Frank Rennicke found guilty and Scandalous Sentence Imposed!

On 16 October 2002 after an eight day trail at the regional superior court of Stuttgart the German folk singer Frank Rennicke received a 17 months prison sentence, suspended for three years. His wife Ute received 5 months sentence suspended for three years. All of their confiscated materials (CDs, Master tapes, 2 Computers, with a so called replacement value of 70.450, - DM) has been withheld by the Authorities. 

The argument for the case against Frank and Ute of incitement of the people was based mainly on the lyrics to the song Das Heimatvertriebenen Lied. In some lines of the song he insinuates that foreigners have taken over German land. This, so the leading judge said, is a malicious and unwanted slander. The judge found Rennicke guilty of writing a song that "shows parallels to the Nazi race ideology".... which is against the multicultural society and promotes the racial propaganda of National Socialism, which leads to crimes and so he faced the full severity of the law

It was also claimed that he only sang his songs to make foreigners contemptuous of Germans and to promote hate crimes. It was put forward that his lyrics disturbed " the public peace and harmony between foreign fellow citizens and Germans". 

The judge refused to accept any evidence to prove his innocence. So the lawyer Horst Mahler mentioned that the former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, for example, also made critical remarks about foreigners, but the court replied Schmidt's remarks were made in a "democratic context" within the law while Frank Rennicke's are not.

Ute Rennicke morally and mentally supported her husband, and for this loyalty the court found her to be supporting his "illegal" attitude. The severity of her punishment was based on the fact that she would not disassociate herself from her husband or his actions.

Over 9000 people have visited Frank Rennicke's homepage on the Internet and combined with his concerts and CDs showed just how popular and influential he was becoming. The State decided he must be stopped. His success, growing popularity and numerous concerts only helped to intensify the charges against him. The sentence handed out to him, was twice that of what this so called offence warranted!

It is plain to see, this was a political test case to convict an attitude, and make it a violation of the law. Frank Rennicke stated to the judge " the guilty verdict of this case was an injustice and was the oppression of an opinion"

This case has been very hard on the Rennike family, and on a man who has worked so hard and achieved so much in the field of cultural and national revolution. To show your support to a persecuted, loyal and dedicated nationalist send an email to:

 or visit his homepage at:

 or write to him at: Frank Rennicke, Postfach 11 45, 71135 Ehningen, Germany.

The latest news is that Frank Rennike and the Public Prosecutor's Office have both lodged an appeal. The state has lodged an appeal on political instructions for its own political ends, while Frank Rennike has lodged an appeal for his own freedom, and for the justice and rights of self-determination for the German people.



Final words by Ute Rennicke at the trial on September 09, 2002,  LG Stuttgart

At the beginning of my final words, I will read two letters. The first we
found in our post box, after returning from the first day of the trial, on
Sept. 18, 2002. (U.R. reads the letter containing the threat  of homicide.)

The following letter reached us on October 1. (reads two letters with threat
of homicide).
"Hey, singer,
 good thing we'll see each other soon in Stuttgart at the trial. Will you
bring along your tramp of a wife -- then it would be just one cleanup with
the two of you. And we'll also get rid off your bastard nazi-kids. We're
looking forward to it. You will die out -- and with you the entire nazi-brood
and your German folk songs.

So, put on your Sunday-best, so that you'll look good in the coffin. But
maybe, we'll cremate you -- just as the nazis did. An eye for an eye, a tooth
for a tooth. Millions of Israelis, Sintis, gays and comrades wait for your
death -- and it will be our revenge on you for those shit nazi crimes.
Germany must perish!
Whether at the trial, at your place, or when you're out shopping -- we will
get you and we'll cut off your testicles and push 'em down your throat, and
we'll push Ute your prick in her ass.

This time we'll get you and your family.
Greetings to comrade Mahler -- he'll be next!
No mercy with nazis! No discussion with nazis! No understanding for nazis! No
life for nazis!
Death to all nazis!"

The following letter reached us on October 1, inserted in our private
mailbox. (Reading of the threatening letter.)

"Hey, brown singer, how's the trial? Still in good shape, or has judge
Zimmert fired up your ass.
Wondering where the Antifa is? Don't worry -- we'll be there.
At the moment, we can't get you because of your police escort. But be calm.
It'll be your turn -- and your nazi hore, your wife will get the same. Maybe,
we'll see you on the last day of trial -- best after the verdict, when you'll
be locked up, and when your Ute tramp can see how we'll knock you off -- and
chop off your nazi-prick.

Maybe there'll be a little visit with your little Germanic brood, while you
are in jail -- then it'll be more fun, to crash Friedrich and the entire
brood their skulls. We're looking forward to it.

