist Historians. I also agree with you that the revisionists do not have to prove anything. It's the traditionalists, the so-called keepers of Historical truth who owe the revisionists and the world answers to their questions. We insist on our right to ask questions and we demand truthful answers. 

Secondly, on page 260 of your book, you write, "Finally I can't believe that some sadistic camp guards somewhere didn't decide to gas the clothes, with the Jews in them, rather than wait for them to die, then strip the dead bodies, gas the clothes, and then gas the corpses." Where, Thomas, did that happen? You have let your imagination run wild here, and do a great disservice to your otherwise logical and rational book. Your though structure shows clearly to me that you have not been serving in any armed forces, because you do not understand the chain of command. Let me give you an example here Thomas: The Jew-hater/hunter, Fritz, cannot just gas the Jewish prisoner Moische without the orders given by his commanding officer. Any mis-treatment or killing of prisoners by guards or even on orders by concentration-camp commandants, which were not covered by Himmler's orders, were criminal acts. The perpetrators were court-marshalled and ordered to stand trial in front of an SS field court, under Judge Konrad Morgen, and other SS Judges. Guards, concentration camp commandants, and other personnel who committed such criminal acts against prisoners were mainly executed. This included Karl Koch, the commandant of Buchenwald concentration camp, who was executed for crimes against inmates, just before the end of WW2. The commandant of Plazow camp Amon Goeth, made famous by Hollywood film maker and 'fact for fiction-historian', Steven Spielberg in his film Schindler's/Swindler's List, was also nearly executed by an SS field court together with his Jewish right-hand man, Marcel Goldberg, for embezzlement, theft from prisoners, corruption and murder. Only the end of the war saved Goeth and Goldberg from the firing-squad. Amon Goeth was later executed after the war by Polish authorities, and Goldberg migrated to Israel.  I am also grateful to you, that you published the letter dated October 26th, 1943 by senior group leader, Oswald Pohl, where he orders to reduce death rates, and improve inmate health in concentration camps. (See excerpt from book at end of this article)

You also mention the orders of Reichsführer-SS Himmler, who ordered the decrease of the mortality rate and the increase of prisoners health through better food and sanitary measures, because their work power was needed for the war effort. It should be obvious that every healthy inmate, Jew or otherwise was a valuable asset, not to be squandered. Why annihilate your labour force when you need it most?

Here you go Thomas, such is life. Again, congratulations for writing such a courageous book giving Historical revisionism a fair go. Of course your book will be attacked by an army of poison-pen artists, swept under the big 'history carpet', and thrown into the memory hole. You will be attacked and smeared personally and professionally. You will be called a closet revisionist and worse. Take it all with dignity and carry it like a badge of honour, Thomas. Every thinking person revises, so welcome on board. 

The winner takes it all - the loser pays the toll. 

End of article.

Excerpt from 'Debating the Holocaust: A new look at both sides' by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D (pages 258-260)

On October 26, 1943, Senior Group Leader Oswald Pohl -- reporting directly to Himmler, and head of the entire camp system -- wrote a secret letter to all camp commandants. It was recapped by Danuta Czech in her book, Auschwitz Chronicle (1990). The letter is rather shocking, in that Pohl admonishes the commandants for the high death rates in the camps. Ther is an urgent need for labor, and thus all camps are ordered to take necessary actions to reduce deaths, and improve inmate health. As Czech recounts:

Pohl states that...the concentration camps have become a significant factor in the German war effort. Henceforth, it is imperative to take all care not only that previous performance be maintained, but also increased. Commandants, SS Commanders, and camp and Garrison Doctors are to be concerned primarily with maintaining the health and performance capability of the prisoners. Not out of any false sentimentality but rather because their arms and legs are needed... The first goal is to decrease by one tenth the number of inmates unable to work because of illness. All those responsible must achieve this goal. Indispensable for this are:

(1)  Proper and appropriate nourishment. 

(2)  Proper and appropriate clothing.

(3)  Utilisation of all natural means to encourage health.

(4)  Avoidance of every effort unnecessary for the performance of labor.

(5)   Use of performance prizes.


These points are treated in full by Pohl in three pages of instructions in which he even deals with how potatoes are to be stored, peeled, and prepared so that they are tasty and nourishing. emphasizes that he will personally supervise the execution of the orders transmitted in the letter.(p.515)

Hardly the words expected from one of the supposed "leading architects" of mass murder. Traditionalists, however, have a ready response: all this applies only to the labor force --the extermination actions at Auschwitz and Majdanek would continue (the other death camps being shut down by this point). But the letter makes no distinctions. Clearly labor was badly needed by this time, and a large majority of the Auschwitz Jews, for example, could have contributed. 

Pohl's letter is so damning that Czech felt compelled to add a footnote, "explaining" the situation for us: "the shortage of labor prompted Pohl to write this letter to the Commandants. It does not change anything in the camp conditions... The behavior of the SS men trained in ruthlessness and horror cannot be changed with a single letter..." So, in spite of what the letter actually says, Czech is convinced that its purpose "is not to stop the extermination, direct or indirect." Its whole point, she says, is simply to "lead to a more intensive exploitation of the prisoners' labor" -- a process by which they would literally be worked to death.

To read this letter in such a way is indicative of someone with rigid and preconceived ideas -- someone unable to read things as they are, and who sees only secret, hidden meanings in place of clear and explicit text, It is, in fact, the mindset of someone who sees anti-Jewish conspiracies in every nook and cranny. (This point is under appreciated: the greatest conspiracy theorists are the traditionalists, not their opponents.)

Lest we think this is a lone exception, Graf and Mattogno (2003: 16) cite the following letter from Pohl to his boss, Himmler, from April 1942. Tjis was a full year and a half prior to the above, a time when the war was still going well for Germany -- and Auschwitz, Chelmo, Belzec, and Sobibor were allegedly murdering thousands per day:

The war has brought a visible change to the structure of the concentration camps and has fundamentally altered their responsibilities with regard to the use to which the inmates may be put. The detention of inmates solely for security, educational or preventive reasons is no longer in the fore. Emphasis has shifted to economic concerns. Mobilizing all  inmate labor, first of all for war-related tasks (increasing armaments production) and later for tasks of peacetime, is becoming more and more important. ...This realization results in certain necessary measures requiring a gradual restructuring of the concentration camps from their former, one-sidedly political form into an organisation appropriate to the economic tasks. [italics added; clearly no plans for imminent extermination!]

And Pohl's right-hand man, Richard Glücks, issued this decree to all the camps in December 1942:

The First Camp Physicians are to use all means at their disposal to effect a considerable decrease in the mortality figures in the individual camps... The camp physicians are to pay greater attention to the inmates' rations than heretofore, and shall submit proposals for improvements to the camp commandant, in agreement with the administration. These improvements must not remain on paper only, but must be regularly verified by the camp physicians. Further, the camp physicians shall see to it that working conditions at he various work sites are improved as much as possible... The Reichsführer-SS [Himmler] has ordered that mortality absolutely must decrease.


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