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Bias motivates 'ANTI-BIAS' Laws


The Zundel trial & free speech by Douglas Christie


Defending the Canadian Free Speech League by Arthur Topham






No Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves Allowed at Brooklyn Holocaust Memorial


N.Y. Pol: No Gays at Holocaust Memorial

new revisionist website




Revisionists challenge D-Day story


Obama: Buchenwald 'ultimate rebuke'

Obama at Buchenwald: We must confront 'hateful' Holocaust deniers

"I have no patience for people who deny history": Obama dares Ahmadinejad to visit Buchenwald concentration camp


An exercise in enemy propaganda -Dresden & Buchenwald


Obama as a Modern Pharaoh 



Russia - After antisemitic training police were ordered to visit synagogue


Jewish stars over Hollywood - do movies And TV promote Un-American propaganda?




Holocaust denial tackled by Yad Vashem speaker


Intimidation at the New York Times: How the Israel Lobby Silenced 2 Leading Columnists


Zionist censorship at colleges and universities

Mohamed Khodr - The Three Branches of the AIPAC: The Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial






A Barbaric Whale and Dolphin Killing in Faroe Islands (Denmark)

not very appropriate music







Unseen photographs reveal the private life of Adolf Hitler



Canada's leaders swoon over Israel


Clovis Points - YouTube video


The Jewish Declaration of War
on Nazi Germany


The American Ship They Just Couldn’t Sink


US Army Confirms Israeli Nukes


Court says nuclear test soldiers can sue Britain






Chabad rabbi aims to clarify remarks on killing civilians


Popular Rabbi’s Comments on Treatment of Arabs Show

 a Different Side of Chabad - Jewish newspaper Forward



EU donates millions to preserve Auschwitz





Not guilty at Nuremberg:  The German Defense Case

Nuremberg history


The HOLOCAUST for Dummies



Revisionist Reflections on the Upcoming
“Holocaust” Demjanjuk Trial in Germany









"We came to the beacon of free speech in the Western world," Sheppard said, "which turned out to be a complete fantasy."


Heretical Press Website 




Denial of the Holocaust in Holland - The Judicial Aspects


Holland - Holocaust controversy - former party leader Bolkestein supports Rutte’s free speech advocacy

translation of 3 Dutch newspaper articles




'Proud Hungarians must prepare for war against the Jews'



“Racists for Democracy”


Russian military historian blames Poland for WWII


Lithuania is investigating Jewish Holocaust survivors as war criminals—and using their own memoirs as evidence against them


Bataan survivors hear apology from Japan official


African land grab sure to backfire


Terror victims to be able to sue in Canadian courts





Ahmadinejad calls Holocaust a "great deception"


Enemies will never dare to attack Iran: Ahmadinejad


Latest Study Supports View That Iran Attack Unlikely To Work


A Reappraisal of Germany and Europe's "Crusade against Bolshevism"


French anti-Zionist party slogans concern Jews


Merkel to accompany Obama on visit to concentration camp in Germany

Note that they do not visit a German, nor an American monument




The Origins of World War 2

The unexpected views of four key diplomats who were close to events

Germany’s catalogue of basic rights at 60: lessons for Australia


Allies bombing on D-Day 'close to war crime', claims historian






Government of Canada Supports National Task Force on Holocaust Research, Remembrance and Education


Holocaust survivors win pensions claims in landmark ruling

Will the survivors of the German Holocaust will get the same?


Latest holocaust enforcement propaganda




Famous French sociologist Alain Besançon discovers "the religion of the Shoah"

The Man Who Murdered Count Folke Bernadotte


Australian TV station releases new Abu Ghraib torture photographs

Bishop Williamson video at Telling Films website

The Pope vs Holocaust deniers

 The Case for Germany 1939 

New witness in Demjanjuk case says he served with him in concentration camp, lived with him in Germany



Latest Round of Stolz Trials
Day 8, 30 April 2009


Spain targets 3 alleged Nazi guards in US


Israel debates 'loyalty' law

a bill that would mandate the imprisonment of anyone who calls for the end of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state

Coming soon to Australia via the Racial Vilification Act??




Iran: Hitler was a Jew



Hungary to outlaw Holocaust denial


Dutch liberal leader: Holocaust denial should not be a crime


Polar Bear- I come in peace



Call for inquiry into Abu Ghraib 'rape' photographs

This story says that it was the Daily Telegraph (London) that first reported the rape scenes in those photos, after denials from the Pentagon.

Why couldn't it have been a US newspaper?


Announcing a new program: The New Nationalist Perspective with Tom Sunic


British Holocaust survivor leaves Norway on Police advice



Family Fears Little Adolf Hitler Won't Come Home

underwear recalled after complaints over 'Hitler image'



Polish court punishes 'Mein Kampf' publisher


The Martyrdom of Julius Streicher


The Torture of Julius Streicher


"If the Holocaust can be shown to be a Zionist myth, the strongest of all weapons in Israel's propaganda armoury collapses."

 Professor W D Rubenstein (Quadrant, September 1979)



To my dear comrades in the struggle for a free Germany in a free Europe - Kevin Käther



Auschwitz: The comic book

Ukrainian nationalists get ban on Holocaust film

Ukraine starts criminal case into 1930s famine

Holocaust and Holodomor



Christianity and the Holocaust Ideology: 
Reflections on the Bishop Williamson Affair

Do Jews Have a Jesus Problem?

Believe Me, It’s Torture

Who is an anti-Semite?


Money Talks

Conference on the Aktion 1005

Father Desbois' book is part of a new tactic by the Holocaust industry to keep the six million number in the news and maybe even beef it up some. Russia is refusing to proceed with investigations they started into Soviet war crimes like Katyn. Putin said something to the effect they now want to look forward not backwards. So the Holocaust industry is turning it's attention to the East where they can use the patently propagandistic reports of the old Soviet Extraordinary Committee to retro fit their story. Expect fewer books about the gas chambers this year and more about Einsatzgrupen and police battalion pit shootings.

Mohammed A. Hegazi bloodspots

Debating the Holocaust

Holocaust toll will rise even higher, says priest on trail of Nazi mass-killers

   The Latest Round of Stolz Trials Second Day, 24 March 2009

         A New Round of Stolz Trials First Day, 18 March 2009

Sylvia Stolz

Three and a half years in a German Gulag for refusing to believe LIES



        Free Speech Versus Jewish Propaganda in Australia 

              Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery

             Jerusalem holy sites will remain Israeli forever

      L’affaire Williamson: The Church and Holocaust Denial

                                Incredible - VW Factory

                     Hitler's European Holocaust Helpers


                  Nick Griffin invited to Queen's garden party

                      Garden party warning to BNP man

In his defence during his 1998 prosecution, Griffin said: "I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat ... I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria."



                       The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel


  Young Germans learn to fall in love with their country again

Here is an an article that claims to illustrate the new national confidence of German Youth. It contains a photograph of a bare chested male with his hand on his crotch and a shishka exposing her crotch  and one breast on stage. Surely this demonstrates a repetition of the Jew's Weimar Republic of prostitution, booze and hard drugs. This is not national confidence but national and self-denigration.


Israel wants prison for those recognizing the Palestinian Holocaust


           Guidelines of the German Federation to Abolish Interest Slavery

                          Tarantino vows to bring down the Third Reich


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