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Observations on the Financial Crisis

Horst Mahler



Toben grounded





 by Dr Robert Faurisson








The Stone in the Synagogue's Shoe




Holocaust-denying Bishop Richard Williamson booted from traditionalist group




Bavaria tries to ban Adolf Hitler book, Mein Kampf








Israel Building Concentration Camp for 15,000 Refugees





Angela Merkel unveils gipsy war dead memorial



Britain’s deputy PM makes visit to Auschwitz








Vatican II: The beginning of the end of Catholic anti-Semitism




Slovenia, Estonia announce new shechitah restrictions




Romanian MEP draws ire with Holocaust denial







This isn't the Britain we fought for




Children to be taught 'heterosexuality not the norm' in Australian schools project







Dr. Fredrick Töben declared Bankrupt 

24 September 2012 


The culmination of over 17 years of legal persecution by representatives of Australia's Jewish community, for examining critically the claims that the Germans exterminated 6 Million Jews in Gas chambers. He concluded that it was physically and scientifically impossible.

For this he has been slandered, jailed in three countries and now is expected to live as a pauper as punishment for his 'crimes' 






Dr. Fredrick Töben


Intelligent, well educated and fearless,

 bankrupted for publicly stating "Aspects of the Jewish Holocaust resemble fairy tales – no reality in space and time."

Dr Töben says that any loss of life during World War Two is a tragedy and that war itself is a crime –

He objects to anyone shutting down public debate on matters Holocaust and other related topics.



Has this fine man been reduced to scavenging cabbage leafs from the market floor ??





Will Jeremy Jones demand that Töben's Heart be torn from his body as further punishment for refusing to bow to the Holocaust Religion ?







“It has nothing to do with the legal or moral argument at all.”

Jeremy Jones- representative of Executive Council of Australian Jewry and leading Holocaust enforcer.




Memo from Dr. Töben





Holocaust Denier Forced to Bankruptcy



Holocaust Denier Bankrupt









We learn that German lawyer and revisionist Horst Mahler has recently been hospitalized twice (for thrombosis and for balance problems). He is currently back in jail where he is supposed to benefit from relaxed conditions. The prison has promised the use of a computer, but apparently the procedure seems blocked for now ...

Recall that Herr Mahler was convicted because of Holocaust revisionism to 12 years and 11 months in prison.  He has been incarcerated since February 25, 2009, at 73 years of age and will be 85 years when he is released ...

Address in prison:

Herr Horst Mahler
JVA Brandenburg / Havel
Anton Saefkow-Allee 22
D-14772 Brandenburg / Havel







Hunt Ends for a Nazi Now Believed to Be Dead




Holocaust denier extradited to Germany for prison term









The Katyn Massacre Cover-Up








Some good advice from Martin Luther

-and an attempt to blame him for the imaginary Jewish Holocaust




$500,000 worth of Filthy Lies




“Multicultural Madness”










Monument to Waffen SS Legionnaires Unveiled in Latvia





Brave Latvian Warriors help the Germans fight the Judeo-Bolshevik Cancer that threatened to destroy Europe










US gave Israel green light for Sabra, Shatila genocide




Sleeping with the enemy: New book claims Frenchwomen started a baby boom with Nazi men during Vichy regime


Holocaust survivor in Australia faces questions of authenticity









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