Töben takes the cup of poison rather than believe that which is not true




Poster Boy - Dr Töben honoured in prison newspaper




A visit to Dr Töben, Saturday 29th August 2009





*** Welcome to Talmudistan ***

Executive Council of Australian Jewry approach Attorney General
A blatant attempt by this small but influential minority group to shut down Adelaide Institute, and impose their world-view onto the Australian people



Australian Jews - among the most important backers of Australia's Racial Vilification Bill



Lying by legislation




*** The Fable of the Ducks and Hens ***

This cartoon explains it all





Letter to the Editor of 'The Australian'
Amy Aremia



The Toben Case: Welcome to Talmudistan



In Defence of Dr. Fredrick Toben 




Letter from a supporter:

"I write to express my support to Dr Toben and to state unashamedly that FREE SPEECH IS DEAD IN AUSTRALIA. THE CRIMINALS HAVE BEEN VINDICATED BY OUR SHAM-LAWS. SHAMEFUL. SHAMEFUL. ONE DAY THESE PEOPLE WILL STAND BEFORE THE GREATEST JUDGE OF ALL. MAY GOD HELP THEM !!!!!!!   Dr Toben is a hero and one of the greatest free and brave thinkers in Australia to date. The man is an intellectual giant and a lover of humanity, honesty, truth and all things decent.



26th August - update 


Dr Töben has been taken to Cadell Training Centre to complete his holiday for denying the Holocaust. He has been a very bad boy!!


Letters can be sent to:


Dr Fredrick Töben

c/o Cadell Training Centre

Locked Bag, Cadell 5321

South Australia


Intending visitors please contact myself, Peter Hartung, so that I can let him know to put you on his visitors list, without which you will be unable to do so.





Website of Cadell Training Centre

Cadell Training Centre does not have a secure perimeter fence and prisoners are at Cadell under their own trust.





Two handsome gentlemen


Dr Töben prior to his Gulag holiday, with Adelaide Institute Director Peter Hartung 


"We refuse to believe FILTHY LIES"










Three Rabbis at the bench




The Great and Learned Rabbis Steeleberg and Töbenstein confer with junior Rabbi Peterschmuel about the complete lack of any credible evidence to support the allegation that 6 million Jews were gassed to death by the Germans in World War Two. They will hand down their decision shortly.













Dr Töben being interviewed after his last court appearance. Peter Hartung and Mohammed Hegazi in the background. National media declined to show the protest banners.



Fredrick Töben returns home to Adelaide 3 December 2008



More on Dr Töben's' persecution




Please help Dr Töben meet his considerable legal costs

For details of how to donate please email Peter Hartung info@adelaideinstitute.org






Free speech versus Jewish propaganda in Australia








Dr Töben has been imprisoned for 3 months Nuremberg style Justice




The “Toben Case” as seen by Voltaire

Thursday 13th August 2009, Dr Töben's appeal was heard today, beginning at 10.00 AM. Numerous arguments were put forward by the defence barrister Mr David Perkins. At the end of the hearing the three judges retired for approximately three quarters of an hour. Upon their return, they read out the verdict, that the appeal had been rejected, and  ordered that Dr  Töben begin his sentence immediately. He peacefully accompanied the two Federal Policemen who arrived dressed in business suits. Initially he will be taken to Yatala Labour Prison, from where it will be decided to which prison he will serve his sentence.



 Holocaust denier at centre of British legal row is jailed for three months in Australia

Toben jailed as appeal fails



Holocaust 'revisionist' Fredrick Toben handcuffed, sent to jail

According to this article, "HOLOCAUST "revisionist" Fredrick Toben has finally been silenced and jailed for repeatedly insulting and abusing the Jewish race via the Internet".  It is not clear as to why the 'journalist'  has seen fit to fabricate such nonsense! 



Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben to serve time in jail





2nd June 2009, Justice Besanko granted Dr Töben leave to appeal against the penalty and conviction, with the matter listed to be heard in August

Holocaust denier Toben granted leave


Holocaust revisionist can appeal sentence


Holocaust revisionist Frederick Toben wins right to appeal



"They have lost the argument"

Dr Fredrick Toben outside the Federal Court with Adelaide Institute director Peter Hartung. 


Mohammed A. Hegazi comments



Federal Court of Australia - Töben Judgments


Holocaust denier Peter Hartung in defiance of court


Speech by Robin Margo S.C.

Yom HaShoah Rookwood Memorial Service - 19 April 2009


Formal complaint of hate speech

Australia: The political issues behind the jailing of former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld

Solomon Islands: Julian Moti challenges Australian government’s “politically-motivated” prosecution


A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel


ECAJ says Adelaide Institute is in contempt of Court


Remarks on Toben Web site spur contempt call


Holocaust denier makes appeal bid


        Fredrick Toben website made 'scandalous' Yatala gassing claim


 "No more scandalous than the WW2 Auschwitz gassing claim"



Dr Toben Affidavit to appeals Judge

Going to jail the hard way - John Goldberg

Töben Federal  Court Judgment 


Töben Prison Sentence ABC Radio National PM   

News Items


Fredrick Töben returns home to Adelaide 3 December 2008




Will Töben go up in smoke on his 65th birthday?

Stay tuned, Tuesday 2nd June 2009




"Prisoners who are unfit for work are gassed immediately upon arrival at Yatala Gulag, Adelaide, Australia. Their bodies are burned in the ovens in the crematoria. The smoke can be seen in the background."



photo showing May 1944 new camp arrivals at Auschwitz



"As these prisoners were being processed for slave labor, many of their friends and families were being gassed and burned in the ovens in the crematoria. The smoke can be seen in the background. June 1944".

 Wiesenthal - Cosmetically improved version 

(please note that the birdbrain who did the colouring-in 

put the smoke coming out of the fence post )


Original article here




Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?





"He who knows the truth  and does not speak it  is a miserable coward."
                                                        -Julius Streicher 




"Arbeit Macht Frei"


Yatala Gulag - will this be Dr Töben 's home for the next three months ???


Is this the FINAL SOLUTION for Dr Töben? 


Will he be fit  for work - or will he be gassed immediately  upon arrival?



Töben is getting ready for his three months prison sentence because they lost the argument and claimed hurt feelings. He has thus successfully resisted mental rape and escaped from the conceptual prison into which they wish to place his mind. This is a great victory for free expression in Australia.  




"If you want to put me in jail, don't worry about having a farce of a trial, just lock me straight up"  - Peter Hartung


(Just to clarify this, in my mind a trial where the truth cannot be used as a defense, (such as Dr. Töben's persecution of over 13 years, involving dozens of hearings and trials, where he was not once allowed to verify the voracity of his claims), is a farce. I believe that most reasonable people would agree with this. It is in no way intended to reflect upon the integrity of the Court or its Officers, who must deal with these laws.)















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