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In sincere memory of Jürgen Rieger




Jürgen Rieger 

11 May 1946 - 29 October 2009
Outstanding service to the German Reich and Humanity





Jürgen Rieger’s Congratulatory Letter to Ahmadinejad






Final Member of Hitler's Inner Circle Dies at 96

Experts say his account of his time as Hitler's direct link to the SS could discount the claims of revisionists who have claimed the German leader knew nothing of the fantasy extermination program







No Retrial for Sylvia Stolz

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Verdict against right-wing criminal defense attorney in force

three years and three months for refusing to believe in World War Two Holocaust propaganda


Sylvia Stolz - Supreme Court confirms sentence for sedition








Vile, disgusting Jewish comedian urinates on painting of Christ 

Imagine the howls and outcry of a Second Coming
of The Holocaust®, if someone were to attempt to 
urinate — on nationwide TV — on a picture of Elie
Wiesel or make fun of the bogus but sacrosanct

"Diary of Anne Frank"?



"Pissing On Jesus–Just a “Drop in the Bucket” as Far as Jewish Interests are Concerned"









German 'Hitler Youth' camp trio charged



Ex-Nazi goes on trial in Germany









Jewish groups oppose push to ban minarets in Switzerland



High prices make it very difficult for tens of thousands of Jews in Europe to obtain kosher food









Citizen's arrest and mass disruption of war criminal Ehud Olmert in San Francisco

war criminal goes free - 22 innocent citizens arrested 


International Conference & Exhibition - Criminalise War Tribunal to take up Iraqi case



Treason, Betrayal and Deceit: 9/11 and Beyond





Medinat Weimar wishes to establish a Jewish state in Thuringia, Germany, with the city of Weimar as its capital.








NPD politician Jürgen Rieger is dead

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NPD Rieger dead




A sad day for Germany






Nazi lawyer Rieger lies dying after a stroke


NPD-Rieger in hospital



Demonstration for Opinion Freedom at Frankfurt Book Fair- video

Stefan Kaus, Lady Renouf, Ursula Haverbeck

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Ursula Haverbeck - Wikipedia



I have a dream...







Italy: Holocaust-denying academic sparks row




Holocaust-denying professor defiant









Too late for a fair trial in Zentai case

Accused war criminal waiting for extradition decision


Zentai goes to jail, faces extradition






Williamson fined over Holocaust remarks


German Court Fines Bishop Williamson 12,000 Euros for Denying Holocaust



Vatican talks to breakaway group


Clinton hits out against religious "anti-defamation" laws







Israel asks Germany for two warships



Israel is considering the purchase of two sophisticated German warships. However, it is unclear who will foot the bill for the multi-million-euro deal
an interesting way of twisting it




Legal case filed against four US Presidents and four UK Prime Ministers for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq







Education - Stamped influenza A, the CDs were revisionists


Some schools have received a CD revisionist

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Race-hate text book in NSW schools


New Resource from ADL & Hillel Helps Confront Holocaust Denial on Campus




The Holocaust Century

Comments about Thomas Dalton's PhD book (Debating The Holocaust - A New Look at Both Sides) 




Rare video footage of Anne Frank



Zionism: an Anti-Semite's Dream?


Exposure to Holocaust May Have Raised Cancer Risks



Vile Jewish Kapporos Ritual






Zimmerman Trial  23.10.09
9 months in a German gulag for refusing to believe the official version of the Holocaust






Nick Griffin advises BNP supporters to get ready for the 'big time'


In a message to members , Griffin promised to "take on the corrupt, treacherous swine destroying our beautiful island nation" and claimed the show would be "a stage-managed farce" with organised hostility from the audience and panellists intended to suggest that BNP views have minority status.




BBC Draws Fire Over BNP Guest







At the European Parliament, during a conference against "Denial",
Lady Renouf asks for proof, one single proof, of "the Holocaust"


Behind enemy lines in Brussels: A victory for Revisionist Norms
by Michèle, Lady Renouf





Holocaust-denying bishop charged



Report on Fredrick Toben






Nazi suspect loses Australia extradition battle



Alleged Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai loses appeal against extradition







No war-crimes legal action against the perpetrators of massive war crimes against Germans and Japanese - millions murdered by being roasted alive through the Allied forces strategy of firebombing civilian centres. No, these peoples lives are not important, they are no better than cattle.


