Das eingepflanzte Irresein
Germany’s Induced Insanity

By Dr. Rigolf Hennig, MD

Translated by J M Damon
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If a German had said in 1945 that within 60 years large numbers of his countrymen would be celebrating the Wehrmacht’s unconditional surrender as "liberation,” his mental condition would have been highly suspect.
He would have been considered psychotic, schizophrenic, insane.
Today, however, our national mental health has deteriorated to the point that such insanity is endemic.
Today it is unusual to find a German with intact rational facilities.

What has happened to us during the past six decades?
To find the answer to this question, we have to begin at the beginning.
In what sense were we “liberated” following World War II?
Were we “liberated” by the 14 to 15 million dead in a war that was forced on us?
Were we “liberated” by the three million women, children and elderly who died while attempting to flee rampaging Russians, Poles and Czechs?
“Liberated” by the additional millions of noncombatants killed by British and American terrorist bombings of the densely populated residential areas of our cities?
“Liberated” by the deliberate American and French mass murder of a million German prisoners of war through starvation and exposure, after our armed forces had capitulated?
“Liberated” by the loss of a third of our ancestral territory, our Eastern provinces?
“Liberated” by the burden of millions of cripples and orphans in the aftermath of the War?
Were we “liberated” by the theft of our private and public property, art treasures, historical monuments, cultural institutions, international patents, etc., etc.?
Were we “liberated” from our sanity?

Following unconditional capitulation, Germany was immediately partitioned into four isolated occupation zones, which further intensified our incapacitation and prepared the way for so-called “re-education.”
This was in fact designed to complete the permanent crippling of our Reich, which was, after all, the point of both World Wars.
The desperate material scarcity that our enemies artificially created in Germany following the First World War did not prove adequate for our complete subjugation, and so our enemies were taking no chances that we might recover a second time.

To be precise, mental crippling is what has been inflicted on the Germans in the last six decades.
The unscrupulous Allies, assisted by collaborators from our own ranks, have robbed us of our history, laws, culture and, above all, of the capacity to investigate and understand what happened to us.
They have succeeded in inducing guilt complexes that produced the classic symptoms of national psychosis that we see today.

Re-education and Psychological Tricks

The basic techniques of what is now called “brainwashing” have been familiar to us since ancient times, while Emil Kraepelin (1856 - 1926), the “Nestor of modern psychiatry,” introduced the concept of “Induced Insanity” over 100 years ago.
What is new is the extent to which an entire nation with a highly evolved culture can be driven into an abnormal mental state, to the point of collective incapacitation.
We are still dealing with the ancient method, familiar to all psychologists and psychiatrists, of inducing abnormal behavior or perception through mental and intellectual manipulation.

The fields of psychology and psychiatry have long been familiar with three forms of insanity: innate, acquired and induced.
The layman needs no further explanation of innate (hereditary) insanity, or of insanity that is acquired by such things as disease, injury or poisoning.

Since prehistoric times we have been familiar with insanity induced by overwhelming psychological influence such as ceremonial rituals, especially during the vulnerable juvenile stages of intellectual development.
Today, those of us who specialize in studying this form of mental incapacitation understand it much better.
Induced insanity has little to do with intelligence but a great deal to do with suspension of logical thought brought about by targeted indoctrination.
The younger and less mature the psyche, the more devastating are the effects of indoctrination.
Through early targeting and indoctrination all logical thinking, including the vital inherent reflexes of self-preservation and preservation of species, can be neutralaized.
When this happens, the subject can be conditioned to act against his own vital interests.

During youth, physical and psychical conditioning take hold for one’s entire life, leaving the subject irreversibly “programmed.”
To illustrate with a simple example: Japanese, Chinese and other East Asians are unable to learn to pronounce the letter "R” after the 4th year of life.
This is because development of the part of the brain involved with speech acquisition ends at that age.
After age 4, changes in this mental function are no longer possible.
In Europe, Asian children learn to pronounce “R” as easily as European children do and conversely, European children who grow up speaking Asiatic languages cannot learn to pronounce “R” after the age of 4.

Similarly, the creative ability to deal with complex thought processes essentially ends at age 10.
This too was well understood in antiquity.
For example, the Romans usually killed all males above the age of 10 in their wars of conquest, for the simple reason that older children were bearers of their culture.
A subjugated people could be successfully Romanized only if their culture was completely destroyed.
During the middle ages, Christian rulers successfully applied the same principle, with a bit more refinement.
They would abduct the sons of their pagan opponents during early childhood, as for example the children of Borod the leader of the Carinthians in the 9th Century.
The Christian raised these royal children in what we would call “re-education camps,” in this case the monastery at Frauenchiemsee, and then used them against their own people and their own culture.

Perhaps the best-known example of induced insanity is that of the Turkish Janissaries of the 14th - 19th centuries, who were used to spearhead Turkish conquests during the Counter Crusades.
The "Waffen SS of the Sublime Porte," as well as bodyguards of the Sultan, they were the abducted children of Christians.
Provided that they were young enough when abducted for a thorough re-education, they could be used for any purpose, including murder of their own parents and siblings.
In our time, the fanatical child-soldiers of Cambodia followed the same pattern.
They fought against their own parents on behalf of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, often torturing their own parents to death.
The brutal Communist methods of brainwashing as used on adults employed a coarse technique that most often left weak individuals mentally crippled.
If the targeted individuals possessed strong characters, however, they had the capacity to survive and recover.

