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Re: Your photograph and caption featured on the Adelaide Institute website, 1/12/2009,

Germany today 

6 million lies, 83 million cowards

This really hits hard, 83 million cowards in today's Germany!  

I was born there in 1926 and belong therefore to what is called the  Hitler youth Generation, which a University Professor believed to be the best generation Germany has ever had (in a letter to "Der Spiegel" in 1952).

 Before 1933, during the Weimar Republic, I have seen Street battles with the Communists who were trying to takeover the Country by force, but thanks to the brave Storm troopers - the S.A. (Sturmabteilung), they did not succeed, saving not only Germany, but Europe as well. Instead of condemning them, they should be saluted !  Stalin's letter in 1923 to a German Jew says it all :" Dear Comrade Thalheimer, the coming revolution in Germany is the most important world-event to-day. The victory of the proletariat will, without doubt, move the centre of world revolution from Moscow to Berlin."

When I left Germany in 1953 (our Cities were still a heap of rubble) there was still quite a bit of German spirit about, despite the terrible war, a spirit that goes back 2000 years and more. I remember the words of a World-War-1 song: " Oh Deutschland hoch in Ehren, du heiliges Land der Treu ! In to-days Germany not even the first verse of our National Anthem is being sung. I do not know what has happened to my Fatherland, to the German people after 1945. All I can think of at present are the words of the German Poet, Theodor Koerner (1791-1813) to comment on the current situation:
Best of regards, Werner Fischer
Adelaide, South Australia




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