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Hellstorm - The Dresden Holocaust





Women and children - the main targets of the most cowardly and heinous war crimes ever witnessed by mankind - committed by the Allies' firebombing campaigns  against  the German civilian populations. Defenseless women, children, babies, the elderly, refugees, roasted alive by the Great Warriors of the United States and Britain.







In direct contrast - Hitler loved children








Heroes or war criminals?













International Holocaust Day -  27th January







Will this be the last birthday of the Gas Chamber Lie ?








Auschwitz – Media lies or the truth at last?

Richard Edmonds and Ursula Haverbeck ask Vladimir Putin to reinvestigate the lies of the Soviet Commission in 1945, which formed the basis of the deceitful postwar histories of both the Katyn Massacre and the Auschwitz camp. Ursula Haverbeck points out that with mainstream historical authorities now accepting that Auschwitz was not the scane of the murder of millions of Jews in homicidal gas chambers, there is no established "scene of the crime". She has challenged official bodies including ministers of the various German states (Länder) to provide an answer – to define the scene of the crime. They have so far failed to do so, and she must therefore conclude that there is no substantiation to the official history of Auschwitz.





Newsletter 840


 Holocaust Day  Special Edition







The Enigma of Hitler

The universality of Hitler's knowledge may surprise or displease those unaware of it, but it is nonetheless a historical fact: Hitler was one of the most cultivated men of this century






Poland uncovers new names of former Auschwitz staff











Dutch ex-minister: World peace if Israeli Jews move to US






Germany's Sickness



What luck, we thought you were the evil Nazis!









Horst Mahler -Where is the Fire Extinguisher? – The World is going up in Flames!







People can be convinced they committed a crime that never happened
Germans to this day believe they committed unspeakable crimes during World War Two







US admission marks 'beginning of the end' for David Hicks











School bus terror attack: youth to tour Holocaust museum










 Naples - Masters Degree in memory of Holocaust  







Air Photo Evidence
World War Two Photos of Alleged Mass Murder Sites Analyzed
By John C. Ball

3rd, corrected and expanded edition with contributions by Germar Rudolf and Carlo Mattogno







Faurisson -A reply to questions from Michael Hoffman





Why Is Charlie Hebdo OK, But Not Dieudonne? 





Norman Finkelstein: Charlie Hebdo is sadism, not satire








Australian cartoonist Larry Pickering placed under police







Deborah Lipstadt: The rise of ‘soft-core’ Holocaust denial













Cartoon Blasphemy of Holocaustianity Damned by the West








Tales of the Holohoax

A Journal of Satire







                      *Disgusting Cartoon removed*



Australian Cartoonist Larry Pickering living dangerously




The battle between Islam and free speech - an UGLY depiction inspired by Talmudic mentality which has cultivated a culture of pornographic and sewer inspired disrespect of other religions for centuries.








Below -  a factual depiction - Israelis watching the bombing of Gaza..



Sydney Morning Herald apologises for Jewish cartoon likened to Nazi propaganda


We apologise: publishing cartoon in original form was wrong - August 2014





Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia - "An unspeakable atrocity in Paris overnight. If you don't like something, you don't read it; you don't kill people you disagree with"


Fredrick Toben comments - "And so get rid of Section 18C and bring back FREE EXPRESSION - or do you bend to pressure and agree with those who claim hurt feelings when they read my stuff?"






France wins battle to ban 'anti-Semitic' comedian






In France terrorists execute people for publishing offensive material. In Australia the government invokes Jewish/Talmudic  inspired Racial Vilification laws and sends the perpetrators to jail. 









Radical Islam and western values cannot coexist peacefully







We should have stood with Charlie Hebdo and others willing to fight for freedom of expression sooner, not just after the massacre in Paris













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