International committee on Holocaust urged

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An Iranian professor Bahram Amir Ahmadian said on Tuesday that an international committee made up of experts should be formed to study different aspects of Holocaust.

Ahmadian told the two-day seminar dubbed as 'Holocaust, global perspective' that the entire western publicity on Holocaust are aimed at supporting the Zionist regime.

He advised the Germans, "if you have lots of money or want to be good humans and help others, do not pay reparations to the Holocaust survivors because they would be spent on 'Israel's' nuclear arms."

He deplored that regrettably entire western culture is overwhelmed with Holocaust. "In fact, they have launched a sort of soft war in the world through Holocaust."

A German researcher Töpfer also told the audience, "human rights in the west has been harmed." He said the west has distanced itself from enlightenment and its prosecution system is full of hatred.



World holocaust office set up
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Participants of the international conference on holocaust titled 'Holocaust: A Global Perspective' (December 11-12) agreed to establish a world foundation for holocaust studies and unanimously appointed Mohammad-Ali Ramin as its secretary general.

Ramin said on Thursday that one of the plans of the foundation is to assign a committee to find out the truth about holocaust.

"The participants of the conference representing 30 countries also selected five individuals as members of the central council of this foundation to assist the secretary general in executive affairs," added Ramin.

He noted that the main office of the world foundation for holocaust studies will be in Tehran. "The office will eventually be transferred to Berlin, once proper grounds are prepared," he added.


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Gründung der internationalen Stiftung zur Untersuchung des 'Holocausts' - ISUH: Interimskomitee

Constitution du Comité International de Recherches sur l' ‘Holocauste’ -CIRH: Bureau provisoire


Constituting the International 'Holocaust' Research Foundation - IHRF:Interim Committee.

Teheran, den 13. Dezember 2006
Téhéran, le 13 décembre 2006
Tehran, 13 December 2006

Hiermit geben wir bekannt, daß am heutigen Tag in Teheran die folgenden Personen in das Interimskomitee gewählt worden sind:

Nous donnons ici la liste des membres élus aujourd'hui de ce Comité provisoire:

We hereby advise that on this day in Tehran the following persons were elected to the interim committee:

Generalsekretär / Secrétaire général / General Secretary:

Dr Mohammad Ali Ramin


Dr. Christian Lindtner - Dänemark/Danemark/Danmark
Lady Michèle Renouf - Großbritannien/Grande-Bretagne/UK
Bernhard Schaub – Deutschland-Schweiz / Allemagne-Suisse / Germany-
Dr. Serge Thion - Frankreich/ France
Dr. Friedrich Töben - Australien/ Australie/ Australia


1. Gründung des internationalen Wahrheitsfindungskomitees in Bezug auf den ‚Holocaust’.

Constitution du comité international d'enquêtes relatives à l''Holocauste'.

Constituting the international truth-seeking committee in matters of the 'Holocaust'.


2. Gründung der internationalen Rechtskommission zur Festsetzung von Strafmaßnahmen für die eventuellen Schuldigen des ‚Holocausts’; für den Fall, daß sich der ‚Holocaust’ als Lüge erweißt, Bestrafung der Falschbehaupter und Festlegung der Reparationen für die bisher zu Unrecht Verurteilten.

Mise en place d'une commission internationale de justice ayant pour mission de déterminer les peines à infliger aux personnes coupables d'avoir perpétré l'‘Holocauste’; au cas où l'enquête conclurait que l'‘Holocauste’ est un mensonge, déterminer alors les réparations à payer pour ceux qui ont été injustement condamnés pour cela et déterminer quelle peine appliquer à ceux qui se sont révélés coupables de mensonge.

To establish the international justice commission for determining the penalties to be imposed upon those found guilty of having perpetrated the 'Holocaust'; in case the 'Holocaust' is found to be a lie, to determine the reparation to be paid to those who have been unjustly sentenced and to determine the form of punishment for those who are found to be liars.

3. Die Vorbereitung der nächsten ‚Holocaust’-Konferenz.

Organisation de la prochaine conférence sur l'‘Holocauste’.

To organise the next 'Holocaust' conference.

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