These horrific attacks intensified in the latter stages of the war when both Germany and Japan were largely defenseless.



Demjanjuk trial set for November


Revisionist Reflections on the Upcoming
“Holocaust” Demjanjuk Trial in Germany






The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part V
Tom Sunic




Lawyers seek arrest of Israeli defence minister in UK for alleged war crimes


Kuwait: Israel killed civilians intentionally

UN council backs war crime study


Israel violated Nuremberg principles during Gaza war





The Valencia Partido Popular replace Ricardo Costa with a holocaust denier
Sr. Asencio is a holocaust denier, who described the holocaust as ‘The greatest fraud in History’




Who Is a Jew- By Gilad Atzmon


Auschwitz reaches out to millions with launch of Facebook profile


EU leaders vow to fight anti-Semitism in Europe






Thousand garden gnomes giving Heil Hitler salute invade cancerous German town


Turkish TV series angers Israel




BNP to consider non-white members


William E. Boeing -- 1881 to 1956





Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots

MI6 confirms Ahmadinejad's Jewish roots





Simon Wiesenthal Centre slams Croatian fascist tribute






"Nobody is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believes they are free" 

-Friedrich Nietzsche




A German Patriot Reflects On September 1939

Lies About German War Guilt

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Welcome to the Hotel “Holocaust”


Wiesenthal Center slams Babi Yar hotel


Babi Yar: Critical Questions and Comments






Canada - Hate speech law unconstitutional: rights tribunal


The Hadjis Decision - Sept. 2, 2009 Warman vs Lemire


Ingrid Zundel, wife of Ernst Zundel languishing in a German prison, wrote of the decision:

“Marc Lemire, a Canadian freedom of speech fighter and computer genius, has won a decisive victory against the odious Human Rights Tribunal and its political toadies.
The Canadian Hate Speech Law, known as Section 13, has been today declared unconstitutional. This law was used against Ernst Zundel in his five-year battle to protect Free Speech on the Net. Ernst's then attorney, Barbara Kulaszka, who was instrumental in today's victory, did most of the major legal work assisting Mark Lemire, as did former Zundel Defense Attorney, *Doug Christie - and others.
Today's victory means that Ernst was legally harassed and hounded for more than two decades through all the various courts and Human Rights Tribunal hearings in Canada on the basis of three unconstitutional laws - the "False News" law, (declared unconstitutional and stricken from the books in 1992) the National Security Act, declared unconstitutional after his deportation to Germany in 2005, and now the Hate Speech law!
And yet, Ernst Zundel is still languishing in prison. Will it be up to him to clean up Germany's repressive censorship laws as well? Don't be surprised…”



Ernst Zundel 


Currently holidaying for 5 years in a German Gulag, for refusing to believe LIES. Prior to that he spent 2 years in solitary confinement in a Canadian Gulag, for the same crime, before being extradited to Germany.


Ernst Zündel





On the possibility of mass gassings 






1945 massacr of 2,000 Sudeten Germans

"the rage and the lust for revenge knew no bounds"


Czech reign of terror



A Real Holocaust  


Some of the German victims exterminated (many were roasted alive) at Dresden 1945, by the British. Their policy of  terror fire-bombings of civilian centres was and still is a heinous war crime. At Dresden alone, on one single night, between 300,000 and 500,000 people, mainly women and children suffered a most gruesome death.



