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This picture faces an excerpt from Goebbels’s 1942 Christmas Eve talk: “A soldier speaks tonight of his fallen comrade as he recalls the hard battles of this war, and at home today, a mother, a father, a wife and a group of children remember each dead hero in proud sorrow. Our dead are the only ones with the right to make a demand today, and indeed to us all, at the front or at home. They are the eternal monuments, the voices of our national conscience, which constantly drive us on to do our duty. The mothers who mourn their lost sons may be at peace. They did not in vain bear their children in pain and rear them. They lived the proudest and bravest life that a son of the fatherland can live, crowning with the most heroic end possible: they sacrificed themselves so that we could stand in the light. It is up to us alone whether their great devotion has its deepest meaning.... The coming century shines to us, as the poet says, from a royal distance. It demands of us battle and sacrifice. But one day, we will be there. For us, it is only a matter of time and patience, of courage and work, of faith and confidence in the strength of our souls and the bravery of our hearts.





Life in  the Third Reich  and the World Political




DEATHRIDE: Hitler vs. Stalin: the Eastern Front, 1941-1945


Flanked by flags, supporters march to the freedom and fatherland monument in Riga yesterday to honour the Latvian Waffen SS legion


Thousands pay tribute to Latvia's fallen Nazi troops







Former Nazi soldier appointed to Latvian parliamentary committee





WWII war crime suspect Zentai close to clearing in Australia









Anger over university for thesis calling Holocaust education racist



The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education




Unvarnished Truths About US and Israel: From the pages of Time, Jan 7 1952









Germany gives $80m for preservation of Auschwitz 



Nuremberg kangaroo court museum opens








HoloLies added to Australian national education curriculum







Days 2 and 3 of Sylvia Stolz’s Appeal Trial Before the Bavarian Disciplinary Court for Attorneys




Pedro Varela - Publisher of books that question 

the unquestionable. 




Pedro Varela enter this week in prison for glorifying the genocide


Pedro Varela in prison for 1 year and 3 months 

in Spanish - use Google translator





Persecution of Klaas Carel Faber -88 years old 




Zuroff v Zentai


Nazi hunters still pursuing 89yo Perth man


Zentai wants answers on extradition appeal 







Lithuanian prosecutors probe Holocaust article

In an article on the Nuremberg trials, where the victorious Allies tried top Nazi German officials after World War II, Stankeras wrote that they "provided a legal basis to the legend about the six million purportedly murdered Jews".






Berlin December 2010 - the monument to the greatest and vilest lie in History is covered in snow. The concrete structures are cracking badly, just like the LIES that they represent





New film broaches taboo topic of post-war expulsions





A Talmud Ace Tackles Thorny Issue of Net Neutrality

Turkey and Israel Seek to Repair Ties

Israeli officials say that they are willing to pay compensation (out of US aid funds of course) and express sorrow over what happened, but they have two concerns. They want it spelled out that the commandos who boarded the flotilla were acting in self-defense. And they want whatever deal emerges to end the United Nations inquiry and other international legal actions.




Israel fumes like rabid dog as Argentina and Brazil recognise Palestine







Self appointed Batman-style superhero



Another day, another tall 'Last Nazi' story








Sylvia Stolz’s Appeal Trial before the Bavarian
 Disciplinary Court for Attorneys




The Nuremberg trial (1945-1946) is the crime of crimes



The "Holocaust" Inquisition Loses Another Round






Himmler's daughter member of Nazi fugitive aid group



Himmler's daughter helps Nazi escape justice






Iranian Neo-Nazi, Holocaust Denial Websites Operate with Official Government Approval



Bishop warned: No neo-Nazi lawyer


British bishop hires far-right lawyer in Germany: court






Demjanjuk Nazi Case Punctuated by Delays, Fights With Judge After One Year




Lithuanian historian quits after Holocaust article






Israel recruits citizen advocates in Europe




Russia admits Stalin ordered Katyn massacre of Poles







Konk- his drawing of the big balloon and the pin




One sweep of a broom and the bit of litter left will end up in the rubbish bins of history







Nazis' hero pilot dies at 97





Nazi war criminal Seifert, 86, dies


Nazi extradited from Canada dies in Italy




Ich hatt' einen Kameraden

Youtube video 









In France, a writer, father of eight, is in prison for his historical research


Ahmadinejad asks UN to declare ecological destruction during wars as crime



$1000 in Prize Money for Best Essays on Ethical Challenges Surrounding Elie Wiesel



 Nazi-hunter sued for libel in Hungary by war criminal

The Wiesenthal Centre, worldwide enforcement centre of the Hideous Holocaust Lie





Holocau$t survivor funds cheated of $54m



Claims Conference fraud – local Survivors secure




Wiesenthal Center Official Saddened By Anti-Menorah March In Moldova







Weekly Nazi bashing / Hollowcause enforcement  


Hitler's Nazi party financed WW II with stolen Jewish money



Jewish doctor refuses to operate on Nazi patient







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