News/Articles  September, October  2010



Jeremy Jones wants his pound of flesh





Will Jones remove Toben's heart?






Jeremy Jones - self appointed guardian of 

The Holocaust  Lie 







Strange case of Dr Toben and Mr Abbott



Abbott goes into denial over photo







TOBEN'S Registration DENIED - International Conference on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial - DUBLIN 18-19 November 2010






Court again acquits alleged Holocaust challenger


Court to reopen case of alleged Holocaust challenger









Israel ranks among Western world's most corrupt countries




multimillion-dollar joint initiative to combat anti-Israel sentiments


ie, make the bad guys appear to be good guys







Germany's new female rabbi sign of growing Jewish community



Anger as Germany cuts funding to Orthodox Jews





Weekly Holosuffering 



Hungary sued in U.S. court over role in Holocaust





Weekly Hitler/Nazi bashing 


British Legion's glorious visit to Hitler



Dutch call back car licence plates with 'Nazi' initials



                                                 Hitler Ate Marmalade at Breakfast





The “Central German Committee” of Israel




Rudolf Hess 'was lured to Britain by MI6 plot'




Kangaroo Court considers testimony from former death camp guard in Demjanjuk trial despite doubts








Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States


Academic Freedom and Holocaust Denial







A worse record than Saddam's



Britain feared Nazi resistance from Alps



Newly released files show Hitler's daily routine






Holocaust garbage


German Foreign Ministry confronts Nazi past


Probe Details Culpability Of Nazi-Era Diplomats



HoloLies study mandatory in southern Brazil city




Silly Germans keep Jews for two years before gassing, humane guards help them escape, grandson spreads this garbage in Australian parliament








Clinton aide's idea: Let Iraq shoot down U.S. plane



Much infrastructure, no research into mythical Holohoax









Serbia - Court bans Holocaust denier's book




Eldery German woman fined for Holocaust denial




Germany - Pensioners sentenced for Holocaust denial






Italy – The “Lies of the Holocaust” College Course


Adolf Hitler - SPEECH OF JULY 28, 1922



Secret NAZI War Technology Reported in Harper's Magazine






Sex Plague  





British document: Israel initiated Entebbe hijack



The Jewish Republic of Israel








Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years'


WWII French leader 'widened anti-Jewish law'



Jewish terrorist - Assassinating Ahmadinejad today is like assassinating Hitler in 1939







Germany - 10 percent want a Führer



Berlin’s unwanted Roma



Weekly Stupidity


Nervous Germany stages first Hitler exhibition, Hitler and the Germans









Mirror, Mirror on the Wall:  Who’s the Greatest Crook of All?

 By Kevin Käther


Germany sets date for British Holocaust-denial priest appeal






Extermination of Germany



Jews play a “leading role” in promoting multiculturalism in Europe



Sweden's far right anti-immigration party wins 20 seats








Nationalists would outlaw denial of ‘Gypsy criminality’



Crisis and Opportunity



Israel seeks release of spy in exchange for extending settlement freeze







Hitler at home: Rare photographs show how the Nazi leader relaxed while he waged war

Right-Wing Sentiment, Ready to Burst Its Dam



EU labels threat to kosher prices







The Deportation of Sudeten Germans: a Forgotten Tragedy



Raped by their saviours: How the survivors of Auschwitz escaped one nightmare only to face another unimaginable ordeal





Historian Irving says Auschwitz is like 'Disney'

complete with hot-dog vendors and souvenir stands





Hatchet job on David Irving and Ahmadinejad by a nutter



David Irving's Action Report







The Pollard Principle



Olmert- US would take 100,000 Palestinian refugees



Ahmadinejad: US orchestrated 9/11 to save Zionist regime


Obama’s response was amateurish: Ahmadinejad








Russian Jewish leader urges textbook pulled


Cute story






Jail sentence extended for Austrian right-winger



Germany: Demjanjuk trial meets after summer break







'I Want the Truth, and Nothing But'

Erika Steinbach and German Victims of WWII



German Official Makes Controversial Remarks



WWII-era mass grave discovered in Slovenia









Police raid Germany's largest neo-Nazi group in an effort to find evidence to support banning it!




Dresden mayor 'to lobby against building of Bomber Command memorial’




Hitler's Forgotten Library:
3,000 books stolen from Germany










The bogus Nazi-Wannsee-Plan has become reality in Israel


"The gulag was a Jewish run operation"







Simon Wiesenthal - a pathological liar



Why I believe the king of the Nazi hunters, Simon Wiesenthal, was a fraud








Time's up: The story that shocked Israel

The truth - an anti-Semitic stereotype





Nazi book reveals detailed plans for invasion of Britain









Real IRA says it will target UK bankers

'They branded banks as criminals'

"It's essentially a crime spree that benefits a social elite at the expense of many millions of victims"




Holocaust denier David Irving to begin leading tours of Auschwitz next week

Jewish organisations deeply concerned that a serious 

scholar will debunk the Auschwitz lies




Tour of Poland May Upset Some Revisionists, Says Irving





weekly 'lets bash Hitler' articles


Hitler's Unfulfilled Dream of a New York in Flames








Dr. Norman Finkelstein - Crocodile tears at the University of Waterloo

youtube video - must watch






In France, a writer, father of eight, is in prison for his historical research

And nothing is said about it in
the so-called free press!


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Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent



Ellie Wiesel cons the World

A website dedicated to exposing the World's most famous Holocaust survivor



Iranian cleric: Holocaust is 'superstition'








Former Israel MK Urges Universal Laws against Holocaust Denial



Australian school apologises for Hitler costume prize



Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups







'All Jews share a certain gene'



European Trade Chief Accused of Anti-Semitism



The British rebel who joined Hitler








Germany's Central Bank Votes to Oust Sarrazin for "Jew" Comments




French teacher 'suspended for too much Holocaust'



Ex-PM’s love for Israel continues



British pilots relied on German sea rescue service during Battle of Britain




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