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Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Evidence and Legal Defense (full)

Sylvia Stolz  talks about "Holocaust Denial", Nuremberg, her trials, and "Goodness, Truth, and Beauty"




The Rudolf report 

Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects
of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz, which shows them to be nothing more than a myth





The Revisionists




A New Gospel of Blood, Strength and Germanity



The Nameless War

The true history of events leading up to the Second World War

The machine which today continues the plan for supranational world power, the age-old Messianic dream of International Jewry






The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians

by Rev I B Pranaitis




The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
by Elizabeth Dilling



The Holocaust LIE  made in America



Supremacists in their own words




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Swiss revisionist Frank Brunner was sentenced to five months in prison!
The Jewish lobby: Attack against freedom of expression
In French - use Google translate





Nazi hunter: 80 death squad fighters still alive





Günter Deckert
New Website - In German






Israel Harbors French JDL Extremist Who Stalks French, Palestinian Activists
Of course no mention is made of the Faurisson harassment !




Jews, Blacks, & Race







Jewish Animal Sacrifice in America's Streets Protected by Government




Korban Ritual Slaughter








Friedrich Georg Jünger: The Titans and the Coming of the Titanic Age
Tom Sunic





Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored and whistleblowers to be jailed








Anti-Semites Gather in Iran for Regime Sponsored Hate-Fest









Jews 'forced' to leave Guatemala village







The Great Holocaust Mystery:
Reconsidering the Evidence





Vatican to donate 100,000 euros to Auschwitz upkeep
Official sponsor of the Holocaust Lie







Israel’s ‘land for lives’ is theft. Pure and simple






Weekly Garbage for Idiots



Czech Nurse Honoured for Sleeping with Nazi Soldiers to Give Them STDs and Kill Them










Oskar Groening 93-Year-Old Auschwitz Camp Guard Charged With 300,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder








The case of Gregory Chelli (alias Ulcan, alias ViolVocal), or the French police’s inaction, thus far, in the face of a form of Jewish terrorism

Robert Faurisson







Hitler’s Nightmare Come True: the ‘Kinderladen’ Movement







Hitler - protector of children and family








At Auschwitz, workers allegedly went in to the gas chambers immediately after the screaming stopped to remove the dead and miraculously were not themselves gassed






The Great Holocaust Mystery:
Reconsidering the Evidence





Military lawyer resigns in protest of ‘show trial’ of accused 9-11 mastermind






Why Marxist Thought is Faulty, Obsolete and Serves Those in Power




The Rise and Demise of the EU: A Short History of A Big Failure

Tom Sunic




Asahi retraction reignites Japan debate over wartime brutality


Extremist attacks on Asahi Shimbun continue









Stalin-era mass grave found in Ukrainian castle


Palestinian shift brings war crimes case closer to Israel


Greece bans Holocaust denial, cracks down on hate speech









Angela Merkel: Fighting anti-Semitism is German duty




Merkel: Whoever attacks a Jew attacks us all



From September 1, Israeli dairy and poultry products from areas beyond the pre-1967 borders will be banned from entering the EU










About World War 2: The Sinking of the Rohna-- Worst Loss of US Troops At Sea






Norway: Mohammed most common men's name in Oslo



Jews pull the strings in world events, prominent Quebec media personality says

Immediately labelled as  anti-Semitic rant



Sobibor: Archaeologists unearth hidden death chambers used to kill 250,000 Jews at notorious camp

Here we go again!






Holocaust survivors born after 1927 to get one-time







State Department Hosts Roundtable on Anti-Semitism With American and European Jewish Leaders






Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants


In Berlin meeting, Jewish leaders urge Germany to ban Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ and to step up fight against anti-Semitism











Australian Jews block change in local race-hate laws

 "Jewish leaders have previously used section 18c of the law to litigate successfully against Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and religious extremists, and lobbied heavily against the government’s proposed changes."







"While the Liberal government is staunchly pro-Israel, this issue – now neutralized – was the one bone of contention with the Jewish community."







Antisemitism: Its History and Causes, 1894



Wherever the Jews settled after ceasing to be a nation ready to defend its liberty and independence, one observes the development of antisemitism, or rather anti-Judaism; for antisemitism is an ill chosen word, which has its raison d’etre only in our day, when it is sought to broaden this strife between the Jew and the Christians by supplying it with a philosophy and a metaphysical, rather than a material reason. If this hostility, this repugnance had been shown towards the Jews at one time or in one country only, it would be easy to account for the local causes of this sentiment. But this race has been the object of hatred with all the nations amidst whom it ever settled. Inasmuch as the enemies of the Jews belonged to divers races, as they dwelled far apart from one another, were ruled by different laws and governed by opposite principles; as they had not the same customs and differed in spirit from one another, so that they could not possibly judge alike of any subject, it must needs be that the general causes of antisemitism have always resided in Israel itself, and not in those who antagonized it.

