Written by Michael Nier
Translated by J M Damon
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We Germans have been worrying about our money for a long time.
Since the black weeks of the stock-market crash in August, we have been living in crisis mode.
In fact, DER SPIEGEL magazine titled its issue of 22 August 2011 GELDUNTERGANG  (The Collapse of Money.)

The middle classes are worried most of all, since their prosperity is built on debt.
Despite respectable earnings they have oversized mortgages on oversized houses and oversized payments on oversized cars.
They put extravagant vacations on credit cards.
In addition to this, everybody has a policy or two among the ninety million life insurance policies as well as several funds and maybe certficates for the hundred billion or so Euros in “investments.”
More than a few “smart investors” have bought these certificates on credit...

It is perfectly normal to have anxieties about the future now that a new world recession and growing unemployment are predicted for 2012.
The government securities with which our insurance policies are stuffed are getting shaky.
Panic is popularized in the mainstream media and this panic is gladly tolerated, possibly even desired by the powers that be.
Remember that there is no such thing as co-incidence in the mainstream media regarding subjects of general concern – think of the government’s psychological preparations for war in Libya, Syria and Iran.

We are constantly warned of the vital necessity of rescuing the Euro and we are told that there is absolutely no alternative to preserving it.
In “Gerlish” this the “TINA Imperative” (TINA = There Is No Alternative.)
In days gone by, Chancellor Schröder would have responded to such pecuniary authoritarianism with “Enough already!”

A number of Euro states, including Great Britain, are for all practical purposes bankrupt and should so declare as such.
The existence of the Euro can be prolonged only if the hopelessly indebted states that still have some appearance of solvency assume the debts of the hopelessly indebted states that are obviously insolvent.
The EU states that still appear solvent are Germany, Holland, Austria, Finland and Luxemburg.
By demanding cash collateral for assisting Greece, however, Finland has dropped out of the fanatical EU solidarity clique.
Only Germany remains as protector of the Euro.
“Last one out, turn off the Euro light, please.”

It is thanks solely to Germany that the European Union is an economically powerful organization.
An exit by Germany would totally devastate it and cause the deformed national economies on its periphery to immediately sink into economic and political chaos.
Already there are harbingers of chaos and the dissolution of public order everywhere we look.
Even here in Saxon Frankenberg, windows are indiscriminately smashed and in Chemnitz burning automobiles illuminate the night as the LUMPENPROLETARIAT makes its presence known.

In order to understand the policies and anticipate coming events, we have to be familiar with the axioms of neoliberalist politics.
If we investigate the axioms of the West in general and the European Union in particular, we find the following to be true:
The First Axiom is: The power of the USA and the continuing existence of the dollar as the principal world reserve currency must not be challenged!
The Second Axiom is: No impediments may be placed in the path of the financial markets, and globalist policy must be the “maidservant of the finance markets!”
The Third Axiom is that no limitations may be placed on free trade among the transnational corporations and their plundering of weaker national economies.
The Fourth Axiom is that there are no alternatives to the European Union and the Euro, which must be preserved at all costs.
The Fifth Axiom is that on behalf of international financiers, money must be extracted from the nations and their social systems in order to secure the debt obligations of the governments and cover the speculative debts of the banksters.
The Sixth Axiom is that rebellious or dissenting groups must feel the full power force of the law in order to maintain “public order.”
The currency war emanates from the USA.
Washington’s war aims are to destabilize the Euro Zone, enable speculation in Euro Zone state debt and devalue the Dollar in order to revive, exports from the USA.
The EU and the so-called Federal Republic of Germany devoutly support America’s war aims.
When the USA demands liquidation of the Euro, the Federal Republic will immediately resurrect the Dmark and allow the Euro bubble to burst.
Washington has not yet arrived at the point of instructing Germany to dump the Dmark, however.
Our American mentors still need the Euro.
The European Union is the economic and financial staging area for their ongoing campaign against Russia, as well as the financial base of NATO’s European contingents.
The European Union is utterly obedient to the Anglo Saxon financial oligarchy.
Its financial policies serve the interests of Anglo Saxon financial institutions, while EU politicians insure speculation through permanent bank bailouts of Wall Street and the City of London.
They agree that it is necessary for England’s ancient war against Germany to continue – a war that England has been waging since the founding of the Second Reich in 1871 and the onset of German industrialization.
Many EU policies are comprehensible only if we recognize them as an effusion of the ancient chauvinism of Germany’s traditional enemies.
If Germany piles up debts of another two and a half trillion in order to rescue the Euro (in addition to the two trillion it has already accumulated) it will collapse economically, socially and politically.
The plan of the power elite in England is for Germany to poison itself financially.
For this reason, we can be relatively sure that the Euro will continue to exist until Germany’s bitter end.

