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Das Ende der Wanderschaft
Horst Mahler 2013




The Elie Wiesel Affair: in Hungary, the real meaning of Miklos Grüner’s lawsuit against rabbi Shlomo Köves 







Dr. Herbert Schaller 90th Birthday Celebrations








Pausing for thought is now a crime in Germany!
An eyewitness report on the trials of the traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson

By Lady Michčle Renouf





With deference to the principle of Natural Justice 
Dr Fredrick Töben 






Auschwitz or museum trip re-education for Hungary Holocaust denier






Israel admits forcibly injecting Ethiopian Jews with Depo-Provera
protecting the racial purity of the Jews







Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP




Worm in the Apple
German Traitors and Other Influences
That Pushed the World Into War:
The little-known story of the men who destroyed Adolf Hitler's Germany




Adolf Hitler: 39 Pictures of the Eternal, Mythic Avatar of Freedom, Truth and Justice







The Rising Tide of Neo-Nazism

Russia, Israel, Iran and Syria Join Hands in Supporting UN Anti-Nazi Resolution





Cover of survivor’s book features Buchenwald Lie-beration photo without standing man.




'Holocaust was a myth invented by U.S'








POW Comfort: Life Inside Nazi-Germany's Model Camp




Nov 1942: Gassing by lime, water and chlorine




Killing Noncombatants




Holograms to tell Holo-lies









Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Evidence and Legal Defence (full)


Sylvia Stolz  talks about "Holocaust Denial", Nuremberg, her trials, and "Goodness, Truth, and Beauty"











Sylvia Stolz may face prosecution again





The German lawyer had said during the conference that the Holocaust had never been proven in court as it would have lacked the findings of the crime scenes and killing methods and the number of deaths, perpetrators, corpses or traces of a murder.

She had also argued that there was no “testimony, documents or other evidence.”





"To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit  finds the purpose of a life in reason"



America orders 90-year-old who allegedly shot Jews while serving with Ukrainian police in World War II out of the country





70 years on, Nazi soldier sues UK over 'torture jail'


How Britain tortured Nazi PoWs: The horrifying interrogation methods that belie our proud boast that we fought a clean war



The search for mass graves to support WWII extermination numbers is taking a surprising turn









Court fines British bishop for Holocaust denial




Man gets 9 years jail after launching neo-Nazi website 





The Most Famous Holocaust Photo a Fraud





Carlos Porter: Not Guilty at Nuremberg. The German Defense Case



2nd revised edition now available





Subhas Chandra Bose, The Indian National Army, and The War of India's Liberation




 Zionists and Nazis were linked before WWII










Israel denounces German columnist article on Gaza





Alleged Italian Nazi fanatics go on trial for throwing Hitler birthday party

England's football stars feature in Holocaust propaganda film for schools










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