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We respect the Jews as the followers of Satan and we accept them in the certainty that we can redeem them as well as ourselves, by bringing the Truth into the world through our deeds.

The Jews are in dire need of redemption, and they will one day be grateful to us!




Horst Mahler’s Legacy

His Last Statement Before Verdict and Imprisonment on 25 Feb. 2009



Horst Mahlers Vermächtnis

Letzte Stellungnahme vor der Verhaftung vom 25.02.2009



Завещание Хорста Малера

Последнее выступление перед арестом 25.02.2009










Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism



Robert Faurisson



The term Hollywoodism refers to the transformation, often mendacious, of reality by the spirit and practices of a whole sphere of American cinema. At first, I shall discuss the evil in general done by Hollywoodism. Secondly, I shall describe the wrongs of Hollywoodism in the shaping of the imposture of “the Holocaust”, that is in building the myth of genocide, gas chambers and six million Jews killed by the Germans during the Second World War. Finally, in a third and last part I shall speak of Revisionism as the antidote par excellence to Hollywoodism and its incessant, aggressive publicity for the religion of “the Holocaust”.



The falsifier of history Robert Faurisson must be thrilled. On February 2, 2012 he received from the hands of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the so-called first prize for "courage, resistance and combativity" [at a ceremony held] alongside the 30th International Film Festival of Tehran (sic). What subjects were addressed on those days? "Hollywoodism in human decay" and "Hollywoodism and the Holocaust" (re-sic).


(according to French Jewish webite )


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Images from the recent conference in Tehran on "Hollywoodism and Cinema"









The war crimes of NATO in Libya







Hungarian Deportation: An Objectivity Lesson



Hungary Court Rejects Holocaust Survivor Libel Suit







Jews and Race: A Pre-Boasian Perspective, Part 1



Jews and Race- A Pre-Boasian Perspective, Part 2







Gilad Atzmon- The Wannsee Conference- Truth and Myth

Just a few days ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, a Hebrew paper found the courage to admit that “decades of Holocaust research could not find a clear and explicit command made by high-level Nazi officials to engage in systematic mass extermination of Jews.”








And three make the perfect baby





Gerald Fredrick Töben - Total Victory

Youtube Video



Rape during the occupation of Germany








Hungarian foreign ministry condemns Jobbik MP’s comments questioning the Holocaust and comparing Israel to a Nazi system




Angelic Arabs and murderous Jews add up to televisual propaganda



'I deserve a medal of honour': Smirking Norwegian mass killer gives 'right wing salute' in court







Iran's supreme leader vows to confront 'cancerous tumour' of Israel



Hugo Chavez says Venezuelan troops would fight with Argentina over Falklands




Ultra-Orthodox Chosen Ones - spitting attacks on Old City clergymen becoming daily









Nazis attack from outer space



ONE-FIFTH of young Germans have never heard of Au$chwitz, survey reveals








Spain's unrepentant Holocaust denier








Terrifying - Holocaust questioned in Hungary






Austrian politician accused of 'trivialising' Holocaust






Hungary Court Hears Wiesel’s “Holocaust Lies” In Controversial Case


When did Elie Wiesel arrive at Auschwitz- Could he have received the number A-7713-








Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks







ONE-FIFTH of young Germans have never heard of Auschwitz Synagogue of Lies, survey reveals







US Media Iraq Reporting- See No Evil




Jewish outcry on SBS series




Multi-million dollar Synagogue of Lies 







Horst Mahler - Martyr for Freedom of Thought

Youtube video in German 




Reminder - 27th January is the International Holocaust Day 

when all Gentiles are required to get on their hands and knees and bow before Yahweh, the Great Satanic God of the Jews, whose vileness knows no bounds.





Horst Mahler's birthday 23rd January




Mahler sits rotting away in a German/Talmudic Gulag

for the heinous crime or refusing to believe the vile Holocaust/Gas chambers propaganda/accusations against the German people. His sentence of 11 years which began in 2009 is effectively a death sentence for a man of this age (he turns 76 on the 23rd January) 




Address for correspondence:


Herrn Horst MAHLER  

Justizvollzugsanstalt Brandenburg

Anton Saefkow-Allee 22c

14772 Brandenburg






Treblinka - much fanfare but little proof

-alleged burial pits and gas chambers but not one body or remains found from 870,000 people allegedly gassed to death




Treblinka: A Photo essay







The Unknown History
of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict




World War II plan to poison Japanese crops revealed




Executed for thought crimes, the true story of Julius Streicher




ODEONSPLATZ: The Rise of an Unknown










Curtain comes down on liberal Hungary







Israeli regime branded 'Nazi, racist'




‘Israel will not accept restrictions on Jewish religious freedom in Europe’




Lauder Business School in Vienna: Europe’s unique Jewish University campus









Israel moves to outlaw use of Nazi symbols




Video: Former Israeli soldier talks about 1948 war atrocities


A Jewish Revolutionary






Usual weekly Hitler bashing 



Hitler stole idea for iconic Volkswagen Beetle from a Jewish engineer

Perhaps it should have been called a Bagel ??





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