This does not mean that justice was always on the side of Israel’s persecutors, or that they did not indulge in all the extremes born of hatred; it is merely asserted that the Jews were themselves, in part, at least, the cause of their own ills.














The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around the “Official 9/11 Story” – Why?








The lies of Hiroshima are the lies of today








Gaza Crisis: 130 Palestinians Killed in Israel's 'Hannibal Directive' Rescue Operation for Hadar Goldin













Mike Carlton refuses to bend to Jewish pressure  




Carlton says there’s no doubt there was a co-ordinated campaign to oust him by the Jewish lobby in Australia. “That was twinned by a campaign by News Corp - because they hate my guts, but also because it destroyed a rival columnist. And now, Fairfax has handed News Corp that present, gift-wrapped.”

“What cheers me up is that I’m getting tremendous support from Herald colleagues who I respect, and colleagues right throughout journalism.”

Several Fairfax senior reporters have shared their regret at the paper losing Carlton this morning. Gold Walkley-winning investigative journalist Kate McClymont tweeted that today was “a grim day for our profession”.

SMH and Age contributing editor Michael Pascoe described Carlton as one of Fairfax’s “best columnists”.



‘I hit back and told people to get fucked’: Mike Carlton explains why he quit








Mike Carlton resigns from The Sydney Morning Herald




Israel's rank and rotten fruit is being called fascism




"I would have thought in this country of ours that telling a few people where to get off occasionally was not a crime, but the sad thing is to see a once-great newspaper like the Herald buckle to the bullies.

"Certainly the understanding I had with the editor-in-chief was that there would be apologies and that I would carry on. Higher up the food chain they wanted me suspended for four to six weeks. That was [Sean] Aylmer, and that's when I resigned last night.





Antisemitism flaunted at fourth Sydney rally


Horrible anti-Semitic placard









Malcolm Fraser tweeted this week: "If any other country went to war killing as many civilians, women and children, it would be named a war crime."







Rabbi Abbott dumps controversial changes to 18C racial discrimination laws









Rabbi sucks blood from infant's penis






Two Jewish Mohels Banned After Babies Contract Herpes From Circumcision Rite














Bill Clinton, Hours Before 9/11 Attacks: 'I Could Have Killed' Osama bin Laden








A very Jewish kind of evil #1




A very Jewish kind of evil #2








Talk of feared new Holocaust at Knesset meeting on European anti-Semitism





Citing Holocaust, Israel Demands ‘Strict Regulation’ of Antiwar Protests in Europe













Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism





Malaysian Airlines MH17: Who Stands to Gain?







Israel Charged with War Crimes and Genocide. Complete Judgment of Kuala Lumpur Tribunal

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) versus the State of Israel





Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia Tribunal: Complete Text of Judgment- 2011








Israel's right to exist







French lawyer files complaint against Israel at ICC






Letter from Gaza by a Norwegian doctor






America Complicit in Israeli War Crimes: US Stands Alone in Vote Against United Nations Inquiry Into Gaza Assault












Solzhenitsyn's "During the Civil War" — Chapter 16 of 200 Years Together
Kevin MacDonald








Germany honors officers who tried to kill Hitler





German army shaped by anti-Nazi legacy











Sydney paper cartoon ‘racially vilifies’ Jews, says community











Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture





Israel’s Notorious Hannibal Procedure

















War criminal Netanyahu with the head of the Australian Branch of the Israeli Knesset - Talmudic Rabbi Abbott, whose love of Israel knows no bounds







Tony Abbott quietly shifts UN position to support Israeli settlements, upsetting Palestinians






Abbott 2012: We are all Israeli







The Grand Rabbi Abbott of Australia decrees that all Australians are Israeli, much to the delight of all present at the Central Synagogue






Labor MP Melissa Parke - Israel is committing a war crime in Gaza






War Criminal  Abbott complicit in Israeli war crimes - blood on his hands 







Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed: Israeli MP




Israeli allies caucus to be founded in Israel





Israel can look forward to post-election honeymoon in Australia






Netanyahu: No war crimes trials for Israelis







Abbott, leaders condemn horrific murder






The Israel-lovers club of Canada and Australia: White, Conservative and Christian








Holocaust denied by students in Rialto school assignment










Russian Foreign Ministry condemns demolition of monument to Soviet soldiers in Poland as blasphemous




Russians have forgotten about 22,000 - mainly Polish officers that they slaughtered in cold blood at or near Katyn








Secret files show Thatcher was set for gunfight with Soviets over the corpse of Hitler's deputy Hess






Robert Fisk: How on earth can Israel tolerate this filth from B’nai Brith Canada?