On page 19 of the magazine “Economy Week” for 22 August 201 there is a delightful cartoon of Junkers, Berlusconi and Barroso in front of an open bank safe having Germanys emblem, helping themselves to Euros and stuffing them into a blue sack decorated with EU stars.
The title of the article reads:
“Open door for the safecrackers.
By curbing debt and financial regulations, Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy are attempting to calm the markets.
After this will come ‘solidarity loans.’”
As of August, the European Central Bank had paid out around 100 billion Euros to buy up state bonds of insolvent Euro countries.
In addition to this, the German Central Bank has already loaned out around 340 billion Euros in transactions between central banks of the Euro system.
It is extremely unlikely that these amounts will ever be repaid, and the farce is becoming ever more comical.

Under European Council President Herman Van Rompuy we will have an economic government for the European Union that will override the laws of the various national parliaments.
We already have the EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility) under Klaus Regling (who is paid a mere 300,000 Euros.)
This is a joint stock company founded on 7 June 2010 with headquarters in Luxemburg and an initial capital of 31,000 Euros.
Its function is to receive 440 billion Euros in state bonds backed by the Euro Zone countries.
For Germany, 148 billion Euros is at stake - the DEUTSCHE FINANZAGENTUR GMBH (German Finance Agency Ltd. is organizing issuance of state bonds.

At the special summit meeting of the European Council it was decided that the EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility) should buy the bonds of bankrupt states on the secondary market.
To this end, approval by the 17 member states of the Euro zone is required.
After 2013 the EFSF will be replaced by the ESM (European Stability Mechanism), which will be permanent.
The initial treaty was signed at a meeting of the European Council on 11 July 2011.
The ESM is in fact designed as a European monetary fund and is being developed according to that organizational model.
Following approval by the national parliaments the ESM is answerable to no one, and it enjoys judicial immunity as well.
Its jurisdiction will be extraterritorial as well.

The conceptual treaty is available on the Internet.
It is a monstrous document providing for deluded, absolute domination of Europe by the financial oligarchy.
It places permanent rule over the economy and finances of the EU securely in the hands of the financial oligarchy.
The individual states of the EU will lose decisive rights of sovereignty.
To make sure that the public will not politically oppose future additional schemes to rescue the Euro, it is being driven into a panic.
The power elite is attempting to convince the people that the usurpation of individual rights is necessary for their economic protection, and this usurpation will probably be successful.

Acting in the best conservative tradition, several German professors are pursuing legal actions in the BUNDESVERFASSUNGSGERICHT (“Constitutional Court”) against the professed rescuers of the Euro.
The oligarchy will manage to dispense with them in “friendly fashion” of course.
There are still a few democratic hurdles in the EU states, but the parliaments are already softened up, and the bourgeois pseudo leftists in the SPD, Left Party and the Greens are passionately in favor of European economic governance as well as EU state bonds.
Fear of a politically strong Germany and “evil” German nationalism is inciting them to treason against their fellow citizens.

They are not bothered by the fact that under the ESM (European Stability Mechanism) will come neoliberalist social disintegration such as England, Greece and Spain have experienced.
Perhaps they even welcome it.
Perhaps they are secretly wishing for revolution.
The EFSF (European Financial Stability Facility) will now be augmented with additional legislation, since the Euro crisis is continuing to accelerate.
Euro Bonds are already here in the form of acquisitions and buy-outs; soon they will be introduced directly.
When that happens, Germany will be allowed to take on ever more debt for the entire European community.
Sometime after that, the debt avalanche will bury us in national bankruptcy.

Of course we can also move in the direction of hyperinflation.
Wealthy Germans are already moving their money to foreign havens and buying gold and silver for security.
Some day, knowledge and realization of the monstrous policies adopted by our our power elite will filter down into the social consciousness of the masses.
By then, however, we will have nothing left.


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