News/Articles May/June 2016




Document NI-9912 reduces to naught all the supposed “witnesses’ accounts”, without exception, on the use of Zyklon B to kill human beings.













Carlo Mattogno: Curated Lies—The Auschwitz Museum’s Misrepresentations, Distortions and Deceptions








Horst Mahler’s defence in his appeal to have his Section 130 charge of “inciting the people” dismissed.  

Imagine, he submits a book in his defence!

(In German)  







Europe Awake!


How to Stop the Assisted Suicide

of the Western World


a book by famed Swiss Revisionist scholar Juergen Graf










Wiesel archivist finds another version of “Night” – now there are six!











Joseph Goebbels





Furious Germans Abandoning Their "Lyin' Corporate Media" in Droves





Dr.Goebbels - 1933, 10.February , Speech in Sportpalast


What has changed?










"Prof. Robert Faurisson: An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism"1992









Israel outraged over Spain’s Netanyahu arrest warrant









Alternative for Germany: Clashes outside German right-wing party congress, 400 arrested





Awarded for WHAT? 5 very awkward int’l prizes as Germany’s Merkel honored over EU migrant crisis





German parliamentarians 'must condemn Iranian anti-Semitism'











Letter to the USHMM :The Tragedy of the Nordhausen Camp Hospital












Customs kicks anti-Semitic French comic out of Canada





It's Crime Time! Copenhagen Swamped With Foreign Criminals





The Untold History of US War Crimes





Sadiq Khan's first function to be at Holocaust memorial





Was the French Resistance Jewish?










Christians in Iraq baffled at how U.S. can find water on mars but not ISIS in the desert











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