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Greens courted Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben
The persecution continues






Margarete Walendy acquitted
81 year old woman acquitted on the charge of spreading racial hatred for distributing magazines which dismiss the Holocaust  as a legend and question the alleged mass killings in the extermination camps Belzec and Treblinka.

in German - use Google translate






Günter Deckert released after 5 months jail for refusing to believe Holocaust propaganda and proudly standing up for Germany and Truth. Pictured with Sylvia Stolz and other friends





"Our 'democracy' with its “guaranteed basic rights” is pure theory; the everyday reality is the other way round."



The trial of Guenter Deckert by Sylvia Stolz




Flashback - Günter Deckert Sentenced to Five Months of Prison for Translating Book









Worldwide crackdown on Nazis - Holocaust Myth/Lies' Final Frenzied Death Throes



Laszlo Csatary 98,charged with murdering 15,700 Jews
Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish Hate organization active in hounding down, cruelly persecuting, imprisoning and humiliating Nazis for alleged but rarely proven crimes, and promoting hatred against the German Nation and People. Of course they will not hound down Jewish War Criminals - of which there is an overabundant supply!




Minneapolis - 94 year old Michael Karkocunit hounded by Holocaust extremists





Gerd Schaefer, 88-year-old Philadelphia man accused of serving as an SS guard at Auschwitz 






93-year-old alleged former Auschwitz guard Hans Lipschis arrested









Michelle Obama and Daughter's mandatory visit to the Shrine in memory of the Great Holocaust Lie


Berlin Holocaust Memorial. The casual observer will note an uncanny resemblance of the concrete blocks to the shape and operation of the average German's head. No doubt this memorial will be renamed, once Germany regains her senses as the ' Denkmal des Deutsches Schafskopf ' (Memorial of the German Blockhead)



Mass Graves From Holocaust Found in Tel Aviv
Jewish War Criminals still at large





Hitler's Testament: A Historic Final Statement to the World



Farewell to Hitler










Letter to "Le Monde"
"The Problem of the Gas Chambers 
or "The Rumour of Auschwitz"

Robert Faurisson, 1978





American WWII GIs were dangerous sex-crazed rapists who the French feared as much as the Germans





The GIs who raped France



NYC Mayor Candidates concerned over Jewish penis-sucking circumcision ritual





Norway Cartoon May be Hate Crime, European Jewish Congress Says





WHO approves Israeli-developed genital mutilation device






Time to confront Croatia’s hidden Holocaust
The lie grows once again, another Auschwitz discovered.
Two Auschwitzs are better than one !!




Expert: Holocaust Denial is Prevalent and Dangerous




Greek lawmaker suggests in Parliament he is a Holocaust denier




Jobbik MP: Auschwitz museum may not reflect facts






Netanyahu in Auschwitz: ‘Israel will do whatever is necessary to prevent another Holocaust’





Money-bucket Germany to grant additional compensation to child victims of the Holocaust















Dear friends of my father,

It is my sad duty to inform you of the death of my father, Mr. Guy-Roger de Menasce Dommergue Polacco.
He died Sunday at his home, surrounded by his loving family.

You will find attached:
* The obituary in the newspaper Paraire of May 29, 2013.
* The prayer he had written during the agony of his own mother’s death.
* A photo before he suffered a stroke in early January.

His childrencan be contacted at the email address if you wish to convey your condolence.


Aurélien Dommergue













Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce 1-3

Youtube video



Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce 2-3




Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce 3-3












Sylvia Stolz: So Much for Freedom of Opinion in Germany: Countless Convictions for Expressing Opinions





The trial of Guenter Deckert by Sylvia Stolz









Australian lawmakers sign anti-Semitism declaration






















Germany arrests 'former Auschwitz guard' Hans Lipschis



93-year-old Auschwitz Cook Prosecuted




Number Four on SWC's "Most Wanted" List Arrested in Germany





Hans Lipshis - 93 years old




A Final Effort to Find Nazi War Criminals








The verdict of the so-called Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial (Frankfurt/Main District Court 4 Ks 2/63) reads: "...The Court lacked almost all possibility of gaining insight or knowledge of the facts that would be present in a normal murder trial, in order to create an accurate picture of events at the time of the murders. There were no bodies of victims, no results of autopsies, no expert opinions about cause and time of death, no evidence concerning perpetrators, weapons, etc. It was seldom possible to even question eyewitnesses." (Frankfurt Trial Blatt (Folio) 595 a-54, page 434)


Page 434 of the Verdict reads: "...In its depiction of the actions of the defendants, the Court was limited almost exclusively to eyewitness accounts... There were hardly any witnesses who observed events at Auschwitz as neutral observers." (Page 432)


Nevertheless, the Tribunal issued 23 death sentences based upon this 'evidence'




Although no physical evidence of  'gas chambers' was ever discovered, photographs of the Auschwitz train station were in abundant supply











Commemoration held at Bleiburg to mark 68th anniversary of atrocities




"Ideological scions of those same criminals responsible for Bleiburg and the death marches are again trying to conceal their crimes, downplay them, and push them into oblivion as well as to smear the victims.


Bleiburg Massacres - the forced repatriation of hundreds of thousands of human beings who had surrendered to the British and were then betrayed by them to certain death, at the hands of the Yugoslav Army and Secret Police.




Commemoration of the Victims of the Bleiburg Tragedy and Death Marches, Known as the Croatian Way of the Cross

from 2012








West German Justice and So-Called National Socialist Violent Crimes








Hungarian Jewish mothers with babies 2 days after Dachau liberation. Obviously well looked after. It is unclear from the photo as to whether they had been gassed to death in the imaginary gas chambers or not.






American G.I.'s in clear violation of their own rules of warfare, murdered 560 innocent men in cold blood, deliberately, cruelly, with malice and forethought.



The Dachau Massacre









Good ol' American Justice. Shortly after the war's end Dachau camp was converted to a war crimes court. 1,672 German alleged war criminals were tried in 489 separate proceedings. In total 1,416 former members of the Nazi regime were convicted, of these, 297 received death sentences and 279 were sentenced to life in prison.









NSDAP Kreisleiter Franz Strasser, shortly before being hanged on January 2, 1946. He was sentenced to death by the Dachau Trials for killing five American POWs


Of course no Americans were ever tried for their War Crimes, clearly demonstrating mockery and disregard of the whole concept of Justice.









From the people who brought you the 'Destruction of Dresden'....'The Flattening of Duren'








World Jewish Congress urges European countries to consider banning neo-Nazi parties








Your only source for news regarding the Social Nationalist Movement of the Golden Dawn, in English, free of Western Marxist propaganda




Greece to ban Holocaust denial and Nazi salute





Jobbik leads anti-Jewish rally in Budapest on eve of World Jewish Congress








Israel Inaugurates 5th Dolphin-Class Sub




Friends of Israel Defense Forces Raises $27 Million Under NY Media’s Radar




War's Worst Horror: Babies As Footballs






Shock, Horror, German TV drops Derrick show over SS actor revelations











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