It was reserved for the modern techniques of Western re-education with their sophisticated and gradual brainwashing to turn an entire major nation against its own vital interests, however.
It has accomplished this through the combined use of all communication, entertainment and education media.
As in ancient and medieval re-education, modern re-education begins in early childhood and is backed by the combined resources of the legislative, executive and the judicial branches government.

The most tragic example of this is present-day Germany in all its anti-national manifestations.
After Germany lost the Second World War, along with its intellectual elite and leading culture carriers, its enemies introduced a sharply focused and skillfully applied program of re-education.  
This program radically rejected everything that constituted the national German character and transformed into its opposite.
In this way it destroyed the characteristic German behavior patterns that maintain national identity as well as cultural and intellectual heritage.
These inherited behavior patterns and strategies had emerged over generations of selection as a survival strategy in the struggle for existence.
Robbed of these patterns and strategies, Germany is doomed to destruction.
The German nation has already fallen a great distance backwards, assaulted by its envious competitors far beyond the limits of law and morality, on account of its spirituality and vitality.
Germany’s fall is evidenced by its continual self-castigation, which is saturated with “Crime and Punishment” style national masochism following over 60 years of relentless re-education.

Why did the treacherous representatives of the “Bundesrepublik” welcome their own defeat on the occasion of enemy victory celebrations in Normandy?
This was, after all, an assault on Europe by non-European powers!
What reasons could Chancellor Schroeder possibly have for apologizing to the Poles in Warsaw?
Was it perhaps because the Wehrmacht granted insurgent partisan combatants the status of legal combatants and granted female partisans free passage, which it was not obliged to do under the Hague Convention on Land Warfare?
Consider that partisans or “insurgents” have no status as combatants!
They are assassins against their own people as well as the opposing fighting force - thieves, spies, cowards, terrorists and traitors - thus they must be neutralized by whatever means are necessary.
Schröder might have been called “Chancellor,” but he was obviously not a rational leader of a sovereign nation.

What drives the media of our so-called "republic" to equate the destruction of Dresden with the raid on Coventry?
How can they blame the deliberate mass murder of hundreds of thousands of women and children on their own countrymen?
Coventry, Britain's major industrial center, was so heavily defended that it was impossible to accurately target; and this imprecise German bombing resulted in the loss of around 400 civilian lives!
Dresden by contrast was an open nonindustrial city and cultural center that, as Allied leaders well knew, was desperately overcrowded with refugee women and children fleeing the Red Army.
It was planned mass murder carried out by British and American bombers that killed a thousand times as many civilians as did the raid on the industrial center of Coventry!

These treacherous “re-educated” collaborators are misusing the commemorations of our disastrous defeat to confuse cause and effect.
Their object is to imprison all Germans in a paranoid ghetto of "Crime and Punishment," incessantly repeating the fiction of Germany’s sole responsibility for the War.
Our enemies and “re-educated” collaborators constantly ignore the fact that not we but England and France declared war in 1939 as well as the fact that the United States had already initiated hostilities without declaring war.
Germany attacked Poland only after Poland, incited by British-French guarantees, had murdered thousands of Germans in the provinces stolen from us at Versailles, while driving additional tens of thousands from their homes and interning them in concentration camps.
The United States attacked Yugoslavia in 1991 for much weaker reasons!

Of all our enemies, the ones who have done the most harm are not our allied "liberators" but rather their German helpers, mentally crippled and “re-educated” flunkies who are determined to be “more Catholic than the Pope.”
The victors of World War II benefited greatly from a tragic German character trait that our "liberators” clearly factored into their postwar calculations.
Bismarck described this proclivity very well: "The compulsion to serve foreign interests, even when this is possible only through abandonment of our own national interests, is a disease whose geographic distribution is limited to Germany."

{ Napoleon had made a similar observation forty years before, when
he wrote:
“There is no nation that is more congenial than the Germans, but no nation that is more credulous.
It was never necessary for me to sow discord among them, all I had to do was spread my nets and they would run into them like skittish animals, grabbing each other by the throat in the belief they were doing their ‘duty.’
No nation on Earth is more foolish.
No lie is so crude that the Germans will not believe it!
On account of some fanciful slogan they would attack their fellow countrymen with greater fury than they attacked their real enemies.”]

One could go on and on with examples of Germans’ soiling their own nest.
The list is as long as one wants to make it, as new self-destructive absurdities occur every day.
In the words of former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, "We have falsified our own history into a criminal record!"
Why do we do this?
On whose behalf do we falsify our own history?  
Some of these intellectual cripples who call themselves Germans have actually begun advocating collective suicide by screaming "Deutschland verrecke!” (Death to Germany!)

Furthermore this induced insanity is no longer restricted to limited groups.
We are on the verge of collective insanity as this sociological malaise spreads to the entire nation.
Amazing numbers of our contemporaries are now behaving like Pavlovian dogs.
Pavlov, the famous St. Petersburg behaviorist, conditioned his laboratory animals so that they would begin salivating and releasing gastric juices at the sound of a bell.
He did this by feeding them only when the bell rang, and so succeeded in “re-educating” them by resetting their nervous and digestive systems to a false stimulus.
The same thing has happened to our re-educated Germans.
They have been conditioned to the extent that when they hear words such as “Heimat” (Homeland),  “Vaterland,” “Nation,” and "Volk," their nervous systems release adrenalin with the result that they react aggressively, even hysterically.

 To recognize and confront a superior enemy operating from cover is without doubt one of the most difficult tasks imaginable - and yet this is precisely what we Germans must do to survive.
The good news: to recognize and seen through our enemy's methods is to win half the victory.
Complete victory will be achieved when Germany regains its sovereign capacity to act in its legitimate state, which is the German Reich.



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