Israel Group Drops Suit Against Pro-Boycott Professor in Australia








The woman who survived the Holocaust INSIDE Germany living alongside the Nazis as a 'U-boat Jew'













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Please show your support to the following revisionists  who are currently imprisoned.

A card or letter will bring some cheer and moral support 





Axel Möller

JVA Bützow
Kühlungsborner Str. 29a
D-18246 Butzow

(must be in German and without money

Sentence: 30 months in prison plus an additional 12 months from a second trial initiated during his initial 30 months
(imprisoned since December 7, 2011)






Möller, Axel







Herrn Wolfgang FRÖHLICH 

JVA Stein

Steiner-Str. 4,

A 3500 Krems-Stein / Wachau, NÖ



Sentence: Six years and five months 
(imprisoned since August 2007)




Herrn Horst MAHLER

Justizvollzugsanstalt Brandenburg

Anton Saefkow-Allee 22c

14772 Brandenburg



Sentence: 12 years and 11 months 
(imprisoned since 25 February 2009)





Mr. Gerd Ittner
JVA St. Georgen
Markgrafenallee 49
D-95448 Bayreuth

G. Ittner, 54, was sentenced in 2005 to 2 years and 9 months in prison, fled in exile, was arrested in Portugal on April 11 and was extradited to
Germany on 18 September 2012



Holocaust Controversies Blogspot issues challenge to leading Holocaust Revisionists



The e-mail we sent out to Mattogno/Graf/Kues.





Jürgen Graff has stated today (7/1/2012) in an email that Mattogno, Kues and himself will be writing a detailed reply to this challenge, and it should be ready by March. The reply will be devastating!


Dr Fredrick Töben is currently writing a brief review of this book, which will be published on this site shortly.






Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka 

Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard

A Critique of the Falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf and Kues


A Holocaust Controversies White Paper, First Edition, December 2011

(download 570 pages PDF)




Holocaust Controversies Blogspot







Sketch of the burial pit at Treblinka where it was alleged that the bodies of 870,000 people who had been exterminated in the gas chambers were buried. 

As the end of the war approached, the bodies were all dug up again and burned on huge wooden pyres.

Thus, all evidence of the crime was destroyed and even the site of the burial pit has never been found.





Dr Fredrick Töben Reviews:

Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka

Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard

A Critique of the Falsehoods of Mattogno, Graf and Kues









Dr Töben's email address



Dr Fredrick Töben's website
The dogmatic myth of the Holocaust will be replaced with the truth






Background on Australia's Hate laws


So, we have here a very small but powerful minority group (representing approximately 0.6% of the population of Australia), who are able to greatly influence the introduction of new Laws into this country, and then use these Laws to pursue their own agendas, namely the protection by Law of the Holocaust Religion/Dogma, and the protection/promotion of the racist, homicidal, Zionist 'State' of Israel.



More on Dr Töben's persecution








Dr Töben prior to his Gulag holiday, with Adelaide Institute Director Peter Hartung 




"We refuse to believe FILTHY LIES"






Dr Töben was released from prison at 8.00am, Thursday 12th November, after serving a three month sentence for Holocaust denial (re-branded as contempt of court). He is unbroken and unrepentant, and appears very refreshed and relaxed after his little holiday. He was welcomed home by his friends and supporters who held a celebratory dinner for him, on Thursday evening. During his speech on the night, he vowed to continue his work in demolishing the Holocaust lies 






The days are numbered for the greatest lie in the history of mankind







Unfortunate victims of a typhus epidemic - re-branded in the minds of the masses as victims of a Nazi extermination policy 



"No documents, no history"





Video of Dr Töben's homecoming dinner, attended by his faithful friends, and hosted by Peter Hartung, director of Adelaide Institute. In his colourful speech, Fredrick vows to continue his fight for truth and justice. Entertainment by acclaimed German folk singer Dagmar Brenne




Prison release celebrations Part 1


Prison release celebrations Part 2


Prison release celebrations Part 3






   Fredrick Töben's message of hope - May 2009








A great honour and privilege for a man to have spent time in prison in three countries for the cause of truth and humanity


Time to fight back



Holocaust denier says he’s ‘unbroken’ after prison













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