Until then.

"Friends of lawyer Mertig"

Is that right? Is that just?
As much as I am afraid of letters like these -- we have received several of
this kind and Dr. Weiler read some of them already in his pleadings--, as great
is my anger about those, who instigate such horror.  I am thinking about --
among others -- particular lawyers and journalists.  We have become free
game. One of our sons (now 11 years old) is already being persecuted, beaten
and threatened in Ehningen, because of certain reports in the press. Is that
right? Is that just?
People read in the press about the threats against our family. Yet, instead
of checking with us, what kind of threats they are, the press twists and lies
about them.
The trial was postponed from June to September -- according to the court --
because of threats of assassinating us and our lawyers. The other reason is
because of the denying us witnesses. In a different newspaper, the report
differs from that. It reads thus: The trial was postponed for the reason of
right-extremists riots. Intentional twisting and omitting of facts! That is
not right! That is not just!

All of this seems like a nightmare to me. Why do I sit on the dock as an
Is it because I married Frank Rennicke thirteen years ago? Can that be the
reason? What do they want to achieve with that? Is that their method, to wear
us down?  I don't think, there are too many women, who can even closely
imagine, or endure, what I have had to go through in the last few years.  
Before this experience, I had a different idea about this state, but
gradually I woke up to its reality.

Born of parents that have been expelled from their homeland --my Dad together
with his family, was expelled from the Sudentenland, my mother, then 
six-years old, had to escape from the Russians in 1945, together with her
mother, 4-year old sister and newborn brother, from their homeland in
East-Prussia--, I  have realized and learned early in life, that expelling
people from their ancestral homelands is a great injustice, and not at all a
"forced  journey", as  former president von Weizecker stated at one time.

My three siblings and I were brought up as serious, critical-minded and
truth-loving human beings. We were taught to respect all creation and love
our homeland.
My husband and I found each other also, because we discovered a kindred
spirit in the love of our country.  Why does one have to justify what is

Because of the song of the "Heimatvertriebenenlied" [ song about the expelled
Germans from their eastern homeland], we are sitting here on the dock as the
accused, where previously had sat criminals, drug dealers, assassins and
sexual offenders.  I am not aware having committed an illicit act. The song
was legal for 14 years. Based on the close relationship I have with my
husband, I can confirm his prudence and that he would never wish to draw his
family into something, rather, that he would want to protect his family.
This conduct of his is also confirmed by his contacts with lawyers and the
Federal Board of Examiners.  My being drawn into this trial by the public
prosecutor's office, seems more than fabricated.

As documented, I have not been involved with the distribution of illicit
CDs, on the country, I have always pointed out in telephone orders, that
illicit CDs will not be shipped out. The tapes which we heard at these
proceedings prove this without doubt.

The prosecutor determined in his speech, that I was always efficient on the
telephone and willing to give information. Since Mr. Reiber has already been
at our house -- although without an invitation -- and accompanied by the
police, he might remember that we have one telephone line with two
connections. The line in question is a cordless phone, which I usually keep
near me.  It is simply bizarre to impute that I am just waiting around, in
order to take an order.

It is however correct that I willingly give information! I am a friendly
person. Had the prosecutor asked me, how I spend the day with five small
children, I would have willingly told him, how often the washer runs during
the day, how often and how much I have to go food shopping, for how long I
feed the babies, how I change their diapers, how many appointments for the
doctor, physical education and music lessons I have to organize.  As to that
matter, the prosecutor Mr. Reiber is correct, when he says, that I have only
partially told about my activities, namely those of a house wife and mother
of a large family, who takes her role in rearing her children seriously, who
takes time for her children and does not push them out to child care centers.

How can be determined then, that I allegedly have spent a goodly portion of
my day, accepting telephone orders and listening to customer complaints? Were
percentages regarding Frank and Ute Rennicke given by the prosecutor's office?

I have no further comment regarding the bank account of my husband. Several
times during the trial, we have pointed to the truth. Only the prosecutor
knows, why he doesn't accept the truth.
In addition, it is hard to perceive, why I should not have not been active in
getting orders paid for my husbands company.
And is it so unusual that I, as the wife of my husband, and being in a
functional marriage, know about things concerning the livelihood of my
husband? Yes, we are communicating with each other, we talk to each other,
whether about children's diseases, problems in school, meetings and
conversations with lawyers, or of postage and handling fees. To try to trip
me up for what is only natural seems ridiculous. But downright mean is to
impute that I was aware that the non German citizens are being discriminated
by the song of the "Heimatvertriebenenlied."

