About Jean-Claude Pressac’s capitulation


  1) R. Faurisson to Monsignor Williamson   (On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 5:29 PM, Jean Norton <celine.norton67@gmail.com> wrote):


 My friend Michael Hoffman writes: “Krah claims that Williamson was given Pressac's report on the alleged homicidal gas chambers to study ‘for a year’ but he ‘failed’ to do so”.

 Is this true? It would be piquant to note that you were given a book to read in which Pressac, in 1989, still put forward an argument that he was to repudiate six years later, on June 15, 1995, to be precise, writing that it was good only for “the rubbish bins of history” (as revealed five years afterwards by Valιrie Igounet in her Histoire du nιgationnisme en France, Paris, Seuil, 2000, p. 652).

 I should not like to speak of this with M. Hoffman without knowing beforehand whether this Krah is telling the truth.

I hope that you are holding out in the storm. Your opponents, in any case, will have disgraced themselves for nought.

 Yours respectfully,   RF


2) Reply of Mgr Williamson to RF: 

 Dear Professor,

 I read about two-fifths of Pressac's magnum opus, and could not be bothered to read any more. Michael Hoffman's article is basically accurate. I did at the time study several works on the “Holocaust”, for instance by Germar Rudolf, and you may remember I was soon resorting to yourself for guidance. I had grasped that you were the “doyen” of “Revisionists”, and -- pardon me -- the most reliable.  Even now I beg you to stay with us, as you also know!  I hope there will be no nasty sequels of your hospitalization.

 Do not worry about my expulsion from the SSPX.  The parallels with Vatican II are unending. For instance Mgr Lefebvre said at his own “excommunication”; “They cannot throw me out of the Conciliar Church because I never belonged to it.”

 He was a very great man, but the neo-SSPX spurns him, except as a mascot.

 Let me know if you need any more information.

 All good wishes, and blessings,             Mgr W.


 3) Note of thanks from RF to Mgr Williamson:

 Thank you indeed, Monsignor, for the detailed answer. It seems to me that whenever we write Pressac’s name we should recall his capitulation of June 15, 1995, a result of the public humiliation that I dealt him in the seventeenth chamber of the Paris Criminal Court, through the intermediary of barrister Eric Delcroix, on May 9 of the same year. Those present in the courtroom could note the poor wretch’s utter inability to show, describe, or explain the “magic gas chambers” of Auschwitz for us. As for me, seated where I was at the foot of the judges’ dais, I did not let him escape my gaze and so saw the tears well up in his eyes when, arms raised towards the sky, he said to presiding judge Martine Ract-Madoux: “Madam, you must understand: I’m alone in my struggle.” The revisionists should make it their duty to redress their long silence on this spectacular victory and on the fact that the exterminationists, at their end, kept this capitulation hidden for five years.

 In my trophy room for the biggest peddlers of one of history’s greatest lies, I have PUBLICLY mounted, with the help of two lawyers (Doug Christie and Eric Delcroix), the heads of Lιon Poliakov, Raul Hilberg, Rudolf Vrba, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Georges Wellers, Jean-Claude Pressac, Robert Badinter and a few other lesser individuals.

 Do forgive me these reminders. The hour of reckoning is approaching, alas, for me.  

Yours respectfully,   RF





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