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A Great German Lady opens the Black Box of the “Holocaust”




Ursula Haverbeck 





Ursula Haverbeck - website









Oskar Groening, 93 to stand trial for Auschwitz crimes





Case against Oskar Gröning highlights Germany judiciary's Holocaust problem





Former Auschwitz guard, 92, deemed fit to stand trial for mass murder as he admits 'I hear the cries of the dead in my dreams and every waking moment'








Oskar Gröning, 92 years of age









New police search at Professor Faurisson’s house








German court throws out Nazi massacre case against former SS man









Sydney siege: Charles Hurt tells Fox News Australia's tough gun laws to blame for preventing self-defence







Jobbik Leader Remains a Holocaust Denier, Says Jewish Journalist and Holocaust Survivor











US soldiers raped Iraqi boys in front of their mothers





America Didn’t Just Prosecute Torturers, We Executed Them





McCain: US hanged Japanese soldiers for waterboarding Americans










Paris under German occupation - colour photographs






Lost story of German Latin Americans interned during second world war







Woman who SURVIVED Auschwitz because Nazis ran out of gas turns 101







Berlin was a liberal hotbed of homosexuality and a mecca for cross dressers and transsexuals where the first male-to-female surgery was performed - until the Nazis came to power, new book reveals






Germany to spend 115 million Euros on Israel warships deal because of Holocaust












Oskar Groening - Auschwitz ‘bookkeeper’ may be last Nazi tried in Germany for war crimes









Horst Mahler - Political Prisoner of Democracy








The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Multiplication of Western Walls




How money from pro-Israel donors controls Westminster









U.N. human rights investigators denied entry to Israel for Gaza inquiry




ICC cites Israeli war crime guilt but ‘too busy’ to prosecute









AfD-Vortrag: "Alliierte bauten die Gaskammern von Dachau"

AfD Lecture: "Allied built the gas chambers of Dachau"

use Google translate if required





The Magical Gas Chamber of Dachau - in 1945 it was a gas chamber and now it isn't




Photo taken by T/4 Sidney Blau April 30, 1945


The U.S. Seventh Army's caption on the photo above reads as follows:

Gas chambers, conveniently located to the crematory, are examined by a soldier of the U.S. Seventh Army. These chambers were used by Nazi guards for killing prisoners of the infamous Dachau concentration camp.







US Congressmen examine the gas chamber at Dachau, May 3, 1945





Sign in Dachau gas chamber, May 2001









Sicily And The Mafia
Mussolini Takes On the Mafia





Rationing in World War 2 increased intelligence of Britons








Seminars on anal sex now offered at Harvard University




President Rivlin: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society that needs treatment









Remembering Private Wojtek, the soldier-bear who fought in World War II




Wojtek the Nazi fighting Bear  - Having resolved to put their furry comrade's strength to use, the soldiers taught how him to carry crates full of heavy mortar rounds.





Other Famous Bears



Buchenwald Concentration Camp - ''In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle,'' he said. ''Every day, they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick at his bones.'' ''But that's unbelievable,'' whispered a visitor. ''It is unbelievable,'' said Mr. Hubert, ''but it happened.''




Time 'Too Painful' to Remember










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