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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all supporters of  Adelaide Institute from Director Peter Hartung and senior advisor Dr Fredrick Toben






Christmas Greetings - and Talmudic Filth





Lovely Christmas photo of the Führer and one of his admirers





 Thank you Canada and NATO- You Murdered My Precious Family




Former SS man, 90, starts life term for 1944 killings




Some speak of a national miscarriage by the Allies, which will not survive







Germany seeks to ban far right party




Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians








The Sons of Satan erect their alien totem at the Brandenburg Gate in the holy city of Germania in a
concluding display of arrogance during the 2011 Aryan festival of Winter Solstice




City of Berlin, Once the Seat of Germanic Goodness, Embraces Satanic Menorah



Empire Celebrates Hanukkah



Hanukkia lit in spot Hitler decreed Final Solution - Rabbid Lies to the World - no such decree has ever been discovered 








"A Man: Faurisson"

new website 




Rheinwiesenlager Memorial March

Annual remembrance march for the 1 million young German men who died in Eisenhower's death camps due to starvation and disease



The Third Reich in Ruins







Wiesenthal Center Launches New Nazi Hunt

Blood money offered for alleged German criminals, Jewish criminals immune



The war criminals the Wiesenthal Center won't be hunting








India slams ‘absurd’ bid to ban Gita in Russia




Bhagavad Gita trial in Russia closes Indian parliament








Rabbis present Hanukkah menorah to Dutch parliament leaders, express their gratitude for rejection of proposed ban on vile kosher slaughter



Dutch government to appoint commission on vile practice of ritual animal slaughter










We teach 40,000 children a year about the Holocaust Lie






Who are the modern day Jews?





Stupid anti-Hitler, anti-German rubbish and censorship by God's Chosen ones (not)


U.K. Bookseller Apologizes for Promoting 'Mein Kampf' as Perfect Christmas Present







Komisarjevsky Jury Didn’t Take 

Elie Wiesel’s Advice





Nobel prize winner Elie Wiesel - one of the greatest liars known to mankind makes a desperate plea for the life of a fellow Jew. 








Pyjamas from Imaginary Victim of Imaginary Gas Chamber



The sickest trade of all

Pushing the same old LIES 



"Jewish soap" and "lampshade" lies

A picture tells a thousand words!







Soap Story

 Nazi soap - allegedly made from dead Jews



Soap and Lampshades: The Lies Persist






Mass Grave Discovery Reopens Controversy Over 1945 Killings of Germans







Smith's Report - No 187



Russia slams Strasbourg court for seeking to revise WWII results (Update)








Please note new address:


Herrn Wolfgang FRÖHLICH 

JVA Stein

Steiner-Str. 4,

A 3500 Krems-Stein / Wachau, NÖ








Deutschlandhalle - down the memory hole


Germany must Perish






Anti-Semitism in Australia increases by 31%, study shows




Julia Gillard appoints Bernard Murphy, her partner in crime from Slater and Gordon Lawyers, as a Federal Court of Australia judge.





The FATE of Section 13 Censorship to be decided in Federal Court

December 13-14, 2011, Toronto, Ontario




Australian government bowing to pressure from Israel

Zentai extradition bid






Iran’s First Great Satan Was England



Should animals be stunned before slaughter?










The Dollar Must Survive / Euro Can Die




David Duke Arrested in Prague!!!



Mainstream Media Ignores the Arrest of Dr. David Duke in Germany


On my recent imprisonment and the fight for free speech and the heritage of our people!



 David Duke





War crimes tribunal tries Bush, Blair







Volkswagen AG donating $1 million to ADL




Jews Strolling to the Gas Chambers with Rest Stops and Picnics along the Way





The boys who cry “Holocaust”








Buchenwald Memorial Archivist Cannot ID Elie Wiesel as an Inmate




BBC admits role in 1953 Iranian coup





Secret archive reveals how Russia showed huge support for 'Christian crusader' Nazi invaders who had come to fight 'godless communists'






When women and girls are the enemy







The “Holocaust”
 is a Typical Zionist Myth




The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution
and Russia's Early Soviet Regime



Italy's fascists stay true to Mussolini's ideology







Polish Atrocities Against the German Minority in Poland

Atrocity photos you'll never see on the History Channel




The Destruction of Ethnic Germans and German Prisoners of War in Yugoslavia, 1945-1953








New Revisionist Voices






Netanyahu advocates the Wannsee lie before the United Nations



Poland reopening inquiry into Auschwitz atrocities

perhaps they will find some evidence of the elusive 'gas chamber' fairytale



The Auschwitz ' Gas Chamber' Illusion







Germany marks 'day of shame' on Kristallnacht anniversary, new monument to Satan opened



Berlin -  visual pollution




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