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Freedom of Opinion Moves Forward

Spectacular precedent-setting decision in Strasbourg


"In a democracy, the state may not declare an objective and absolute truth of historiography and then enforce it by means of criminal law"


"Historiography is in its essence controversial and debatable, and hardly lends itself to objective and absolute truths or definitive conclusions, the Strasbourg decision says"




The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg






Dachau guard faces murder inquiry









World War II was decided prior to invasion of Poland




It's too long-winded! What George VI's adviser thought of early draft of the King's Speech


Document, announcing the outbreak of World War II, shows Britain was ready to declare war on Germany a week before Hitler invaded Poland







Uncle Adolf with some of his faithful followers 







Germany selling Israel two guided missile destroyers










The Russians staged this photo at some time soon after the liberation of Auschwitz, Jan 21st 1945. The question remains unanswered - why didn't they take photographs of the gas chambers? They had just allegedly discovered the most heinous murder weapon in all of the recorded History of mankind, where 4 million people were alleged to have been exterminated by the evil Nazi Fascists in gas chambers and this was all that they could come up with? 






Holocaust denialists back calls for reform of Australia's race hate laws





Shoah deniers support Australian call to weaken anti-racism laws





Dr Töben responds to the above articles





Please note that there are some factual errors within the articles published by both The Canberra Times/SMH and Ynet on 21 December 2012. I would be pleased if you could correct same.  


1. I did not serve >>two jail sentences for Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism<<; The German jail sentence was for “defaming the memory of the dead” and the Australian jail sentence was for “contempt of court”, which is not a criminal matter!  


2.I have never stated or written that >>the Auschwitz concentration camps was "too small" to have been the site of mass murder.<<  


3. I have never stated that >>only 2,007 Jews were killed at Auschwitz;<<  


4. Contrary to what the Canberra Times’ writer Noel Towell stated, I am not >>a convicted Holocaust denier<<. The 1999 matter went to an appeal and the 2008 extradition from the UK to Germany, which failed, would have activated the appeal process. Judge Dr Meinerzhagen wrote me a letter to state that this process has been stayed for the time being. This means that I am still an unconvicted so called >>Holocaust denier<<. Please contact Dr Meinerzhagen at Mannheim District Court, Germany, for confirmation.  


5. In 2009 Mr Peter Hartung became the director of Adelaide Institute.  


Kindest regards.  


Fredrick Toben





Law against racial vilification steeped in Australian history…writes Peter Wertheim








In pics: Did US soldiers rob the holocaust victims? Find out!




Did the U.S. Army Rob Holocaust Victims?





The VA lobotomized thousands of returning WWII vets





Not Sucking Baby's Penis After Removing Foreskin Is Heresy, Haredi Rabbi Says









Germany considers arming police with Nazi music identifier app




Al Goldstein Is Dead — and Our Culture Is a Little Poorer

Porn King Exalted in Stereotype of the Dirty Old Jew











Australian Jews brace for fight against repeal of hate laws



Now Section 18C of the RDA is forgotten as the Holocaust Law that was used to imprison and bankrupt those who uncritically refuse to believe in matters Holocaust  







2009 - ECAJ asks Attorney-General to streamline racial vilification law





The octogenarian no-win, no-fee lawyer draining media coffers









Balfour Declaration condemned as ‘crime against humanity’








Statue of a Russian soldier raping a pregnant 
German girl



Polish town tears down statue marking the rape of millions of German women by Russian soldiers






German Womenhood










Protests held outside New York home of accused Nazi guard




Rally at home of nazi war criminal in NY









Plaque commemorating ‘Nazi’ actor Heinrich George removed from Szczecin tenement building




Rommel, son of German field marshal, dies









IHRA agrees on new definition of Holocaust denial




Argentina charges Buenos Aires mayor's spokesman for praising Hitler








Israel’s President Shimon Peres Admits that Israel Ordered the Assassination of Yasser Arafat




Yasser Arafat: a farce in Ramallah









Circumcision - Chief Physician warns Danish politicians against possible Israeli interference    

MKs to traverse Europe to combat anti-circumcision proposals










Merkel: Germany can never be neutral on Israel





Holocaust survivor's family ordered to ship $10M gold tablet back to Berlin museum, court rules





Dutch Christian Zionists to unveil ‘Europe’s largest menorah’












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