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In spite of the repression, revisionism will win

Robert Faurisson




The War on White Australia: A Case Study in the Culture of Critique
 Part 1 of 5





The Last Days of the Big Lie

A Masterpiece

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The Auschwitz Lie has finally run its course and the truth has triumphed

Horst Mahler’s Closing Statement - 2009






The Auschwitz swindle has had its day







More charges filed against most-wanted Nazi in Slovakia





Nazi guard may be tried in Germany





Hungarian lawyer seeks indictment against Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff







Bodies dug from graves to fuel trade in Nazi souvenirs





'The Immortals': German youth stage impromptu demonstrations in cities across country







Paula Hitler - statement in support for her brother

She never wavered a moment even to the day  

of her death. She knew.




German state cracks down on neo-Nazis




Austria: ‘Anti-Semitic’ cartoon prompts inquiry







Australia's leading Holocaust enforcer says officials complicit in sheltering Nazi war criminals





Peru's Nazi party leader - even the conquistadors were Jews









Israel's inquiry into death of activist Rachel Corrie not credible, says US





Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us







Complaint filed against Israeli rabbi in Germany for carrying out circumcision




Circumcision ban could make Germany 'laughing stock', Angela Merkel tells her party





German ethics committee backs circumcision with provisos






Minister Farrakhan Speaking at U.C. Berkeley - Full Lecture

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French President admits France's role in death camp deportations






THE SIX MILLION SWINDLE by Prof. Austin J. App, Ph.D.








Will Dr Fredrick Töben be bankrupted by 
fanatical Jewish Holocaust enforcers??



Persecuted for over 14 years for daring to question the alleged Jewish Holocaust, now in advanced Bankruptcy proceedings






Dr Fredrick Töben with Peter Hartung, (Director of Adelaide Institute who has denounced the alleged Jewish Holocaust as "Filthy Jewish Lies").


Prison in Three countries, over a decade of persecution by representatives of Australia's Jewish community, and now impending bankruptcy.

In spite of all this, Töben will not recant and continues to denounce the Holocaust LIES.







Most-wanted Nazi denies war crime claims




Ghosts from Hungary’s tortured past








Georges Thiel - Revisionist/Author

72nd Birthday 8 August 2012

Persecuted by French Authorities for many years.

Suffering health problems and has recently 

undergone a third operation.



Heresy in Twenty-First Century France - PDF

a case of insubordination to the Holocaust Dogma

Georges M. Thiel







Number of German births hit post-war low







Jewish-Born Clerics Helped Push Vatican II Reforms



50 Years Ago: Vatican II changed the Vatican’s positions on key issues including the church’s teachings on Jews. Many of the intellectual forces behind the reforms were converts from Judaism







Paul of Tarsus, Or Christianity and Jewry








This week in Michigan history: Henry Ford is honored with a medal from Adolf Hitler



The International Jew
- The World’s Foremost Problem











German Tolerance - rower sent home due to neo-Nazi links




Aust gives $500k for Auschwitz-Birkenau Lies







Astute readers (and most pigeons and baboons) will notice that pictures of the Auschwitz Railway Station are in great supply as "proof" of Nazi atrocities. The same astute readers (and pigeons and baboons) will ask the question - Why not show a picture of the actual gas chamber??








Montevideo Maru remembered 70 years on




Australia's worst ever wartime maritime disaster. More than 1000 Australian POW's and internees lost their lives after the Japanese prison ship the Montevideo Maru was torpedoed by a US submarine



Montevideo Maru controversy









Rehabilitated: Nobel Prize winner who fell for Hitler




Knut Hamsun and the Cause of Europe



Knut Hamsun


Adolf Hitler


I'm not worthy to speak up for Adolf Hitler, and to any sentimental rousing his life and deeds do not invite.

Hitler was a warrior, a warrior for humankind and a preacher of the gospel of justice for all nations. He was a reforming character of the highest order, and his historical fate was that he functioned in a time of exampleless [unequalled] brutality, which in the end felled him.

Thus may the ordinary Western European look at Adolf Hitler. And we, his close followers, bow our heads at his death.


Knut Hamsun


(published on the evening of 7 May 1945, one week after Hitler's death)





Hospitals in Austria and Switzerland suspend circumcision



Danish Parliament discusses ban on religious circumcision






Baby dies in bizarre religious ritual





The Mohel sucks the blood from the infants just circumcised penis. Most Gentiles would be horrified to learn of this practice.





Was the Lusitania Britain's war crime? 

1,198 passengers died in 1915 when the liner sank - but was a German torpedo really to blame?






Hillary Clinton speech at Temple of Satan : Push back against Holocaust deniers







Hitler, Jesse Owens falsehood regurgitated yet again



Jewish Myths about the Berlin Olympic Games (1936)




Jesse Owens: Myth and Reality









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