The following letter appears in the current National Journal

Translated by J M Damon


From: "Erwin Landl"
Subject: Euro-Teuro Leserbrief
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012


Weg mit dem EURO / TEURO!

Down with the EURO-TEURO!


[Translator’s note: The following letter, reminiscent of Gottfried Feder’s articles of the 1920s, expresses very well the exasperation and outrage of many Germans over the financial crises in Europe. “Euro-Teuro” is a striking epithet because “teuer” in German means “costly” – a clever play on words, since it rhymes and the Euro makes everything more expensive. Dropping the D-mark and adopting the Euro was the price the “Federal Republic” had to pay in order to merge with the “Democratic Republic.”]


What good to us is the great “Euro Advantage,” as it was called in an attempt to make it palatable, if we can no longer afford vacations?

This phantom of bureaucratic daydreamers may or may not have been well intentioned, but reality has reduced it to absurdity on account of its impracticability.

The Soviet Union came to grief over the same experiment.

European nations should be free to trade with global partners under traditional kinds of accountability without intervention by hidden intermediaries, in the same way that international exchanges functioned for centuries.


To hell with the hordes of speculators, brokers, banksters and bureaucrats!

Furthermore the money-printing machines must be taken away from irresponsible gamblers in government.

There is entirely too much worthless paper money in circulation; the greatest bubble of all is about to burst!


To hell with Globalization as well!

Who has benefited from it?

The only ones who support this outrageous idea are the few who profit from it.

When free and unhampered trade has not functioned properly in the past, it was always caused by foreign governments.

Let me remind you of the global collapse in1929, which I experienced personally.


There is no way we can imitate the actions of the USA, which appeared out of nowhere as a motley conglomeration of immigrants and within 150 years became a huge economic and military power through perpetual wars of aggression.

However, the old world is passing and a new one is taking its place.

In times of great upheaval, a single informed person can lead a hundred others who are frustrated and desperate.


We are fighting for the rebirth of our Volk, and to hell with the Euro pipedream!

Down with the EU “europäischer Untergang” (“Downfall of Europe”) as well as the moonstruck politicians who imposed this childish Monopoly money on us.

The truth of the matter is that the goal of the EU has always been to keep us wicked hardworking Germans under the iron heel, dissolving, diluting and dispersing us like sugar in coffee.

Remember the words of Jacques Delors:

“I have always fought for the abolition of the D-Mark - it is the only instrument of power the Germans have left.”

As we know, Delors was the President of the European Union Commission until 1995.

Yours truly,

Erwin Landl, Wagrain, Austria




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