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A Modern German Family




Purim,  2016 and continuing.......





Newsletter 940







German Govt. Promotes Interracial Sex






















The Legacy of Tony Blair: Deception and Jewish Ethnic Strategizing in the Creation of Multicultural Britain






Reproduced above is a full-color front page from a devout Orthodox Judaic religious newspaper. It was published on the 12th of Adar 5767 (March 2, 2007). It depicts two Judaic men drunkenly cavorting on Purim: one is holding a liquor bottle and glass of liquor, the other is doing a tipsy somersault; both men are fulfilling their religious obligation. 








  A Chronicle of Calamities and Catastrophes for Gentiles 


 By Michael Hoffman





The message of Purim is one of undying hatred for the genetic seed of Europe that defeated the creed of the Talmud and the Kabbalah during the Catholic Middle Ages and in early Lutheran Germany.





The hidden hand that keeps the Israeli state immune from Wahhabist Islamic terror has inflicted Purim-style vengeance on a dying Europe through that very terror 







An English Revisionist in Paris





Thanks to Robert Faurisson, the new Jewish religion of the “Holocaust” with its Zyklon B-filled Holy Grail has been exposed as a load of gaseous nonsense.




Robert Faurisson


The Victories of Revisionism (Continued)






Contrasting Justice: Breivik vs. Mahler




Amazing animation shows how the Allies slaughtered millions of German women and children 













German government and civil society together must fight anti-Semitism among refugees, says German Chancellor Angela Merkel





Full text of Donald Trumpelstein’s speech to AIPAC





Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is now a best-seller in Germany





Rethinking Mein Kampf





Too dangerous for the general public









Nazi doctor Mengele's remains to be used for experiments







Yemen’s last Jews flown to Israel in covert operation












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