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Power Politics and Historical Perversion



Down with the EURO-TEURO!







Interview with Gerhard Ittner





Regulation 18B - Imprisonment Without Charge Or Trial

Concentration camps in England and the Isle of Man








Who stole our culture?








Netanyahu to Obama: When We Say “Jump” You Answer, “How High”?





White House spectacle, June 13, 2012

President Obama bestows on Israel’s President Shimon Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.



President Shimon Peres, father of Israel’s colonial settlements, has committed myriad international crimes







My Patient, Hitler A Memoir of Hitler’s Jewish Physician







How Many Walls will Secure the Zionist Occupation of Palestine?



African immigrants will be put in Israeli concentration camps








Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov’t Then Arrests All Rothschild Bankers



“Mama, will Baba Roumieh (the Pope from Rome) visit us in Shatila camp?”











European Union defines criminal anti-semitism

Germany to tackle neo-Nazis with database




German neo-Nazis make gains against bumbling government ‘crackdown’








Queen unveils memorial to Bomber Command War Criminals




'Worth it'- Or a war crime- How to remember the British terror bombing of German civilians




New Lady Renuf Film Demands British Apology For Dresden Genocide







Witches' pardoned 400 years after executions








Everything people believed about Hitler's intentions toward Britain was a myth created by Churchill










German court rules circumcision is 'bodily harm'




"No grown man should ever be legally allowed to put his mouth on a newborn's penis... ever."




Let them eat bagels: Queen Elizabeth's relationship with the Jews remains a mystery





Dutch Jews and Muslims fight for circumcision right










‘Hyper-wealthy Jewish Zionists can dictate who our candidates are’




Gold fixing




Mark Rothko, Abstract Expressionism and the Decline of Western Art, Part 1









Adolf Hitler's glorious men "were the bravest of the brave. Those who traffic in the Holocaust are neither brave nor honourable. Just low and greedy."





The European Atrocity You Never Heard About



Millions of Germans were exterminated after the War had 'ended'. No-one cared as they were only Gentiles.




The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany











Demjanjuk attorney files complaint against doctors







Obituary: Tony Hancock, rightwing "practical idealist"




Anthony Hancock (1947-2012)







French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy dies, aged 98



Roger Garaudy dead


(in Spanish, use Google translate)




Pedro Varela's Blog

(in Spanish, use Google translate)







British World War Two propaganda artworks released on Wikipedia




Pope of the Holocaust Religion, and serial liar Elie Wiesel rejects Hungarian award 





When Hitler defined art



An "artist" and a "house painter"



Artful Race: The Idea of Physical Beauty and Ugliness






by Prof. Austin J. App, Ph.D. 




How World War II Came About






Ilse Koch and the Alleged Lampshade





French Jewish leader ‘shocked’ by French national team’s Euro 2012 Auschwitz omission





Vile practice of shechita

Rabbinical Centre of Europe: Dutch Senate vote on shechita is 'victory of tolerance'





- of the Special Commission for the Examination and Investigation of the Circumstances of the Shooting of Polish Prisoners of War in the Katyn Forest by the German Fascist Invaders





Programme of the NSDAP, 24 February 1920





Italian Daily: Holocaust "The Greatest Lie of Modern Times"




A federal Europe would be a German super-state, because no other population is so motivated to succeed






The suppressed History of Crimes committed on German soldiers in WWII

Part I

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6






The Secret Betrayal





Revisionism in Cartoons






Nazi war criminals enjoying a peaceful retirement in Australia?






Israel’s German-built submarines are equipped with nuclear weapons, Der Spiegel reports



One Million People to Flee Israel in Case of Iran's Reprisal for Israeli Attack




Elie Wiesel sponsors petition that assaults Greek and European democratic independence




German Author Says Berlin Is Hostage to Holocaust in Euro Crisis








Air Photo Evidence

The Entire Ball Report "Air Photo Evidence" Now Online!








Yad Vashem, European group sign pact to enhance Holocaust education



Jewish hypocrisy on ethnonationalism in Israel versus the Diaspora: A picture is worth a thousand words






Germany Still Locates 40,000 War Casualties a Year

Of 6 million alleged Jewish gassing victims (and 5 million gentiles as well, who are not worth mentioning) 

there has never been found the remains of one single gassing victim!




Picture opportunity from Iran seeking wisdom at Mashhad in May 2012

Dr Töben's website



Polish man accused of 'war crimes' against the Germans








On Rudolf Höss’ alleged visit to Treblinka








Holohoax 102 - Holohoax Believe It, Or Not



The Gas Chamber at Dachau:
Now You See It, Now You Don't








Elie Wiesel Knows Soviet “Liberators” Destroyed the Birkenau Crematoriums



Little New in Wiesel’s Speech at Xavier; Robert Ransdell Gets Attention








Germar Rudolf 's Website







The Zionist Infestation Of Africa



Zions Two Minutes of Hatred in Vienna









Weekend Oz apologises for slur




Doctors group says heterosexual marriage better for kids








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