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In the Jewish puppet state of Germany even pensioners must be sent to the Gulag if they refuse to worship the 

Judeo- Satanic Holocaust Religion

God help Germany!



Ursula Haverbeck, a cheeky smile and 81 years of age,

sentenced with her accomplice George Wiesholler, 91.

They distributed pamphlets at schools promoting the truth about German History.



The Allies version of History must be protected by law in Germany, as any critical examination soon exposes the ludicrousness of the gas-chamber story and the 6 million lies surrounding it, that were fabricated after World War Two.


Germany - Pensioners sentenced for Holocaust Denial


Incitement of the masses: 

Ursula Haverbeck, to be imprisoned 








An Angel from Heaven

Sylvia Stolz looking very refreshed 

after spending three and a half years in the Gulag





Sylvia upon release from Aichach prison. Met by Günter Deckert (left) and Lady Renouf (right). Lady Renouf came from London to meet Sylvia.







Some good news has just arrived concerning the Austrian writer, poet and revisionist Gerd Honsik, 69, father of 3 children. Arrested on August 23, 2007 in Spain, extradited to, and then imprisoned in Austria, the sentence being 4 years, he was not to be released, in theory, until 2013. In a letter addressed to a correspondent and dated April 19, he announced that following an appeal he submitted to the Court of Vienna, his sentence has been reduced by 18 months. This means that he should be released at the end of 2011!  


Gerd Honsik - as always in cases such as this, the judge refused to allow evidence to be brought before the court, which would verify that the so-called Holocaust is nothing more than lies and wartime propaganda. The court deemed that truth is irrelevant and refused to admit the evidence in true Nuremberg Kangaroo court style! 






The Ten Commandments of the “Holocaust” Religion










The Jews Sacked Westerwelle





The Hoax of the
Twentieth Century
The Case Against The Presumed
Extermination Of European Jewry

Classic Revisionist work by the Great Arthur Butz







Dutch parliament likely to ban ritual slaughter next week



European Rabbinical Centre denounces timing of vote of EU parliament proposal against the vile practice of kosher slaughter






The American Ideal of 1776
The Twelve Basic American Principles



Censure anti-Semitic teacher, Italian Jewish leaders say











Hungarian extreme-right TV celebrates Hitler's birthday




Ideal for Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs etc 


Austria pastry maker faces complaint over Nazi cakes









Celebration of Sylvia Stolz's Release from the Gulag







"the pleasure at being released from prison is greatly dampened by the realization that the German nation still far from free..."






Hail Sylvia Stolz!





Sylvia Stolz was released on April 13, 2011, after rotting in a German Gulag for three and a half years





Real Life Superheroes





FBI thought Demjanjuk evidence faked

Imagine that! Why was this report kept secret for 25 years and why did this persecution continue unabated?

Three decades of U.S. hearings, an extradition, a death sentence followed by acquittal in Israel, a deportation and now a trial in Munich, the arguments have relied heavily on the photo ID



John Demjanjuk - sentenced to death after a Nuremberg style show trial in Israel



An Evil Campaign to Frame an Innocent Man







Jail terms for German neo-Nazi radio station







Europe remembers how Eichmann trial and TV changed perceptions of Holocaust



The real Eichmann Trial 
The Incorrigible Victors






Rabbinical Centre of Europe expresses 'deep concern' over Dutch legislation to ban the Vile practice of Jewish ritual slaughter






Jailing the Lawyers!!

Latest inspiring film from Telling Films

Youtube video




Quote of the Day: Alan Dershowitz on Anti-Semitism


Czechoslovak and British Concepts of a Sudeten German Genocide







Yad Vashem puts Eichmann trial on YouTube


Israel to commemorate 50 years of Eichmann trial around the world







Iceland seeks to become sanctuary for free speech




Toben Questions Israel’s “Wrong Beliefs” (Brendon O”Connell video)



The Katyn Forest Massacre – A Revisionist History Rosetta Stone









'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring'




Toben - I am an ANTISEMITE! 




Dutch consider banning vile Kosher slaughter





Live from the Toilet









Debunking Polish stereotypes: the cavalry charge against German tanks



Did this British PoW really smuggle himself into Auschwitz to expose the Holocaust... or is his account pure fantasy and an insult to millions who died there?




Austria pastry maker faces complaint over Nazi cakes








Demonstration for Horst Mahler's freedom














Horst Mahler, 75 years old, sits rotting in a German Gulag, sentenced to 11 years prison for the 'crime' of defending TRUTH, and denouncing the Filthy Lies known as the Jewish Holocaust





We confirm that Vincent Reynouard will be released from the gulag on April 5, 8:30 AM


Centre pénitencier de Valenciennes

N° d'écrou: 33034 - 75 rue Lomprez - 






Sylvia Stolz, who was to be released on April 15, will in fact emerge from the gulag two days earlier than envisaged, on April 13, 8:00 AM


JVA Münchener Str. 33,
D-86551 Aichach 





Sylvia Stolz, sentenced to three and a half years in a German Gulag for refusing to believe Holocaust propaganda, and attempting to defend her client, Ernst Zundel against charges of Holocaust denial.


"If my actions bring a little more light into this dark hour for Germany, then I will gladly go to prison! It does not bother me that I am officially ridiculed and insulted by this despicable court and atrocious government... My high and mighty judges, you are convicting yourselves, not me."