Because I bear responsibility for my children in our present time, I am
conscious of the fear expressed by my husband in this song. To go out when it
is dark has become a growing concern. I hardly risk going out alone by
bicycle anymore. My children have to be accompanied at all times, if they
have to go out. After having received letters of threat, this has become more
urgent than ever.

What I wish for is a safe and fulfilled life in our homeland, if not for my
husband and myself, then at least for our children.

Come what may: I will stay closely on the side of my husband, because I can
trust in him and because I know, that he has not done wrong and will not do
wrong in the future.

Ute Rennicke



Stefan Müller: The trial against Ute and Frank Rennicke before the Stuttgart court

September 29, 2002

The fourth day of the trial - September 9, 2002 - Report and comments of an observer:

The fourth day of the trial took place on Friday.  It should be considered a
farce of justice,  -- namely for the critical minded among the audience --,
and may well remain in their memory a long time. I had taken a day off and
traveled far, in order to be present at the trial.  Had an additional example
be needed to feel contempt for this state, it is here, at this trial, where
it was to be found. After minuscule screening by the police and the court
examiners, data taking procedures and being rudely treated while finding a
seat, the trial began at approximately 9:25 a.m.

Judge Zimmert and the two jurors -- all in their fifties -- gave the
impression of courtesy, although one could sense an unapproachable wall
behind their facade.

Only a few of the journalists present were from around the area -- so one
must only wonder, where the incessant bad press was coming from.  Defense
lawyers as well as Frank and Ute Rennicke, were consciously avoided by the

During the proceedings, Ute Rennicke exhibited great courage in the way she
presented herself to the court.  Dozens of tapped telephone conversations
were played to the audience. (According to the LKA-main snooper against the
right-wing, Christoph Schiele, there were at least several hundred overheard
telephone calls in his district alone. ) Here stood a guiltless woman before
the court, gracious and dignified, mother of five children.  The person
sitting next to me commented thus: "This woman emanates more what the
right-wing is about, than most of us!"  Therefore it is more than
understandable, when during the trial proceedings --, Frank Rennicke has
challenged people like Schiele, accusing them of persecuting his entire
family, using totalitarian methods much like the former DDR is known for. 
When it's about his family, Frank Rennicke becomes very serious.

At first, some excerpts of the LKA-Schleswig-Holstein are played on tape,
where preliminary investigations were the issue, regarding Andreas Stähr from
Glinde (of "Vincente Directori"), who had engaged in embarrassing and
dishonorable conversations with Marcel Inginoli (of "Ohrwurm-Versand).   Then
the authorized investigating official comments about Stähr. In endless
telephone exchanges about nonsense and business, it could be ascertained that
Stähr had exchanged CDs with Frank Rennicke, which Stähr had got rid off at
a loss.

Although Stähr had repeatedly mentioned not to be concerned with original
rights or the penal law, the proceedings against him (his babbling led
ultimately to putting Frank Rennicke on the "watch list") were not yet
brought to conclusion or charged against him.  The "Stähr-records"
clarified-at least for me -- why hardly anyone wants to be in contact with
this dishonorable person.

Next, endless telephone exchanges by and with the Rennicke family were
presented. The LKA-person Schiele admitted that the Rennickes were quite
prudent on the telephone, constantly anticipating being watched by the BRD,
the way the DDR shadowed their citizens. In the end, neither Frank nor Ute
Rennicke could be charged with any offense over the telephone -- on the
contrary: It could often be heard that Frank Rennicke does not send out any
prohibited CDs and that unlawful goods are not available. Ute Rennicke does
not participate in the distribution, at the most she'll note a request for
her husband.  It is however easily to ascertain that the Rennickes are and
have been prey to constant chicanery and reparations. This was evident from
the tapped telephone exchanges.

It seemed that the witness Schiele consciously did not reveal some of the
information  of which then the lawyer, Mr. Horst Mahler reminded him. 
Throughout this, it became evident to the audience that the Rennicke family
has been shadowed for years. Even neighbors have been interrogated about the
Rennickes. At one point of such an interrogation, the police was asked to

Some of the matters that Schiele [witness] named as "facts," had "escaped"
him and when asked about them, it became clear that they were "learned from
other sources."

On the first day of the proceedings, Mr. Schiele even admitted to the threat
of shooting the Rennicke's family dog.

Some other interesting facts

1. The LKA Baden Württemberg observes digital telephones by the Reuter GmbH
company.  This info is stored on CD.  The LKA Schleswig Holstein, still uses
the somewhat antiquated system of taping onto cassette.  Therefore, it often
took some time for the man to find the precise place of the recorded message
on the tape.  It is also interesting to note that telephone conversations are
already recorded at, or even before dialing.  The chit chat of a man like
Stähr, often lead observers to other "victims."  With circumspect people like
the Rennickes, observers remain clueless even after many months.