Visit Some Bombed German Cities



World War Two: The Physical and Cultural Destruction of Germany

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In the Social Storm: Memoirs of the Russian Revolution

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Ahmadinejad: West wants to distort Iran's image




Livni criticizes Netanyahu for invoking Holocaust at UN


In his speech Netanyahu has debased the Holocaust


Iranians rally on 'al-Quds Day'


Iranians march in solidarity with Palestinians


Ahmadinejad Likes Irking West With Holocaust Denial



The End Of Capitalism
Transcript: Ahmadinejad Speech at the UN General Assembly 9-23-09







In the Social Storm: Memoirs of the Russian Revolution

***    online book   ***



Voice of Reason website - Tom Sunic






Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story


Pakistan discovers 'village' of white German al-Qaeda insurgents






Israeli Drive to Prevent Jewish Girls Dating Arabs


Pupils 'spend too little time on Holocaust'
Yes because fairytales are a very important  part of a child's education


Sweden refuses Lieberman's visit


Report: Anti-Semitism on Rise in Spain








Abe Foxman demanded Israeli flag on Ted Kennedy’s coffin!


Holocaust denial in Israel needs urgent attention


Jim Traficant - Interview on Fox News






The Destruction of Ethnic Germans and German Prisoners of War
in Yugoslavia, 1945-1953
- Tom Sunic



Education For Death - Disney WW2 Propaganda Cartoon

A "delightful" Disney propaganda film from 1942.  Incredibly malevolent and evil, yet ingenious at the same time. This is Disney at his very best and most pernicious.






Berlin - 25,000 march for more privacy from authorities


Abu Ghraib in France - WW2

Quentin Tarantino's latest blood, sweat and guts story - 'Inglorious Basterds'






Holocaust Denial Ad Angers Harvard Campus

Text within the ad asked readers to "provide, with proof, the name of one person killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz." - Of course no-one replied.

Holocaust Denial Finds Place At Harvard Paper




Talmudic mindset


Idiotic mockery of Hitler


Hitler Aids campaign 






Germany clears WW2 'traitors'



ADL outraged at the publication of an interview with notorious Holocaust denier David Irving


What was Israel frantic about? Here is the El Mundo interview which Israel tried and failed to suppress


The Israeli Occupation of America- How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion







This rewriting of history is spreading Europe's poison

Hungarian neo-Nazis reportedly holding secret camps


We have a duty to find and try war criminals

yes - especially for the heinous war crimes of the Allies such as deliberately roasting alive millions of innocent German and Japanese civilians. These Holocausts go unquestioned, whilst the imaginary Jewish Holocaust has now become 'fact'





Section 13- A comparision with the Spanish Holy Inquisition




Press Release: Horst Mahler Drops Appeal






Töben's imprisonment - Reminiscent of the Nuremberg 'Trials'




Part I


As a "proven fact" protected by special laws not applicable to other "proven facts", the Holoco$t must be considered as something of an endangered species

All one needs to endanger the species a bit further.......... or perhaps even drive it into extinction..... is to get the Nuremberg Trial transcript and read some of it.

If Germans gassed millions of Jews, did they also...........



Steam people to death like lobsters in 10 steam chambers at Treblinka


Zap them to death with mass electrical shocks


Blast them into the twilight zone with atomic bombs


Beat people to death, then carry out autopsies to see why they died


Force people to climb trees, then cut the trees down


Kill 840,000 Russian POWs at Sachsenhausen, and burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens


Bash people's brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio, then burn the bodies in 4 portable ovens






Etc .....Etc...... Etc..... The internet is not large enough to list all of the idiotic lies that have been leveled against the German people



The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter


Germany - Death sentence for Holocaust denial


Germany - Horst Mahler's 6 year sentence for 

Holocaust denial upheld - amounts to death sentence 

for 73 year old





Mahler will never recant, prison does not frighten him, LIES will destroy themselves




The Holocaust LIE - Made in America


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Horst Mahler's heroic struggle


Revisionist Reflections on the Upcoming
“Holocaust” Demjanjuk Trial in Germany






New witness in Demjanjuk case says he served with him in concentration camp, lived with him in Germany



To my dear comrades in the struggle for a free Germany in a free Europe - Kevin Käther




Latest Round of Stolz Trials Day 8, 30 April 2009


  The Latest Round of Stolz Trials Second Day, 24 March 2009

   A New Round of Stolz Trials First Day, 18 March 2009


Sylvia Stolz

Three and a half years in a German Gulag for refusing to believe LIES









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