German prosecutors want 6-year prison term for Demjanjuk


Nazi death camp guard who died before answering charges of killing 430,000 Jews 'may have been assassinated'

People demonstrate against neo-Nazi marches in Germany, police order neo-Nazis to change their route






English- "Auschwitz- Technique & Operation of the Gas Chambers" or, improvised Gas Chambers & "Casual Gassings" at Auschwitz & Birkenau, according to J.-C. Pressac (1989)




The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide

Which Way White Man? (Part 2)



The Misery Of Diversity








The Spaniards who fought for Hitler






Elie Wiesel and Chapman University need help with “knowledge and ethics” surrounding the holocaust



Taking Deborah Lipstadt Apart




Moscow prosecutor refuses to ban Protocols of the Elders of Zion, one of the most infamous fake anti-Semitic book








Andrew Bolt's views part of debate on Aboriginal identity, court told



Poland slams US over WWII inaction on Holocaust



‘Top 10 Anti-Semitic Slurs of 2010' list





Idiotic garbage 


The Nazis' secret weapon: they were high







Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?







Latvians honor Waffen SS fighters


Latvian SS veterans march through Riga


Latest updates from Dr Toben, including the latest Rev Louis Farrakhan video, well worth watching






Norwegian lawmaker denies Holocau$t


MP loses party support for Hoax denial






Germany: The Court of Regensburg announced this day, Wednesday March 23 that the lawsuit of Reverend Richard Williamson, would take again on July 4. 






German prosecutor calls for six years in 'Nazi guard' trial


'Nazi' John Demjanjuk faces possible six-year jail term






Which Way White Man? (Part 1)
Tom Sunic





France's Far-Right Candidate Leads Presidency Poll





Elie Wiesel and the Mossad, Part IV



Helen Thomas - Jews 'own the White House'







The Destruction of Ethnic Germans and German Prisoners of War
in Yugoslavia, 1945-1953







Report: Deepening Rift Between Germany and Israel


Austria to retain Vermeer piece



'47% of Germans think Israel exterminating Palestinians'

of course they are anti-Semitic for thinking this !!!



Jewish group disturbed by results of survey on anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe







Tour reveals layers of Shanghai's Jewish history



Israel's right to exist



Trump: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate






Dönitz and the American Brass by Hans Krampe: Nuremberg trials were not trials but just a stylized lynching




Adolf the Great 


An endless campaign of lies to smear him, including the alleged but never proven claim that he exterminated 6 million Jews in gas chambers




The only freedom we have in the west is the freedom to go shopping: Dr. Fredrick Toben






A large gathering is being organized by the German revisionists Kevin Käther and his lawyer, Me Nahrath Wolfram, to demand the repeal of article 130 of the German Penal code, and the release of Horst Mahler.

Mahler was condemned in 2009 under the terms of this article to 12 years of prison for revisionism, which, for this man who is 75 years old, is equivalent to life imprisonment. 

The gathering will take place on March 26, 2011 at 12:00 PM in the carpark of the prison where  Horst Mahler is locked up: 


Anton-Saefkow-alley 22 
D-14772 Brandenburg 




" Imprisoned here is Horst Mahler, tomorrow it might be you"

Kevin Käther asks that revisionists make every effort to take part in this important gathering. Accompanying this call will be a certain number of legal arguments highlighting the illegality of the imprisonment of Horst Mahler.

 Many supporters are planning to go to Germany on April 15 to attend the release from prison of the lawyer Sylvia Stolz. For those who do not envisage two voyages to this country, can one suggest to them going preferably to the rallying of March 26? Sylvia Stolz will undoubtedly be released on the announced date (as Ernst Zündel had left, on March 1, 2010, on the announced date), but imagine the impact that an immense gathering on March 26 would have in front of the prison of Horst Mahler where he remains locked up!


Horst Mahler, brilliant political thinker
sentenced to 12 years in a German Gulag for refusing to bow down to the Holocaust Lies



We immediately announce to our correspondents news which has just been communicated to us by the German revisionist Günter Deckert: The German lawyer Sylvia Stolz will be released from the prison of Aichach, close to Augsburg, on April 15, at 6.00 AM". Here is the address of the prison: 


Sylvia Stolz 
JVA Münchener Str. 33,
D-86551 Aichach 


Let us recall however that throughout all her recent lawsuit in progress (concerning her professional prohibition), Sylvia Stolz has been imprisoned in Munich: the last audience before the Court, her 11th, took place on March 1, the next one will take place on March 15 and normally audiences are envisaged right up to April 12, just before her release. 

Until this date it is thus appropriate use the following address to write to her:



Frau Sylvia Stolz 
JVA München
Schwarzenbergstraße 14
D-81549 München 



The Bavarian Spitfire

Sylvia Stolz - Three and a half years in a Gulag for attempting to bring evidence into court which disputes the protected version of History in her efforts to defend Ernst Zundel.



German who tried to kill Hitler attacks army as 'soft' and predicts new Fuhrer


Zentai lawyers hit legal snag


Hungary- Patriotic organizations remembered the Day of Honor



German mass grave sheds new light on close of World War Two








French Jewish radio cancels controversial interview with extreme-right leader Marine Le Pen




'Zorba the Greek' composer: I’m anti-Semitic



Israeli occupation: Calling A Spade A Spade






Epic Holocaust propaganda film 'Shoah' to be beamed to Iran via satellite TV



Chomsky Calls Elie Wiesel “One of The Major Frauds of Our Time”









Israel may ask U.S. for $20 billion more in security aid




The Thirteenth Tribe: The history of non-Semitic Jews







Picture of Heinrich Himmler moments after he was suicided on sale

Apparently, “He oversaw the Gestapo and the concentration camps and is regarded as the architect of the Holocaust."

He never had a chance to answer these charges







Synagogue of Satan inaugurated in Skopje, Macedonia



German Idiocy


Leading German politician could face investigation for 'Nazi' phrase




Tourist arrested for giving Heil Hitler! salute in holiday photo outside Reichstag






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