2.  The preliminary investigations against the Rennickes were about alleged
money laundering.  The matter was unknown to the Rennickes. The reason: About
four years ago, The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) was in
financial need. Frank Rennicke immediately loaned the Party a substantial
sum. This money was later confiscated by the government.

The informant was the postal bank where Rennicke had an account which the
bank canceled, for the reason of "political hygiene".  In summary: Anyone
helping the NPD, is going to be investigated!  Yet, since no money laundering
could be proven, the investigation had to be discontinued. Apparently, the
amount comprised the savings of the Rennicke family.

Thereafter the witness of the board of examiners for protecting the youth
from hazardous publications was heard.  He disclosed the titles of the
prohibited CDs by Rennicke. He appeared as the substitute of the chairwoman,
not really being familiar with the content of the songs.  His testimony as to
the confiscation of two CDs by Rennicke were in error. Rennicke corrected
him. Yet, the print-media reported the incorrect statement.

Whether by the LKA, the board of examiners, whether trough bank cancellation,
the Rennickes have been under massive chicanery for many years and Frank
Rennicke himself has had to endure persecution as few have had to endure.
Despite all this, the family is not broken and stands steadfast.  This
particular day in the trial against the Rennickes, was -- for me -- the
realization that we do not have and do not live under just law, in a just and
free state!

But the biggest blow was yet to come.  The mayor of Marburg, a self-declared
"anti-nazi" and the students association antagonist Egon Vaupel, charged
Rennicke with having mailed two revisionist brochures to a Marburg citizen. 
Rennicke did not comment, saying "how could I comment, I would have to read
it first."  His defense lawyer Horst Mahler, requested that the text should
be read aloud. If Frank Rennicke is charged with "denial," it should be
examined, if the text in question is in fact "denial". [of a specific
historic complex]  After much urging on the side of the audience, the judge
read the brochure with the title "Arguments and Defense" to the audience. 
The text proposes questions and facts regarding the concentration camps
during the Third Reich.

Approximately 40 people could hear history based on  historic research,  facts
of history, kept quiet by Guido Knopp. The text ends with insisting not to
give up the fight for truth and justice, the only way for a better
understanding among the peoples in the world.

After hearing this text, the official presentation of the holocaust during
the Third Reich--as most of us know and have had to learn it-- is now in
question.  The content of the brochure will be addressed by Horst Mahler in
his defense speech at another point during the proceedings.

As a side note: While the tapped telephone conversations with Ute Rennicke
(with the crying of a newborn baby in the background) could be heard in room
5 of the LG Stuttgart, the trial of a child molester was proceeding in the
next room.  In his case, only one witness was present, and only one day was
needed for the trial. .. A serious sex crime there -- a mere opinion "crime"
here!  The mass media is pounding the case of Rennicke - yet, not a single
word is mentioned in the media about the sexual abuse of a child by this
child molester!

 The trial will continue next Wednesday, October 2, 2002, in room 1 of the
courthouse (LG) in Stuttgart.  A larger room, needed for the expected larger

A last comment: Little notice has been given to this trial by right wing
publications such as "JUNGE FREIHEIT" and "ZENTRALORGAN."  In my view, this
is shameful, as well as sobering. Frank Rennicke sits here on the dock for
all national parties and organizations. The heinous accuses against him,
could have fallen upon any patriot. His wife Ute, representing all wifes of
national activists, has been accused of the ridiculous "crime" of writing
down notes during a telephone conversation for her husband. Additionally, the
confiscation of a large sum of funds from a family with five children, is
altogether singular in its severity and in no balance to the charge.

This trial is shameful, a tragedy for our nation, shameful for the so-called
"just state" of the BRD.  It hugely reflects the incapability of many
nationally minded people in this country to realize the significance of this
trial. And not only that, it also reflects the lack of much needed support
for the Rennickes and their outstanding lawyers. This recognition leaves one
with great sadness. Here fights an exceptional couple, the best known
national singer for existence, for freedom of speech, for freedom of
expressing art, for the right to live according to their and their children's
own way.  In this trial, the justice-and police-system of the BRD, fully
reveals its bureaucracy and suppression; here, in this very trial, the
officially accepted history is being challenged, and the reeducation of our
people is being disclosed--and nearly no one is taking notice.

When I bid farewell to Frank Rennicke after this day, he said with a bitter
irony these words: "My faith in a just state and in national solidarity is

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