News/Articles  January/February 2016





Auschwitz guard on trial for helping in 170,000 murders 'made hell possible' says a survivor born inside the Nazi death camp





Germany's twilight Nazi trials about more than justice






"Such trials have been pivotal in Germany in building a national consciousness about the scale of the war crimes."










After 70 years historians have been unable to come up with a single piece of physical evidence supporting the 'extermination of  6,000,000 Jews' dogma







Talmudic mentality:
Bigotry against Germans is “hilarious”








Flyers claiming Holocaust was a 'fraud' found at Melbourne uni






Germans Expelled From Czechoslovakia After WWII Drop Territorial Claims 






Rape - bad, kissing guys - OK: Migrants handed cartoon guide on how to behave in west








The Liberal Youth of Sweden: Allow incest and necrophilia








Sleep deprivation linked to false confessions








After being tortured for three days including being deprived of sleep, Hoess finally signed his confession under oath, a 20 pages long affidavit written in English – a language he did not speak.






Rudolf Hoess: 

Pillar of the Holocaust extermination thesis





How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss




The Torture and False Confession of Rudolf Höss










Multiculturalism has proven divisive, not coalescent, so let’s ditch it











Hollywood Strikes Again Cultural Marxism through the medium of big box-office movies







Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel





Zuckerberg on refugee crisis: 'Hate speech has no place on Facebook'







Mussolini's Italian hometown plans fascism museum












Willis Carto will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday, February 17th at 2 p.m.


 Family and Friends who wish to attend will meet at the Administration Building, Main Entrance, one hour earlier at 1 p.m. with their cars.  

There will be a graveside service. 


Willis will be buried with full military honors.







Willis A. Carto, American Patriot



 Arlington National Cemetery

the final resting place for many of the nation's greatest heroes



'Our Most sacred Shrine'





Willis Carto, World War Two veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart, a United States military decoration given to those wounded or killed whilst serving.







Willis Carto, Rest in Peace













HORST MAHLER 23 January 1936


Sentence: 12 years and 11 months 
(imprisoned since 25 February 2009)

for questioning the Great Lie of “the Holocaust”



 Newsletter 926

Horst Mahler's appeal for freedom rejected











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